Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hellowie (:
I miss saying that,I used to say it all the time in primary with SMEEkins.
I'm pretty sure we've all had our fair share of embarassing moments.But I noticed for a fact that I usually do something really embarassing when I'm tired.It's like I'm higher than usual.

I was out with my cousins one time.I hadn't had enough sleep the night before,misleading to lack of sleep,tiredness etc.At that particular moment I saw this really superly hott guy on the escalators.Out of the blue I start waving and shouting


...but I don't realise it until my cousins asked me profusely.

"What in the name of God do you think your doing?"

Embarassing huh?Plus I didn't even know I did it.
* * *
It's New Years Eve,and Hari Raya Qurban/Aidil Adha.I was invited to darling Ty's house but I only knew yesterday.Therefore plans were made earlier.So sorry Ty.I'd love to go but I can't.Try to have fun without me kay?which I know is logically impossible (:

But anyway...

Especially my 21 fave people in the world.
You guys know who you are (:
Batai+Blau+Jati+Belian clan.

* * *
50 random things
1.Cik Noor Aini is staying in DJ everyone.Whoopee!!!
2.I'm in my cousin's house on the com and everyone around me is asleep!=.="
3.Abang Nafik's photo was really hott (:
4.And one day I forgot when,where and how,he told me he knows Fazil.
5.I'm contemplating on whether to cut my hair.
6.Lately,I love my dreams.ALOT!
7.I miss the Delicious family.
8.I miss the Balautianz fam too:/
9.Aiyoh I miss alot of people lah kay?
10.I love surveys
11.I got new jeans :D
12.Hurin is next to me and she likes that guy who was in the newspaper for go karting (((:
13.She says no and that Kak Trina does.
14.I want the M.A.C lip tint that Kak Ina has.
15.I like perfume.
16.I'm gettin' pineapple Keds
17.I think I'm gonna hate 2 Cengal
18.Hur likes the colour blue.
19.Ika is a brat.
20.Kayra's really cute.
21.and she likes me better than she likes Sophie.hehehehe
22.If Dogg was a human instead of a cat I think he'd be really hot.
23.I like Italian food best.
24.Eva Green and Sienna Miller are GORGEOUS.
25.Lynettes husband is really hot.(Desperate Housewives)
26.I think I'm gonna celebrate my birthday with Nicole next year (:
27.Emo gay guys are yummy.haha.But I'm totally straight.
28.Justin from Desperate Housewives is soooooo drool worthy.
29.I love Gwen Stefani songs
30.Only limited songs I find imposibble to get sick of even after listening to it over and over again.TWO of them are Over my head-The Fray and You-Switchfoot.
31.I miss Tiwa Wiwa.
32.Hurin is very comfy!
33.I love pearls.They're pretty.
34.Meng Leong can you bring the Burberry sheepie for me (: oh and the perfume :D
35.Kington is really funny
36.I love Krishee's eyelashes.
37.I painted Jeremy Danker's fingernails bright PINK!
38.I miss KL childrens choir so much
39.Channing Tatum is Bi
40.Some of dreams are to have a walk in wardrobe and a tiara.hahhaa
41.I love the strum of Nick's guitar.
42.I love Nick even more.
43.Bindis are pretty
44.May En. Mohd Merah R.I.P
45.Sammi's addicted to DBSK.It's a korean band.
46.I haven't sent the photos to Kah Mun,Katrina and Sam.Whoops
47.Aunty Michelle is the prettier version of posh spice
48.I'm in great need to have a girly day in with Nicole,Sofie and Hapreet and Smee.
49.and Joyce,Esfern,Dee and Ry.
50.I really have to go cos Abang Ned is here AND IF HE READS THIS i'M DEAD!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lemme tell you...I SPENT AGES WRITING THE MOST HEART WRENCHING POST EVER AND THEN BLOGGER JUST ERASED IT!Gahhhhh!!!!!What the fudge lah kay?!I'm friggin emo you know why?Cos Imma going to a class where I hardly now the people there.Of course you'll say Oh just make new friends's not that easy.Easier said than done.But I liked it just the way it was before now it's all changed,rearranged.So if we're all rearranged does that mean our friendship changes too?
GAHHHHH!!!!I'm being emo again.

Eventhough we weren't super close this year.
You were always there for me before and even now.
I hope to make it up.
for promising to sit with me on the first day and hold my hand if I'm scared (:
* * *
Encik Mohd. Merah,
You never really talked to me nor did you teach me.
But you subbed once and you were really funny and nice.
You made everyone laugh and was very friendly.
I guess under your tough stuff exterior you had to put up in front of us,
Your a really cool,nice person.

Rest in Peace.

* * *

Sunday, December 24, 2006

DAENA MARISSA!Shame on you!You're suppose to be asleep like a baby.Well it's not like I can help it though being and owl and all.Eventhough I know tomm I'm going to be the worst Santarina ever!I'll be like a zombie.That's right a zombie Santarina.What will I think of next.
* * *
I must really clean my room up.It's nearly 2007.Gosh I sucha a bum.But to me there isn't much of a point cause I like my room clean I really do but I kinda like it messy sometimes.It's cossier that way.hehe (:
Today,I made a bigo fool of myself in front of my troop leader.I asked him if I should cut my hair thinking he was a friend.Yes it was embarrassing thank you very much.
But I'm seriously contemplating on whether I should.Though I might cry when it gets chopped off,cos I was thinking of a bob.
New hairstyle,new year.
Totally make sense,no?
I miss tennis days with Treen.Oh and coachiecoach.teehee (:
Ok that was totally irrelevant but whatever laaaaa..
* * *
Christmas is like the day after tommorow?Where have I been?

Dear Santa,
I've been quite a good girl this year.Ok well maybe not so :/ But anyway,it's not exactly gonna be a very good year next year cause I'm dropping class so could you cheer me up a lil?You wouldn't want me all emo on Chrissy do ya?Thought so (:
So I was wondering if you could help fufill my wishlist.Oh and anyone out there in readerland you can help too (:
Please&thank you..oh and much love (:,

my wishlist
to get into a good class
.more shoes (:
.ballet flats & heels(see above)
.a hummingbird tat
.anything that associates with hummin'birds and bambi (:
.a clean room :/
.my license(hehehehe)
.so I can have a mini cooper with a red with sparkles paint job
.or maybe 007's Aston Martin (:
.Mr Future Sex/Love Sounds(droolie drool drool)
.Max Theriot
.Channing Tatum
.Oliver'vampy hottie'Goodwill
Prince William and/or Prince Harry
.my own princenope got that already (:
.Famous Amos Choco Chip cookies
.milk chocolate
.that really hot black Gucci frock Eva Green wears in Casino Royale
.Kak Eeva's white frock she wore to Abang Ned's birthday
.a fedora
.to sing with my 'family' again :'(
.oh...and a tiara! (((((:

ok the reason my list is so crappy is cause I'm half asleep right now.Will edit it soon.
Much love.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Whoopsie.Imma s'pose to be asleep now.Cos I have my job rehearsal tomm.Oh shit I haven't practiced the dance.shit shit shit.I'm toasted toast.toast Aiyoyo...
Neways please visit
the songs are amazing.
Thank you Iman (:
It's almost Christmas and I haven't even cleaned up my room yet.D'oh!Sucha a procastinator.Sigh I can't help it that I'm fab but lazee can I?hahaha
But I'll clean up a lil before X'mas.Oh snap and my school books gotta be wrapped.wait so do the Chrissy pressies.Aiyah I'm matified la!!!!
* * *
Imma happy happy girl!!!Oh yes I am.Cause my wonderful cousin Wan Fatin Atira is gonna get me my Keds!!!!Pineapple Keds ok?Pretty stuff no?(: But(yes but...)It's a friggin RM180($60 aussies)and I have to pay with my own cash.Phooeeee... :'(

FYI top post was posted yesterday aite?
Tomm'z Chrissy Eve I totally can't wait.Tried on the costumes today.You'll see (:
I'm gonna dance till the break of dawn baby and media's gonna be there.All I have to do is stand there,smile and be me.Oh and hope for a partying talent scout to find me.Oh and I got back my cameo in atha words I'm a happy girl.
* * *
Dear God,
let baby do well...even win.


Ok my brother wans to use the com cause we're at my cousin's and yeah.more when I get home.
Much love.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fashion is about what you wear.Style is about how you live your life-Ralph Lauren.

The guy's a genius I say.Ok I can't really blog right now.Lacking of time and I need time.I'll tell you about a weird dream I had next post.It's long and dejavu-ish.Kan Meng Leong (: Anyway I'm gonna work in Souled Out on Chrissy day.Imma Santarina (: and I'm gettin 50 bucks for followin Santa around.hahahaha.Me and Sammi.So tomm's our first meeting.Oh and on Chrissy eve come over at night.I'll be there.Come on please...I know you want to (:
Anyway will blog more sooooon.Have to get up early for training.

I blow kisses!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finally the internet works.But only on the computer.Phooee.Not the laptop.I'm in sheer addiction over the acoustic version of Kiss Me.Sheer Bliss.Thanks a bunch Joyce (: Mind Map camp or actually course was a bundle of fun!Mind maps really help.And the people there were so nice.We weren't all that close on the first day but on the second day we were all really close.I was trying to imagine if it was like a 1 week course we'd probably cry leaving each other.Garrick is so blur and funny and my and Kak Trin are pretty sure he has a BIG crush on Nat one of the helpers.She's also form 4 like Garr but she was one of the participants there so she helps out.And Ashraf looks like one of our cousins.He and Kak Trin were arguing.He calls her Shark/Jaws sans the Braces and she calls him flabby/chubby.It was so funny.And when we did presentations of mind mapping Malaysia,out of the blue I put "That's Hot" on top and when I went out to take my cert someone shouted "That's Hot!" then Garr shouted "No,shes hot!"Heh funny.Bryan's always so blur.Trisa said"Bryan can you pass the marker""Hah?What?Picker?what?huh?what?" "MARKER!!!!"
"oH SAY LA!" =.=" Sussane was superb and Nat was the best changing the lullaby like music to our music.And SOMEONE has a crush on Kak Trina but can you blame him?She's hot! (:

I did that post on like thursday I think.Phoee I'm depressed.I've been listening to emo songs and feeling emo all day.I think I've put on another one katrillion kilos.Urgh!!God,pretty please give me the strength to exercise till my tummy's flat and my love handles disappear.Oh and make my legs like the-to-die-for ones I had before.Ok just my thighs I'm pretty happy with my calves.I love my Kak Trina.Being girls after swimming in Tita'z place.We were oggling in front of the mirror admiring our tans.I was quite pleased with mine,goldenish with a hint of mocha.Kak Trin'z was a delicious shade of coffee.Then she kept complaining about her bulgy tummy(which wasn't there)so I said I have one too okay?What tummy you have nothing there?Then when I complained about my love handles she was all you're dilusioning there is nothing there.It's just a hint of curves.You've an hourglass figure be proud darling.(((((((((: my feel good factor.

Dear citizens of the public,if you happen to see the name 'bambi' or 'bambiloo' it's me alright!Not a crazy psychopath unless you consider me one.WAIT don't answer that.

Sunday, December 10, 2006



You dont have to be beautiful to turn me on. I just need ur body baby from dusk till dawn.You dont need experience to turn me out.You just leave it all up to me.You don't have to be rich to be my pearl.You dont have to be cool to rule my world and no particular song or compatible wit.I just want your hand....

I think I'm about pretty addicted to Happy Feet.But can you blame me?Adorable penguins singing and one particular one dancing.Who can resist?I'm pretty sure most of ya'll will want my head right now.I haven't been updating as often as I should.But I don't have any connection so I using Kak Ina's (:Yesterday was Kris and Abang Ned's party and Abang Ned's was in some hotel and me and my cousins around my age well we couldn't go cause Abang said he didn't want us to see him stoned.M'kay abang...We couldn't go cause there were drinks and all so yeah.But we made him a gorge card which i will update soon.He was out so we went to Titaz which is opposite Kak Trina'z(Kak Ina) house.And when he turned on the lights Rasy spun around the computer chair in his room and said "Good Evening 007" and Abang Nabil was like What the Hell? but Abang Ned was in awe.Not a common sight tfor the mafia of the family.but we had our own party for my baby Kris.My brother is officially ten!!!Baby,che che loves you so much you don't ewven know.and I don't know why I'm even typing this cause you never read my blog and I don't think I want you to but you mean so much to che che. I think even though we fight all the time when I don't get to see my adik I wanna cry.So thats why sometyimes che che is o mumsy to you ohkay.Oh chec he loves you!!!!

Ohkay...anyway.You know its almost about Christmas when people start watching Love Actually,which is my must watch Christmas movie which I watch without fail every year, and Home Alone and stuff like that.You start cravinbg for turkey and roast beef with gravy,the malls become cheerier,you absolutely NEED to buy stuff and you get that tingly feeling often :] well thats to me anyway.Last year me,Nikki,Jo,Jyen,Mel,Justin,Vin and some other SKTMerS PLUS THE KkLCHILDRENS CHOIR collaborated with the MPO!!Oh yeah and that Alice Smiths International Shit...oooppss...I meant school,for a Chrssy show.Which was so much fun.Who could forget the fun LRT rides where me,jyen and jo played a game on the LRT and Jo nearly fell on a baby =.=" I know.But Ryui Bynn grabbed my hand when I fell once.I was like"Oh my God.If its a dream don't wake me up"and Jo and Jyen were giggling cos they saw SOMEONE jeleous (: and he even gave me his ticket.Which I stilluse as a bookmark.But I have no feelings besides friendship towards him now.And I sware if he reads this I will die.And those awesome trips won't guess Petrosains.HAHAHAH.Cause practice was at the hall which was in KLCC so while practice our moms would shop and after that Ryui Bynn took us to PETROSAINS and we were doing stupid things and having so much fun.and after that we ate.Practicing alone in the hall was breath traking.Its big and even without any deco at all its beautiful.It just has that peaceful vibe.And our conductor which I know my choir mates are gonna slap me but I forgot his name was so friendly and nice and hes an amzing conductor.The MPO which stands for Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in case you don't know were quite friendly.And during break they had cookies and juice (: and DUNKIN DONUTS.which after along time I was so sick of em.Inside the box was a carton of juice,a crossiont sandwich and a donut.And Nikki had a thing for sniffing bread.She was like"Eurgh the bread stinks!"
Then Jo was like"You go smell for what?"Five seconds later"OMG!nIKKI IT DOES STINK LA!!!"smart la you Jo.And Jo could never open her carton of juice and always wanted to switch with Jyen cos Jyen always got the yummy ones and she got the ones like guava and stuff she didnt want.And as it got nearer to the show we got our clothes ready which was a black skirt and white office shirt and a little tinsel to be worn around the neck tie part.WSo it was ohkaybut the Alice Smiths didn't tie up their hair when thewy were suppose to,wore stuff they weren't suppose to,made tons of noise(ok the KLcc's are a boisterous lot but we control),and worse to worse were a bunch of snobbish know it alls who refused to smile let alone communicate at all.Most of them.If we looked and said hi or smile teyd either turn away or wave half heartedly.Just because they come from an International school.Hello no offence but they arent the best singers (niether are the Klcc's but were pretty darn good too :)But they are supposedly suppose to have better diction than us.Go to Hell.OOOppsss...But not like we really cared.They're loss.Me,Nikki and Mels were super close and we were the Justin's Angels (: We had so much fun just talking crap and deep stuff and whatever that came to mind.And Jo and Jyen were so funny.We'd all be like "Right.ok uhuh.yeah"Then Jyen would go"Huh?hah?what?woi!!!!tell me la!wei wat!tell!!!"Orang pengacau saje.Love you anyway hun.And Jo will think of random weird stuff like"Hey letsa go hit the drums" "Eh lets go can can in the middle" "Lets go say hi to the hot trumpeter" "Eh lewts skip practice and go shop"haha...And we even exchanged Christmas presents among ourselves.Ones that I will cherish forever!!!!Nikki I keep all my earrings in the doll girl case you bought me,Melsa I wear those earrings alot kay,the cute golden pup,Jo I sleep with Nicky every night kay,Jyen The nail polish you bought me is on my toes right now (: and so on...It was one of the most Meaningful events thats ever to me.I wouldn't trade it for the world.During the whole thing we laughed till we cried,we cried and made each other laugh,we fought but were cool and I pray our friendship will remain eternally.

Ohkay you can pass the sick bucket now.whatever.but I love em to muchy wuchy kan?
Oh shit I haven't even started Christmas shopping and I'm never late when it comes to Chrsitmas and its sale time.Well anyway plan for Chrissy.Spose to become a santarina at SOULed OUT and aunty michelle approved but mammy didn't when she found out it was all night since we might get 'disturbed' by the older man if you know what I mean.Last year some guy danced with me on stage and it was kinda a teensy itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit of dirty dancing.So yeah.But Sammikins is so despo for cash shes like"I don't mind working all night.Just as long as I getta dance at the end of the despo for the $$$$"and why you ask?to buy her 'husbands's' cd's and albums.Dong!Sam your sucha spaz babe.I got my Chrsitmas dress already!!!!*squee*ahmm its kinda late.will updato tommorow.Ry just sent me the vid of me her,nick and derr with our shoelaces tied on the last day of schol walking around the compund.hahahaloves all.

Quote of the moment:"Anything sexy Derrick?"
"Duhh me la!"

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

But do you know wehn you go,I fall apart-The Good Kind(The Wreckers)

Bran's party is tomorrow.Whoopee!!!Imma going as..well you'll find out soon enough.God you know the song cry me a river by Justin Timberlake well...Lost prophets have done like a slight punk/rock version.It's not as good as the ori one but its nice.Teddy Geiger's eyes are so gorgeous mann...I wanna go Club Med!!!!GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

I got this from a random blog

50 Random Things about Me
1.I wear glasses and contacts and I like my hair when it listens to me
2.I represented my primary school in rhythmic gymnastics and won third place for ribbon in the whole of Selangor and I wanted to be a national rhythmic gymnast/runner before
3.Derrick's tennis racquet is the same line as Trina and I but his is Wilson's NCODE N6 but ours is Wilson's NCODE N3.His also like so pro in tennis and is ranked 40 something in the entire Malaysia.Imma so jeleous
4.I'm very proud of my family(imediate and relatives and all)espicailly us Sujaks' cos we're loud and we're proud.I'm also very proud of my roots
5.I love frangipanis and roses
6.I hate Barney.Once I had a toy one and I used to scissors to cut his head off
7.I wanna dye or get red highlights
8.I love my(our-Trina)new tennis racquet.*swoon*
9.I use old dried up roses as bookmarks and I like vintage stuff makes me feel...unique
10.I wanna pierce my navel and my top of the ear
11.I absolutely love the Adidas by Stella McCartney line.Her tennis dresses are to die for
12.Maria Kirilenko and Maria Sharapova are my tennis idols
13.Performing is what I do and attention is what I crave for and sports is definitely my thang
14.I love photography and I express myself through words.Especially through my writing
15.I love Haagen Dazs's macadamia nut and Belgian chocolate ice cream and I love Baskin's too
16.I'm not picky with my food but I adore Italian.Close in second is a tie between carbs,protein and sugar stuff
17.Kak Trina's black 'rockstar-ish' belt is still with me and I still use it.I borrowed it since Cheer 2006
18.Tira is like my stylist.Whenever I tell her I'm going to a party or whatever she'll organise an outfit for me complete with accesories and she'll even offer to do my hair and make up for me.I feel so blessed to have her as a cousin
19.I currently have Tira's black velvet hairband,her butterfly earrings,her black no power sexy glasses,her black dress and her LOREAL peach lipgloss(which I'm still not sure if it's hers or mine)with me
20.It's been nearly two months [:

21.I love Yasmin Ahmad's movies.Her movies Sepet and Sepet 2:Gubra always make me cry in a touching,sad,smart kind of way.I recommend her movies highly
22.The present that me and Esther bought or Jo is so cute I'm kinda tempted to keep it for myself [:
23.This year's my baju raya kinda really pretty
24.My favourite Disney princess is The Little Mermaid
25.I love classics like pearls,sillhoutte necklaces,record players,Breakfast at Tiffany's,gentlemen...
26.Yesterday I watched Evanescence's Call Me When You're Sober video 7 times on tv just to oggle at Oliver Goodwill,his bad boy/vampire look and captivating naughty eyes.
27.Nicholas Kwek Thiam Chye is like a little bit of Heaven on Earth (:
28.Peter Wentz,Max Theiriot,the school boy from The Fray's Over My Head vid(which is the lead singers brother)and Gerald from My Chemical Romance are the hotties that came in second.
29.I'm a sucker for anything acoustic and boys with guitars and drums really turn me on.Music is a powerful thing.It can overwhelm you with sadness,joy,frustration,anger whatever..And I don't miss Nikki anymore cos I see her every Saturday and/or Sunday andas it's getting nearer to the 19th of November..even more!heh ILU Nikki (:
30.I used to take ice skating lessons with Sammi
31.For some reason I love icons
32.When I'm bored I read random blogs and there are actually a few I'm kinda addicted too
33.I want the new MOTOROLA KRZR!
34.I love The Fray's How To Save a Life.Listen and understand the lyrics.It really touches you
35.The groom from PANIC at the Disco!'s I write sins not tragedies vid is kinda cute.I love their songs
36.I LOVE TIARAS!!!!Oh and chocolate!
37.Derrick owes me Baskins and he learnt a new word from me.Gah.I learnt a new word from him too...well not really new..RAWR!
38.I really need to lose my tummy and I also really need to remember to write in my diary
39.I love this quote:was that an earthquake or did I just rock your world?
40.I like it retro.GREASE!haha Sandra Dee,Ry and Krish!
41.I love doing those jumps/leaps with Dee (:
42.I really miss my friends,especially Joyce and them people whom I didn't get to see at all during the hols.Eventhough it's only been a week it seemed so long
43.Abang Ned is like in the MAFIA.If he finds out any of us(my girl cousins and I)have boyfriends he'd kill the guy first THEN us.He'll constantly ask for your phone outta the blue.Same with Abang Nafik.
44.I like diamonds.Those beautiful sparkly ice are my birthstone
45.Ash is gonna kill me cos I forgot to ask my parents about the SSMC Youth Camp
46.I really believe in all this feng shui,astrology,element kinda mumbo jumbo.It's really true.My element is FIRE!!! and I love the colour red too!
47.I love felines especially Big Cats...aww screw I have a soft spot for all animals
48.I'm lovin' Kaci Brown's and Sarah McLaughlin's songs and now Imma adicted to Planetshaker's Always and Forever
49.I really miss Tok Bak,my grandpa )': he died
50.Babe,I miss you...

No dumb stuff like I love my family and friends and God cos whats the use of wasting three good spaces.You have to be like a really special kind of stupid to not love your family,friends and God.This has actually been kinda fun.Imma gona do this more often

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First day of Raya TOTALE:RM 750

Today's the first day of Raya.Bloddy exhausted.*pant pant*No mood to post about it ok.But I promise a post on Rya ok.Complete with pictures and shitz yo.Pinkie promise.Blogger was being such a bitch the other day.But now she's a good girl.Well I think she's a girl.I'm addicted to Planetshaker's Always and Forever.To all Malaysian's Selamat Hari Raya!!!!The bed is calling me.I have to go or else I can't wake up for another money collecting session..I mean quality family and friends get together. ;)*touches bed and collapses*

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm not just a princess...I'm YOUR princess

You know sometimes a bad mood can r
eally bring you down.I know it brought me down anyway.I'm definitely not gonna be a full time model maybe just for fun...if I actually 'berlayak'.With Nikki.Kan Nikki?(shut up about,'I'm taller than you'thing kay Nic cos I'm aware of that but I'll be able kays!!haha i l u banyak banyak)Ohkay skip the career thing.There's more important things to get on with..

First things first...

Our dear friend Mr.Yap Tyron is going to Bali.I know Imma sangat the jeleous too.(Let's all go jump into his suitcase!!)How lucky...The captivating sunset and sunrise,walks on the beach,powder sand beneath your toes,crystal clear waters,beautiful shells,breath taking sights(somehow that seemed like it came outta a love novel.harhar)
But...he promised gorgeous pi
ctures from his personal sessions of camwhoring as said on his blog.Oh and he promised me a gift.Ty you promised (: and I don't mind the gift you suggested.haha.Have funn Tyronnie!!!I'll miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu.We'll all miss you!!Won't we...Right?Won't we?! =.="

Alrighty,yo.It's October.This is the damn-I'm-going-so-broke month.But I guess it's worth it kan?To Wong Jyen Yiee,Joanna Wong Kae Ling,Adrian Khoo Kah Wei,Krishantini Mahendren,Lum Meng Leong and Cassandra Tam.I promise promise promise to do a little write up about you all 'sempena' our birthday.I know most of you your birthday is over and I'm such a loser for not getting presents.Sorry sorry.Will get them ohkay?To those who's birthday's are on the way you'll get gifts too ok.I'll get to it when I have time ohkay cos time is certainly not what I have right now.Just list down something reasonable in the cbox...But those who prefer not to do that...You guys love candy right?

Oh and I didn't get to Krish's b'day
at OU today.The parents.Sigh what can I do.Krishee honey I promise promise we will go out together gether ohkay and I belanja you makan and buy you a gift ok honey.I owe you a gift,a hug and an apology.Once again I'm soooooooooooooooo sorry.ILU banyak banyak.Sorry Ms. World 2013 (: happy 13th birthday krisheekins!!!!!!!!!

I know Raya is around the corner.ok its tomorrow.but you'll have to wait to see the first day tomm (:.I'll be posting about the preparations for the triple B's halloween party.At first I wanted to be a whollotta things like....

a hot scholar ala Britney Spears (:

Ms. Putrina suggested it cos she says I have those sexy glasses I can pair up with.

next she also suggested a Playboy bunny.
"Yeah just go to a lingerie store get a corse
t,thights and bunny ears.Oh and the bow tie and shirt cuffs!!!"
=.=' you have issues Kak Trin.Though I hav
e to admit it was kinda cute.
And guess what the Playmate in the picture's name is?

Give up...
Deanna Brooke

Yeah...SOMEONE thinks its a big conincidence.Nah not really.I'm Daena she's Deanna.
Moving on..

Marissa:the boy slayer (lousy nickname by Ry Ann (; )

This is one of my faves.TINKERBELL!!!!not Paris's dog you moron.

I'll be Tinkerbell and you'll be Peterpan and we'll fly away to Never Never land...

but Tink's a blonde...Mayb
e I can borrow Annies wig next year.haha

and do any of you know the old s
how 'I Dream of Genie'?

I love the show especially when she twitches her nose!!!
I think she's aweosme.

I have currently torn between two right now.No telling what.It's a suprise but.Heh heh.

Oh yeah especially for Nicole Chin Yin Ling
Thanks for the photo on the blog.H
ell yeah I was smiling.Girl I dunno what I'd do without you.

just a lil something for the starlet

just incase u wanted to become an ice princess (:

oh and about the title..

the prince the princess

like duh....

tomorrow's Raya...there'll be a post (: and on behalf of the Sujak's (We're loud and we're proud)Selamat DeepaRaya to all Malaysians.We live in a multi racial community.Love it and embrace.share it.

I've fallen..
I have sunk so low..
I've messed up..
Better I should know
So don't come round here
And tell me I told you so..

Sarah McLaughlin-Fallen

Dear God,

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thank you

Just a little shout out.Thanks for being there for me.Always being my pillar of strength.Everytime I cry you cry too.Everytime I laugh you laugh too.Your mom's like my mommy too(haha).We can say anything and everything to each other.You're so open to me and I'm so open to you.There are no secrets between us.It's amazing that we're so close and the fact that we're almost so alike even scares me sometimes.And even though we fight,which is like almost once in three days,it's always about something stupid which we will forgive each other in two minutes.The most is a day.Whether its a secret,some advice,word of caution,somethings I need to let out you're always there to lend an ear.Never too tired or too busy.Even when I'm crying I don't how you make me laugh but you always do.So I wanna say thank you for anything and evrything.For being there for me now and always.


you know you look hott in that picture ohkay.

and to all the awesome people out there.I LOVE YOU GUYS A BAJILLION TOO!!!!
(is there a bajillion?)

Went out to buy Raya clothes today.Shopping is serious bussiness ohkay.Very tiring especially if you're fasting as well.FIRST we(me family)went to Subang Parade.I tell you theres like no parking there.We parked at Wisma Consplant which is like opposite.I didn't get anything there.None of us did.There's actually ALOT of choices over there.I totally recommend going there if you haven't got your Raya stuff yet and your now rushin rushing.But I didn't like anything over there.Yesterday we went to Bangsar and Bangsar Village.OMG if you go to Bangsar Village go to those like 'stalls' which sells the raya clothes.There was this one top which was you know those see thru kebaya tops where you wear tubes or spaghetti straps in side.It was beautiful beautiful powder blue with floral designs and some beads here and there and then you could tie it up.It's SOOOOOOOOOOO nice.But there was this even nicer one white,floral designs and pink beads.But mammy said look around.Decided to leave it cos it was rather pricey.After Subang Parade we went to OU.First we stopped at uh hat shope whats it called Abang it?Something like that.And there was this magenta pink kimono like kebaya top.It was darn nice but when I tried it on it was sooooo big.After that we went to Noor Arfan I think and nothing there either.Then we went to Silk Closet and immediatly I fell in love with this super the duper powder baby blue.Its like the lightest baby blue ever.With peach floral and butterfly designs on it plus a dash of beads.It so pretty and...I got it.Yay!!!Mommy went to Bill Keith and he was there himself and was kinda telling mommy to come back and he can hand draw what design and colour she wants.At first I was feeling kinda outta place there cos the people there were all rich tai tais who definitely knew him cos they were speaking to him like dear friends.He's probably like the Jimmy Choos of baju kebaya,kurung,batik stuff, and uber cute batik dresses.The baby doll dresses are so nice and so expensive.There was one baby doll in dark violet and it was likr RM 1.168.I was like OMG man almost two thousand smackeroonies.Mammy got this really pretty one there.Its like fish tailed,like a mermaid.Me and mammy are coming there again to match the other top with the batik cloth but I have to bring the top there.We went to Nose and I got this pair of really cute Gold ballet flat heels.Really cute.There was this plain black strappy one which was really hot but when I asked for size six.Sorry only size seven.Grrrrrrr...I even went into Charmain and Vincci no nice black ones.Phoooey.But I guess thats the fun part of THE BEGINNING of Raya.All the pampering and the shopping heh heh.But it depends on my mood sometimes I have really no mood to shop.

Argh my body really hurts hurts HURTS.Cos of scouts.Especially cos when we did tug of war,Mr Macho and gang pulled so hard Mr. Patrol Leader fell and so did everyone on our team.I was like upside down mann.When they won still pulling and Ser Siang fell on me.=.=" Owww...But I guess all this torture must have some good in it.I feel a toned tummy on the way.


so kiss me... fellow readers,please don't be confused by the tittle.Have you heard of the song by sixpence none the richer?It's called Kiss Me.Actually it's kinda old but after listening to songs that you haven't heard for ages they just make a mark and stay in your heart.It's a beautiful song.We had scouts today & Sam slept over the night before.But we were kinda talking till 1.27,around there.About anything and everything.During scouts we had games :) I f you didn't come you missed outta alotta fun.Right Jo...especially 'tarik tali'.:D I was in patrol 5 which has the BEST patrol leader :) No it's not me la...It was Sir Ser Siang.He was super the nice and funny.First it was the wheelbarrow thingy were I carried three GUYS.My hands really hurt.Gah!!!Then we had this treasure hunt thing which we lost...=.=" at least we didn't get punished *shudders*Then it was this balloon game thingy and Ser Siang popped the balloon before the game started.I have issues with balloons...The best part was the tug of war game.Eventhough patrol 5 lost(we coulda won if we took off our shoes.ok ok no.fine.won't be a sore loser-shows toungue-)against patrol 6.But patrol 6 was Sammi's patrol a.k.a Sir Meng Leong's patrol and they were the strongest.They even beat the seniors and scouters!!!THANKS TO SIR ONG JIAN YAU AND SUPER PATROL 5 LEADER SIR SER SIANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!How awesome?!I took some pictures of them tug-of-warring.Imma lazy to post them so go to Sammi's blog( and lookie at the pictures I took.SELF PRAISEEEEEEE!!!!And after like a supercalifranchilisticespielidocious long time I finally got my black scouts tee!!!WHEE!!!The winning team was obviously Meng Leong's patrol and the was team bear!!!Rawr!Uh Yong Meng's team.But nevermind la kan Jo?:)
Imma gonna be a little happier on Monday cos a very super awesome person is giving me the nice white scout's tee!!!GLOAT GLOAT GLOAT!!!You know who you are :)

Argh!!!!Imma tired...I'll update tomorrow if I'm not slitting my wrists or downing pills or something.


(Owhkay Sammi Meng Leong and Ser Siang are the best patrol leaders.Just don't tell the rest afterwards we die la.pump infinity times!!!!shhhhhhhhh!!!!!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yesterday mammy & I were supposed to be baking cookies.Raya mah...But no we didn't & she didn't send me to OU either.Gahhhhhh!!!!I need to go out.bad bad bad BAD!Aiyoh I can't stop listening to Fergalicious and No promises.I know what a random selection but they're really good.Go download...NOW!!!!I NEED studs mann.My M & N pair broke.=.=" in tuition yesterday...SHIT!!!11.30 already...I gotta change my transport will be here anytime.Good God.Dammit.Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

To a very important person.You(or rather she)know who you are.

I cannot tell you how foolish I was.To tell my other friends about it but not you my secret keeper,let alone one of my bestest friends ever.She thought me one of life's most important things for friends.It was after sports day and we were out.Us girlfriends.Eating.Talking.SUPPOSE to be shopping but we got caught up with talking and ordering about 3 servings of beef queso-oh heaven!Something happened during sports day.It involved a guy.A very fine one.And I told her what happened.And she swore to secrecy never telling a soul and she hasn't broken that promise yet.She told me that best friends only tell a few friends and leave the rest hanging.But a true friend will spill the beans to ALL she considers true and has a special place in her heart...whether straight away or sooner or later.And yet when something amazing happened I failed to tell her.I'm definitely not proud of that.I'm really glad that she opened my eyes and told me straight...not so straight but directly to me anyway.Without keeping it inside.She's definitely a perfect example of a true friend.

My girl,my sister,my eye-opener...
Joyce Lim.

and if you think I'm gonna leave all you other amazing people out..well no I'm not going to do that.Especially to all the 14 special ladies in my life!Thanks for everything.Form one has definitely been a special year too me.Full of secrets,courage,trust,joy...everything!God this sounds so cheesy but I love you girls!!!!!!!You guys mean the world to me.And as for the amazing thing....sorry to some of the girls I told late.If you still don't know about it I give you full permission to give me a full tight slap.And if you think I hurt you or something you can give me a full tight slap too.this is only entitled to my 14 girls.I don't want random people coming around slapping me ya know.

Ah I gotta go now.More to come oh know the marissa who was in my cbox talking about krish..NOT ME!and the marissa in nicholas's blog asking him to change my link in his linkage list also NOT ME!Glad my name's cleared.More to come soon,

Oh yeah...

I love you <3


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here we go...Take a bow...Because its...Over now

I'm so very addicted to Busted's A Present for Everyone album.Their last one if I'm not mistaken.Its a pity cos I love em.I was ransacking through my old cds and found it and its been replaying since 10 o'clock in the morning.Its sad that they aren't a band anymore.But James is in a band called Son of Dork.I reckon their kinda good.Anyway this is like to continue the last post cos Blogger didn't allow so many.Right,so moving on.

a little something I'm craving right now.Mini cupcakes.With colourful sugar icing.

Don't they just scream "Bite me,Eat me,You know you want me"
Somehow that came out wrong.Oh well.

I sware I'm getting fat.No more desserts or fried food for me thank you very much.Its gonna be healthy stuff.But I still cannot endure the fact that Meng Leong says wheatgrass juice is nice.Hello grass?Mandy's line "Not a cow" is most approriate here.Dear,your tastebuds must be retarded.I remember one time I tried it I nearly gagged.But that was like lightyears ago.If I'm not mistaken.Oh I hate celery.Where did that come from?
You know yesterday's KH test wasn't that bad.It was hard a bit.But ohkay.My butt was like numb for moral.But imagine the poor things during Agama and POL.I was actually praying for my girls especially for Moral and studying KH.Actually I was also doddling lyrics in the back page of my KH textbook.heh heh.But I studied too la.

This is my uncles cake.Like his birthday was ages ago but heck.The cake is so pretty and artistic and the sugar deco was yummy mann.I wish my cake was like that.

Yeah thats my uncle.He's got FIVE cakes.But thats cos he's a menteri.Yeah if he looks familiar he's Datuk Nazri.Menteri for what don't ask me.I have like nil idea.

The other day my brother was talking to our God cousin Shaun on the phone

Hello Krisman?


Eh whats that Pokemon website ah?

Oh Pokemon Crater?





He speaks so loud I could hear him and I wasn't even next to the receiver.


I'm feeling horrible today.I've put on weight.Phooeeee.Everything I put on makes me look eldritch.I'm gonna work harder to burn it all off.After exams me and Trina are going for extra lessons.Yesterday I didn't go for tennis thinking Treen wasn't going.But she did.She also got to play mini tennis with little rackets.Gahhhhhhh!!!!!During lantern festival yesterday theres this weirdo form 2 guy from DJ who keeps hanging with my little cousin, Pearl-Lyn and her friends.He carries their bags and touches them.OMG mann!!!!Paedopholic

I hate when you say that I don't blow you away.
I can't break thru that way...Our friends told us

You know I'm no macho-fied girl but I reckon I'm pretty tough(harhar)for a girl.Not saying girls aren't tough sometimes girls are tougher than guys ohkay but anyway back to the point.I don't really get scared easily.Bugs don't scare me.I respect ghosties and all kinds of paranormal thingies.I'm not queesy or claustraphobic.I love heights.So yeah you get the picture.But there are just two things I can't stand.

Lizards and cockroaches

I can't stand lizards.They just pop outta no where.One time I was opened the door to my room and a stupid lizard came out running like this *makes circles in the air* I was like "Gahh!!!!!Stupid things.Wanna give people seizure hah!?"
And cockroaches.Did you know outta 4000 kinds(I know so many cockroaches) only 1% are considered pests.Whats so gross about them?They're these brown disgusting crawlie things that come around eating rubbish and dirty stuff spreading deadly diseases thats what.And they're just plain icky :]

I saw a cockroach the other day near the drain outside a mamak.Trying to be brave I said to myself.Nevermind leave it alone.Ignore it.But the thing kept inching closer until it was so close like this close *both fingers up about 5 cm wide* that was when I couldn't help it.I screamed.In front of the whole mamak.
"Get away you gross-disease-spreading-crawlie!!!!GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!Get away!!!!!!" and I was using the chair to like squash it.And everyone was just lookng at me.Shit.I was really embarrassed but I can't stand them.

On the lighter note....
Ohkay I think most of you are gonna kill me.My posts are not only boring they're bare.No pictures.So being so nice and all I'll post a few.Besides I owe some people photos.Just a few. and nikki...yesterday was malam tanglung in yeahhhhhhh.....some djians came too you know?

Fia and me.Aiyoh shes so pretty la.Like her sisters.Jelous.I think thats Spot in the background.Thanks for spoiling the picture la you.Stewpid boy.

Kenzo & me.Sofi says he looks like the bat from Sagwa.You watch it Fie?Sometimes I watch it.Its cute la.Got cats summore.HEEHEE. =.="

Cassy!!!!She was like my best friend since std 4 or wassit 5.Imma getting old.Now shes in BU3.dabuyudyioqwieginigsm mann...Miss her la.After exams I'm gonna stay over at her place and we're going to Tropicana and 0U.Heeeeheee.Its good to plan for the future la kay?When it was the lantern procession walk,we passed the playground and I saw the SWINGS!!!!!HAAAAHAAA.I was being really kiddy-ish and cepat cepat ran to them and started swinging.The rest of them continued walking only Chern and Tat waited for me.I L U guys mann.But only Tat went on the swings like me.HEEHEE.30 seconds on the swing I realised oh shit mah skirt.So I was sitting weirdly on the swings but can la.EHEEEE.Good thing my bag was on my lap.Then we coninued walking and suddenly there was this car behind and Cassy was like hi Daen!haha...
Walked back to school and we went to the dewan to just talk and all.There were fans.Ahhhh...much better.And we played thruth or dare for like what 7 seconds.Then there someone outside the grill and I being a maglomaniac shouted Oh my God man thats Jensen.Harhar.
Then the boys played football at the badminton court.With a can.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Damn farneeeeeee.Then Cass told me some things =D miss times like those.We talked alot.And then Jan came with her boyfriend and talk talk talk.The Jan's bf ask why I never call Harp to come.I said I did but Harpreet claimed she was studying.Her studying is "Hello?Naren.."hahahahahaha.We love you la Harp.Then Cassy and I started talking about like so many things we didn't realise like an hour passed already.So we made our way to the canteen to get a drink and Jan joined us cos her boyfriend went home.I was like Oh he dump you di ah?Then she said Ya lor so sad.Any lengchais?Hehehehe.Jan Yi,jan yi.*shakes head*

the only one who would go on the swings with me.My sexy braces bro :)

My BU3 babes and me.Smee is like so pretty.And shes taller than me now!huhsfqiauoqijcnywnjcuhdjnoqihbcb man!!!!

Smee and me.Nikki took this picture.I likey it.But never ask Nicole to take your picture she'll make you laugh.HAHAHAHHAHAHA
ohkay moving on.

Bran and me.For some reason I think he looked like a hamster yesterday.I know I'm weird :]

row row row your boat JETLY down the stream.If you see a crocodile don't forget to scream.*scream!!!*

Wen Hui and me.He looks so much like Ezzie mann.Love you both like totally so banyak!!!!!

When we took this pic Rowy and Tat said the 3 of us looked alike.OMG.YAY.Means I'm pretty like Fia(whoooopeee)and hot like Nick(????????).hahahahah

my baby brother and me.I sayang him lke totally banyak mann...<3>

group take

Me and my sister.The reason I put this last is cos.OMG mann she looks so gorgeous here!!!!!I love her like infinity+1...hahaha.the only reason we arent really sisters is cos God figures it'd be too much for our mom to handle.Thats why we have the same virthday.hardeeharhar..
I saw Meng Leong at Lantern Festival.I think he was babysitting his super duper cute baby sis,Pui Foong.Shes only 8 and her fashion sense can rival mine.Shes so cute.

This was during Sihaton where Meng Leong was helping Pui Foong with her colouring and drawing contest thingamajig.I coloured like a bit.
I saw Jonathan Hoe talking to Meng Leong and the hot guy was there.When I came I told Nicole that the guy in the red shirt was hot.And shes like really?I know him you know.Eh she thinks your hott.Gahh!!!!!!Stupid girl la she.But he was hott.I bet he thinks I 'm totally mental.Pffttt..

Some pics from Harps birthday

tantalizing trio.aren't they just hott.I hate Sofi and Nicole.ngeh

Friday, September 29, 2006

I know,I know.I've been a terrible blogger.I haven't been linking everyone or posting regularly.Past few days has been shit.Did I mention I hate KH?Well I do.I wish I was more hardworking.In primary I was much more.Hardworking that is.Or smarter.I sware I study more now than I did in the last 2 years.Which includes UPSR.But I guess things have changed and if I'm not born smart I'll just work harder.I kinda have I guess.I've actually studied so whatever comes out as my result I can say I've done my best and work harder than ever cos like if I give up now I'll never make it to university and all.And I wanna go to Harvard.Well I wanna go to a law university or a fashion university or maybe medicine.Oh GAH!!!!Growing up is hard you know.
I'm gonna die for KH but I'm kinda happy I don't have moral.36 nilais.Omgee.I haven't finished my KH projects.Like almost finished.Just a little more.I'm gonna focus doing the exam first.Argh.I think people don't read my blog anymore.I don't blame them.I haven't got much time anymore so my posts are boring shit.Sadness.Yesterday my brother came up to me and told me

"Che you know uncle knight asked me if you want his son."
"Last time when I went to Aunty Jo's house.I think you were at tuition."
"How old is he?"
"Really...*smiles*how do you know you haven't even seen him."
"Uncle Knights phone."
"Oh ok...haha"
Uncle Knight is like the awesomest person on earth.I wonder if his son is hot.He's 15.hahaha.
I'll hope.One time Uncle Knight asked me if I want his son and mammy was like NO!!!I just smiled and laughed cos if I said yes...well its been nice knowing ya.MAYBE NEXT TIME I WILL.hahahahahahaha
*choke choke seizure faints*

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I wonder if you know how to be a mat motor

Have you guys heard Rudy & JJ's version of the Teriyaki Boyz Fast & Furious?I sware it's dead funny.Tune in to (92.9 in the Klang Valley)& if your lucky you'll hear it.I didn't come to scholl for 3 days.I was sick okay!?Fever and cough and cold.And I kinda passed it on to Nikki.Sorry love you know it's not my fault.Exams are killin' me!!!They're makin' me worse.I'm gonna change my skin soon.Dunno when but soon.But this will be my signature skin.Yeah,frangipani's are my favourite flower a close second is roses oh and...I like flowers alright?Sammi doesn't want me to change my skin.Why?Cos she sorta edited it for me so she wants me to show off her skills but she'll say no really it's nice.It is.Frangipani is my signature I s'pose.I'm kinda proud about it.Heh heh this is getting lame.I couldn't go for tennis on Friday.I was really upset about that.Stupid fever.!#&^*$%#$^*(^$#%@# Blogging does relax you don't you think.I was studying before & I forgot how to do Nilai for Sastera.grumble grumle grumble.I can't wai for exams to be over.Not like anyone can.Why must art,pj,computer,kh and sivics be a theory exam!!!!What are you gonna do with the subjects I ask you.Ok art maybe you'll learn 1 dot if you wanna do anyting involved in art.PJ!!!You tell me what to learn in PJ!!!!Become a what baton is it?No no no cone?Or hat become a football!!!!Grrrrrrrrr....Computer!It's not like you really learn something there?!Sivics is like moral why make us learn moral.We already have moral and Agama already!And kh.Come on you don't really fix your own toilet/sink/pump etc. right?Even if I could my mammy wouldn't allow it.I mean it's ok for general knowledge but please...Ask ourself do you fix your own sink?Do you do gardening?Do you build your own stupid pen/pencil/wtv holders?I'm quite cofident that most will answer no to the above questions.And when they say oh it prepares you for the future so when you live alone you know what to do.It is good to learn to change a light bulb,sew your torn clothes and all but just the basics ok?That's why we have people like Mike Delfino right.Heh heh.Only a handful of subjects should be ket in school.It's not like we are gonna use them are we?C'mon get your facts right.
I totally salute Fie and Nikki about unreasonable teachers.I was sick on Thursday so I told a friend to pass my sewing shit to Nikki to pass to Pn. Nancy.And Pn Nancy wouldn't accept it.!@^($%@^&^#$%@#^&^$%!!%^$^#$ HELLO!!!!!I'm sick!How am I s'pose to get to school when I 'm sick.Christ.I'm actually kinda happy my exams are ealier than some of my friends and cousins.Means while their panicking I'm done.Sweeeettt.This year I'm gonna design my baju raya.Let's hope it turns out nice.Well I gotta study more soon.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I feel like fire hydrant , man.

My sorethroat is like killing me.Along with ma cold & fever.I drank like 5 bottles of water for reccess and more in class.Gah man.I don't think I'll be going to school tomorrow.So hoprfully Aunty Celine can pass my sewing shit to Jian Nee to pass it to Pn. Nancy.Today we did the art project and I couldn't really finish it but during Sivics it was sorta like free period except when Pn. Rozalina called us one by one to stand up and smile.It was really funny.Tat,Fei,Pat,Treen,Nic,Rowy and Foo helped me finish it.And Shaun filled my bottle for me.I LOVE ALL OF YOU PEOPLE.and Nikki gave me the idea to draw swirlson the black paper in gold pen(we were doing the batik shit)and it looked really nice and I got a pressie today.I feel so loved.After school,me and Ry were talking nonesense with Shaz then Derrick and Nick.And someone brought his phone to school.Tsk tsk wonder who :)

Bwaaaaaaaa.....I feel horrible and I gotta study.Tll ma next post yo.


Monday, September 18, 2006

I think I've mistaken someone for another person

About my title...well somethings shouldn't written in public don't you think but I think a few know what I'm talking about.I didn't know what else to write for my title anywho so sue me.Harpreet's party was fun!Minus the fact that she kinda made us feel lonely.But she tried.For Harpreet that is.I love you anyway girl.Truth or dare was fun.Someone had to kiss Nikki.harharhar.When I chose dare I was s'posed to dance with my friend Christal but she refused. :/ danced with this guy called Shaun.He was dancing really funny.on purpose.It was really fun I couldn't help getting into fits of giggles.Oh and it was kinda like clubbing kinda dance not slow.It's called clubbing stewpid..Not omgwhatkinddanceisshedoing.But whatever.I like dancing that way so,ngeh.Sam & I dance like that every Christmas at Souled Out & everyone does the same.It's not like it's wrong or whatever.Except last year when a 20 something year old dude started dancing with me.Woah...freaky.I just flashed a smile and walked away fast.Real fast.And I quickly told Sam.This year we're gonna be Santarina's ya'll.Aunty Michelle said we could.heh heh.My fave part was the part where Harpreet cut her gorgeous cake.But here's the twist it has nothing to do with her cake,her or nicole,sofi or smee :)
The next day was SKTM's Sihaton.I won't reall write anything yet cos I've got pictures.There was a dunking booth from he scouts from Sri Permata I think.(Dj's one was muuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhh better)Food.& both Jyen Yiee's brother were performing.I mean both their bands.Let's just say most of the people in the audience were girls & lady teachers.Mhhmmmmmm.Oh yeah & someone passed me his cold.Which I am currently suffering from.Gahhhh it's no fun.Your nose is all red and...and...its uncomfortable ohkay??It's even redder than when I eat cold stuff.When I drink/eat etc. cold stuff my nose turns pink/red.After Sihaton I skipped choir cos I had to attend a kenduri in Uncle Salim's house.For the coming fasting month la.It was sorta funny cos all the Sujakouture couldn't pray except Trisa & me & they were happily watching Desperate Housewives/13 going on 30 etc...they were channel surfing really.But imagine two girls watching tv in the kitchen in telekungs.Funny sight.After maghrib I quickly popped a mini chocolate eclair in my mouth before Isyak.I was hungry ohkay!And after food and all me,tris and tir kinda took pictures.heh...
I so can't wait for exams to be OVER and gone with.I have so many books I wanna read.The Au Pairs third book Sun Kissed came out already!!!!I went to Borders on Saturday to get Harpreet a book as a present and I saw so many I wanna read.I was like wtfmansomanybooksicantreadcosofeffingexamgahhhh !!!!!Fudge MANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!Today school was ok.MANAGED to cut my nails before going to school.Oh and when I saw Pn. Norhayati come close I just pulled my socks up :) Genius I say.Overall school was ok.Except Cik Cho kept us in the class to study!!!!!!!GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!The boys NEVER study ohkay!But I mean who studies PJ ok?!Fudgefactor man!At least on the bright side she didn't call my name to answer questions.I think it's because my name is hard to pronounce.People think its Daehna,Deeena,Deanna,Dina etc.Thats wrong.It's DAENA!As in DayNa.There easy.Even Spot couldn't pronounce my name in primary.Thankfully he can now.But thats the good thing of having a hard to say kinda name.Welllllllll....I gotta go study.I'll post the pictures A.S.A.P.

Till the next post,


p.s Dance Dance by the Fall Out Boys will always have a special place in my heart. <3

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Trying to drown my sorrows...

If you've guessed that the reason for my title is due to the exam results...well guess what

Ting,ting ting!!!!!!We have a winner!!!!!!!

BUT...actually I kinda did really well compared to the first and last team-oh yeah so much better-even in Geography.So what's bringing me down I hear you say?IT'S BLOODY SEJARAH THAT'S WHAT.Good GOD!From an A to....a DRASTIC change.ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!If I drop class I'm totally matified and guess what IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT FREAKING SEJARAH!!!!!!and it isn't my dear teachers fault.Oh no...She's a peach.And this term I studied like SO MUCH!And this what I get in return.If I become someone whose job includes history I'm definitely learning about history of other countries!!!!Like Alexander the Great.That fella is my hero.A great leader and taction,he was the Lord of Asia and the age of 26.And before he died at age 32 he had conquered the whole world.Now thats interesting.Next year Sejarah I'm gonna read you non stop.Gahhhhhh!!!!!!!
So dear readers if I snap at you.Its not PMS.Its exams.Sorry yeah?

anyway its OCTOBER!Which is the month which I definitely go broke.GOOD GOD!!!!Dammit.

2nd October

Rachael Ling

Ex-SKTMer.In standard 4 eventhought she was a pengawas with Jyen the three of us will always talk/run/play during rehat.Our speciality:F LANGUAGE!!!! haha good times!!!!!and once the three of us made paper stars for our replacement teacher who was like really angry at our class.What happen to them by the way?Hahaha.Anyway HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AGAIN Rachiekins!!!!

5 October

Wan Fatin Atira(a.k.a Tiwa Wiwa : ) )

she's the one in pink :]

Atira,my beloved cousin...among the three cousins of the same age,me,her and Hurin shes BLOSSOM!!!!For obvious reasons.Hurin's Bubbles.I'm Buttercup.=.=" Go figure.She's also the creator of the oh so famous line
"you've got issues....tissues"She's got fabulous fashion sense.And has tons of awesome clothes,jewellery and cosmestics which she lets me-and the other girl cousins-borrow.Right now...I have a pair of her earrings(gorge butterfly ones Sofi would love),her hairband,her bracelet,srunchie and I think a top.She's also a great sense of humour.She'll put a smile on your face for sure.Tiwa I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. in kindy me and Krish used to take her things and hide it when she sleeps in class : ]

10 October

Wong Jyen Yiee

I look really bad in this picture.But focus on the gorge girl!

My sister since tahun 4,4M.My M sister.My running sister.And choir sister.Hey Jyen remember when we were running for school then after that Cikgu Sazali bought us ice cream!and during practice at the park we'd play with the passing dogs and in Cikgu Zul's car we'd change the radio station to during Merbah practice when Cikgu ask to pick four people to run for 4x100 and 4x200m we'd always choose each other.And for long jump too.And Merbah always beat BAYAN!!!!!!!!!Nyehnyehnyehnyehnyeh!!!!!Good times.Love you Jyen!!!!

p.s. she has the same birthday as Cikgu Sazali

18 October

Joanna Wong Kae Ling

I'm sureyou know which one she is...but incase you're too dumb she's a girl =.="

class and choirmate since first in std 4 I thought she didn't really like me but there just goes to show never judge a book by its cover.At first a mutual friend,as our love for AKADEMI FANTASIA grew so did our friendship....and now even if we our so over it our friendship is stronger than ever.she's always there to lend a helping hand and give you a hug if you're feeling down.Jie jie is just great.We love singing kan jie?Especially when she plays the piano which she does as gorgeous as she she sings.Fave piano and vocal collaboration song:ONLY HOPE by Mandy Moore!!!!XD Did I mention she is such a smartass.Kan MOJOJOJO?eveything also she's good at!?haha..Last year when the kl childrens choir sang with Alice Smith *coughcoughSNOBScoughcough* and collaborated with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for Christmas we had the best time.I'LL blog about that soon.We shared many secrets and soon we all beacame a great big happy family.Jo,Jyen,Nikki,Vin,Mel,Just and me : ) we totally love each other.Oh we totally LOVE speaking malay to each other.harhahrharhar.and we have about the same tastes in guys ;)did i mention shes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gorgeHappy Early Birthday my darling sister!!!!

21 October

Adrian Khoo Kah Wei and Rasyman Bin Mohammad Rafie

Adrian is the blur one.hehe.this is from tuition and he was moving.Stupid.

Also same class since standard four.Mernah mate too!!!Is in love with Anime.That kinda solves what to buy for him for his birthday present huh?We weren't just friends not too long ago.But I guess it didn't really work out.But I guess it's better that we're just friends.ILU KHOO KAH WEI!!!!!

Rasyman bin Mohammad Rafie(prounounced Rash-man incase ur wondering.our grandma gave him the name just like she gave my bro Krisman)

omg this is beyond pathetic I don't have one picture of my own cousin in my laptop.still in the com.sorry Rasy.
Rasyman is a little brat whos turning 10 this year just like my brother.He fights with my bro all the time but can't live without eachother.Boyssss.....Be a good boy okay yang.Kak Maris loves you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE YANG.

21 October

Krishantini Mahendren : ]

L>R rizzo,me and Ms. Gorgeous herself.She's like Ms. India!!!!Biatch.

Krishee and I have been friends since KINDERGARTEN.Yeah long way back.Even so far back we had our fair share of baby crushes and loadsa secrets.Our tracher had to seperate us sometimes cos the 3 of us,me,her and atira would talk talk and talk!!!!hahahaha.remember when we used to hide my cousin's things when she was asleep heh heh.Kinda had like a little silent row with her not too long ago.Everythings okay now kan Krisheeeeeee?????????????Love her to bits.she also has such beautiful eyelashes so long and cantik sangaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!Krish is sangat the smart and soooooooooooo fun.If your feeling down shell cheer you up pronto.whether with her funny antics,gorge smile and eyes and load you with compliments she'll always make your day.She's just awesome.This lady can sing!!!!and dance...remember when we had to dance to Ricky Martin's Livin La VIva Loca.hahahahahha : ) awww this lady is just awesome.and shes loud and absolutely proud just like me!thats why we get along sooooooooo well..harharhar...oh yeah she takes a looooooooooooong time to pack her bag after school : ) she's gorge too!!!!BIG plus ;) Guys just love her.Can you blame her?HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!!

25 October

Lum Meng Leong

He insisted I use this picture.Well not really insist but he chose this photo to be on my blog.Go figure ;)

I kinda knew him through Sher Nie.One night I asked him Are you Sher Nie's sister.and he said uh no.thats joe shen.snap.An avid sportsman-as seen in the picture above-he plays...ok this could take a while...but here,volleyball,softball,he runs,long jumps...hope I didn't miss anything out.Being a boy he's in love with Nike shoes and football boots.But who can resist a pair of Nike's right?He's really funny and fun to be with.But he has weird scars on his legs and Yi ching says he's an alien cos of the bump on his ear =.=" but its pretty freaky anyway.He's a great consoler and he can teach Algebra.I suck at it ohkay?did i mention he cheers?
haha...oh and the fact that he's uber hott is a BIG plus.Girls he's single.Visit his blog ya?HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY LUM manja meow MENG LEONG!!!

26 October

Cassandra Tam Chui Ying and PAPA!!!! : )

me and CASSYYYYYYYY the awesome

since standard 4 we were inseperable.even now when she's in BU3 she's stll one of my best friends.She kepps me updated about a certain someone : )She's so awesome.Oh Cassy come to DJ!!!!Love you infinity plus one.

my father,Iqbal Hakim bin Datuk Haji Sujak

THE MAN who I can depend on forever.Papa you've watched me grow in how you say"from a little girl with no two front teeth to a beautiful mature,young lady"you're one of my inspiratons and pillar of support.Evryone says we are a splitting image of each other and you know what I'm very proud of it.Even in your old baby photos I can see myself in your eyes.Eventhough your really childish sometimes but I guess thats what makes you special.This might be a short post but if I wrote everything about you it'll fill the whole internet.I love you Papa my peterpan of a father.The boy who never grew up : )

well i guess i'm done.October babies flood my cbox with presents you want ok?and make sure they are AFFORDABLE!!!cos i'm definitely going bankrupt in October.Ok i'm of to join Ashley in her house to finish all her dad's bottles of whickey,beer,wine,vodka and what not.