Sunday, June 29, 2008

wear high heels and get a record deal.

Official NEW obsession

1. swimming laps- lets go Cay !
2. hanging mobiles-so calming

The notifications on Facebook have been piling up, no joke.
So lazy ):
And the only messages I get are from the Zouk thing and it's not like I can go anyway.
Oh jkdhsfkjbwuegtwjhg!


It's 1 in the am I'm supposed to be in bed.
I will I will in a minute.
Was supposed to go for a jog but I fell back asleep,sorry sweetie hehe!
Today was surprisingly very very productive.Weeeell kinda.
Got up and got dressed. Followed mummy to the small Giant in Kelana Jaya.
We were getting some things to donate to the nearby orphanage.
Yes the orphanage not the old folks home but they're run by the same management
(inside thing)
Some St Johns' were there. Odd jobbing I reckon.
When we got to the car, a rather aged man approached me.
He was carrying an umbrella under the merciless heat.
His clothes were worn and tattered and his face showed that he was so tired, his silver hair limp and dry in the Sun.
"Amoi saya letak balik untuk kamu ya, boleh kasih satu ringgit ya amoi, uncle mahu beli teh,"

(Little girl I'll put this back for you okay? Can I have a ringgit please. I want to buy tea.")

I smiled politely and fished out the only amount of money I could give, one ringgit.
I was frantically trying to look for a tenner, a fiver at least but to no avail. While searching the metal on my indian beaded bracelet scratched my skin, I felt the blood ooze lightly and the hot air stinging the cut.
His eyes still on me spoke kind words through his shy gaze. He didn't mind just that one ringgit.
I handed him the note and said "Sorry uncle sikit saja"

(I'm sorry uncle, the amount isn't much)

"Tak apa amoi. Amoi sangat baik hati"

(It's okay little girl you are very kind)

He thanked me and pushed the cart back, you know the ones that you have to put twenty cents in.
His smile, brimming with gratitude,plastered into my thoughts.

I know for a fact that most of us are pretty well to do.
If you drop your twenty cent coin on the floor and it's rolled somewhere how many of us would actually want to pick it up.
I know some people who pretend they didn't see it and they won't pick it up.
They say "Aiyoh so little la. nothing to buy also"

Twenty cents does contain value but nowadays not so much.
A fiver or tenner most of us could finish it in a day.
A pen, eraser, exercise book, nasi lemak, wantan, coke in the canteen, maybe an ice cream after school.
Then the mamak with friends and back to school a stop at 7-11 for a magazine and maybe a tube on mentos.
There it's gone.
It's not that we don't value money but it's hardly much anymore.
Nothing to be ashamed only the honest truth.
But to these people a five ringgit or ten ringgit note could feed themselves for a week, or a family for a few days.
When I was about nine, I clearly remember asking my father

"Papa how much do you make?"

He smiled and carried me
"Enough for us to be happy sayang why do you ask?"

"Nothing but papa why doesn't everyone make money like you?"

How could he put it into simple sentences for me to understand.

"Well sayang they didn't study hard enough and thats why people will only pay them maybe like for example 20 cents,"

Wide eyed and confused I scrunched my eyebrows and asked
"Twenty cents. Why so little?"

"Well sayang if the man will only pay him twenty cents what are you going to do because you cannot qualify for anything higher,"

I may have been only nine years old but I understood his words, crystal clear.
From that day on I learned the importance of money.
I may be seen as thrifty as times or spend thrift at others but I still manage my money well.

The old silver haired man pushed the cart back and retrieved the coin he carefully placed it into his pocket and slowly lugged himself to find another persons cart.
The pain I felt blocked out the sting I had from the cut.
My heart felt heavy and uneasy.
I strapped myself into the seat and wondered, does he have a family?
Where does it stay?
Does he have children and if so where are they?
Has he eaten?
Will he eat?
My mother stroked my lifeless hands and said

"It's okay. I know how you feel okay? Remember to always thank God for what you have and help those in need, God will bless those who are kind and giving. One day when you are older you will able to do more, right now we will do the best we can,"

I looked into my mothers eyes, through her brown tinted Gucci sunglasses.
Her dark eyes matched mine.
Dark brown and brimming with tears.
Whenever I go there the same thing happens again and again but I will never chase them away or neglect them I will try to help them however I can.

We stopped at the orphanage.
The caretaker took to things and thanked us

"Thank you so much girl thank you"

The little children smiled and said thank you.
One little girl in a pink dress with hypnotic eyes smiled.
She was so small and so pretty.
Thank you she whispered.
Leaving, she went to the gate and waved goodbye.

One day I will make a difference.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ATTENTION: Marciano anyone?

Love this colour combination . (:

Well if you do, do you like Marciano?

I hope you do pictures up soon.
Enquires can be made (:

Monday, June 23, 2008

inside the animals mind.

Random-spiration (;

I had trouble getting up again
Not that I'm very good at any time of the morning.
No you know
why Garfield hates Mondays.
Well actually if you ask my dear sweet sweet classmates, I'm either late or arrive 20 seconds before the bell rings.
But they put up with my nonsense so lovingly and cover me, most of the time.
Assembly was long-as.
But touching in my own mediocre kinda way.

As this week is INTERNATIONAL ANTI-DRUGS week,we had a sketch performed by 5 Belian.
Our speaker was Big D by the way.
Oh Djians are so very easily amused, but it was cute something to take out the grumpy in my morning mayhem.

Ustazah still isn't back, please continue praying for her safe recovery.

As I mentioned earlier about the assembly, our nice PE teacher aka K's momma, let us skip it and we just chit chatted in class.
Actually come to think of it we do that 97% of the time.
Lets just say we have our ways with words.
Kay how am I joking, she just gives in to the constant:-

"Aiyoh teacher cramp la!!!"

"Teacher sooo hot!"

"Eyer teacher dowwan la I forgot to bring my PE clothes"


So A,J,M and myself talked about the important things in life.
Like hmmm, PMR (for 2.5 seconds) , chosen stream (sorry J its arts for us! )
and wait for it...wait for it....


The big oh ten
, can't wait (:
Instantly we go back reminiscing about how alike we are to our seniors and our special bond and connection.
No my eyes weren't tearing, there was just something in my eye.

Drama team met up during the Form 5s recess.
I still can't digest the news.
Omg thank you for trusting (& burdening me heheh) me P, Big D and W!
I'll be happy to carry all your shit.
harhar (:

I plan to blog everyday. But the thing about my darling family is that
when you're from a mixed par
entage, your brothers eyes tend to look like this

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy everrr afterrrrr :D

A proper one tomorrow,hopefully.
I'll tag the laptop to Titaz cos KT is gonna be at prefects camp.
KT a prefect I love her but I find it hard to imagine.
You know this will totally sound like a case of sour grapes,but I dislike prefects.
Well their requirements actually.
Okay maybe I get the hair and the londeh pants.
The socks.
What is low socks gonna do to you.
Wait if you're gonna tell me it's to instill discipline in the future for our working days.
Oh please.
We wear heels to work.
Well I especially dislike prefects this week beacause they question my lipbalm, hello odn't you get dry lips and took away my black bands.
It's not like I'm going to stranggle you with them but whatever.
Who am I kiddin', MARK !!!!

Kay lets keep this short & sweet cos I want to hit the hay.

Things that make my day super.

*In the morning, I wake up extra late but still manage to get my brother and myself to school
before the first bell rings.

*The faces of my sleepy,zombie faced classmates

*Really mad awesome coconut science experiments to start off the day

*A great geo lesson and a free period after to sneak the breakkie that I missed in the morn

*A good chat durin' recess

*Dinie Gossip Girl sneaking into my class hahahahaha!

*Kheng,Fie,Sani,Amirul and Myself singing (or at least attempting to) CINTA really loud

*Making Barney happy,talking to sotong haha!

*catching up on the paper, only to be taken away by Hoong Yi.

*look at cute boys play footie out of the window.

*surprise visit from Quah

*wake at pella bella when she flies! CALLIE (} ;

*taking a nap on Emir. Not only is he comfy he smells so good. Even after PE IM LIKE OHHH bottle that. Oh and when your mind isn't exactly and top speed a cute face kinda helps kick it into gear (;

*Finishing the karangan just in the nick of time

*meeting (and smelling hahah inside thing) wan jyn,I miss you

*Talking to my best friends after school

*A good lunch and nap.


Whatever I said about not liking my class this year I take it back
Although I'm almost one hundred percent sure I didn't say a thing.
I truly love my classmates,although everyone gets on everyones nerves all the time.
I really love you 3 Cengal

Saturday, June 14, 2008

here comes the sun.

Just got back from P Ramlee the musical.
The ending was heart-wrenching.
I totally recommend you watch it,worth every penny.
I saw Soo Hui there haha.
Rin and Kak Trin were all "DON'T YOU DARE WEAR JEANS" on me the day before,so as I good girl I followed.
I settled on a clean,crisp cream shirt dress and a cute lavender scarf to match.
Very Jackie O (RY ! (:)
But alas, there were so many who abode the rules, but whatever.
Musly Ramlee is an amazing actor.
Anyway lets not dwell on that,when my internet starts working and I get photos AND stuff.
Penarek Beca (:

The other day, Callie and I, along with our random,random ramblings began talking about shoes.
Boys don't get it.
Girls don't get enough of it.
BUT anyway, we began talking about styles and stuff.
How Cal is forever searching (STILL SEARCHING) for the perfect pair of wedges.
How tiny feet,well size fives, are good and bad cos well it's cute but it's so common it's hard to find shoes during festive seasons.
The other day I was at the chiro(practer) and he was yadeeyadeeyaing about how ugly my toes were.
"Oh your poor toes!"
I stared at him completely dumbfounded that he was actually commenting on my horrendous painting skills, "huh?"
"They're infected,purple and all"
Oh if you weren't so funny and maybe a little cute,and if my mummy wasn't there I woulda kicked you.
If I don't come after some time ,when I step into the room, he goes "Hello Stranger."
I can't seem to grasp the movie that the line comes from.
(Well it does right? Is it possible that man can actually come up with pick-up-lines like these, not that he was picking me up he's married and I'm fifteen,not that I mind.I JOKE! Please please Kak Sha don't read my blog)
He's so cool,he has a tattoo :0
kay update soooooooon.