Monday, September 28, 2009

I told my brother NOT to open the door cos I was about to change.
After several seconds of long waiting, I proceeded to get off my chair to change.

The door opens and my brother appears, his head popping out of the small space.

Brothers either need new ears OR a new brain.
Came across her amazingness (HAHA,no such thing) after I recorded myself singing this exact song!

I SHY SHY to put it up (:0

Today was a good day at school,the boys make me smile once again.
Photos will be up soon,promise! pfft Joyce.

Friday, September 25, 2009

OK well promises were meant to be broken,stupid ones anyway.

On the lighter note,I have my BBerry back!
And I DID put my time to good use.
If you think you're a good stalker you haven't met me.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Even as I sit in this chair,wistfully wishing for a tattoo on my wrist,
I am squirming and trying hard not to faint.

I am afraid of anything touching my wrists.
Even a light brush(let alone NEEDLES),takes some mental coaxing to not suddenly pass out on somebody.

But isn't it time we all let go of something?

You deserve so much more,I hope you see it the way I do.
Love you too.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Don't let the smiles fool you! (:

So Raya is the month of forgiving right?

Baby Adik:"Hey KAK! Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
NOW I forgive YOU for being such a loser!"
Kak Satik:"Ish tak senonoh budak nih!"

And meeting up with the relos no?

"Dude where's Aunty ______?"
"Follow the laugh love,follow the laugh,"

And honesty?

*opens up Raya packet*
"FIVE RINGGIT! What a rip off!"
"Ika that's my hard earned money okay!"
*throws money on the floor*
"I think you need it more than I do,"
(This happened between an 8 year old and a 29 year old. The rest of

And sharing?

"Kak Trin,share the mare the cake?"
"Go to hell,"

But in the end there's always time for love.

"I wish I could watch the fireworks with a guy I fancied,"
"Since you're already hugging me,I'll just shut up and you can pretend I'm him la!"
"Go jump off a bridge,"

I love my (semi-dysfunctional) family (':

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nair Strips+Derrick's phone hehe.
And you thought you were messy.
This was the day before the LEO thingy
Those who went can see my Butterfly top above.


Blogger's not being very nice ):
(YES it is,seeee the photos above (: )

Thank you everybody who has been behind me and next to me through out everything.

Today I visited my grandfathers grave.
After reading the yassin , my papa said
"You can even silently tell TokBak (grandfather)what you want to tell God as he's closer to Him,"
I haven't broke down that way in so long.

TokBak always told us,
that in life there must be a balance.
There is good and bad.
But he urged us all(grandkids,children...)to pray.
To obey the Five Rukun Islam.

As he always said
"If you don't bayar (pay) the telephone line,how is God going to answer your calls?"

Oh Operator The Line Is Dead.

On a happier note,
Selamat Hari Raya everyone.

I urge everyone to reach out to ask for forgiveness from everybody important in their lives.
Life isn't permanent but damage can be.

Although so can forgiveness.

Have a wonderful Raya everybody,
God bless.

Friday, September 11, 2009


It's lebih kurang 3 in the a.m. and I just finished making mammy and papa's anniversary card,YAY!

BUT it's seriosuly nothing fancy(lots of pictures and cut outs from my old VOUGEs,ELLEs etc)
Gragghhh no EMILY skills sorry,my creativity is only with uh...writing stupid class scripts hehe!

I just watched the 'GEE' vid of Derr,Alex and Ty and...
I think I forgot their faces.

I need to get back to school pronto.

I have the weirdest dreams now.

OH yesterday I looked in the mirror and for about 1/18th of a second I thought I looked like Megan Fox.
Best 1/18th of a second ever man.

I need to write proper posts+put up dance pictures-HEH SOPH KENNETH.

Writing e-mail now.byeeee

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"and tears come streaming down your face,when you lose something you can't replace"

I really want to talk to my best friend now.

But I'm afraid to wake her up.
I've never gone this way before.
What happened to the times where I'd never even hesitate to picking up my cell phone?

I miss you best friend,

and listening to FixYou by ColdPlay,I pretend you're telling me all I need to hear.

But honestly it's you I need to hear.

I hope to be in someones prayers tonight

I don't know if I'm fighting cos I'm mad or I'm fighting because I'm just not happy with myself.

I could finally go downstairs today.
I know,I feel worst.

So as I flipped channels,I came across:



Flipped to this movie,HungerPoint.
Something along the lines of not being happy with yourself and eating disorders
And I just wept on the settee with everyone upstairs.

You know what's the part which twisted me all up?
When one of the interviewers who interviewed MaryKate said that she wished she looked as pretty as Ashley.

They're twins.

I don't know if I'm sad cos I've been there before or if it's because I'm still there.


Ahhh Raya,the season of eating,taking and receiving!


Uncle KC's hamper's are always the best but this year...

I know I deserve to be spoiled but this much.
But why thank you!
This is my spot right there!

Monday, September 07, 2009

I had the cutest dream the other day.

Another with my sexy LEXY LIEW!
(Don't I always dream of you,weirdly enough! At least THIS ONES PG rated)

I was at my old apartment in,well I'm not thinking straight so I forgot.
And my family went downstairs to check out like the family centres
-do they actually have those?-
and the place looked pretty refurbished and all with those Zen hot stones and mini waterfalls and all.
In fact it looked kinda alright.

And so we all wandered on our own for fun and I met ALEX,well it's him at about 10
-us actually-
cos I looked into the waterfall and I saw that I was in a Little Mermaid shirt
-with no bra none the less,not that I had boobs at that age anyway,but I felt sorta naked,sorta liberated in fact-
and a pair of pink pants with 'My Little Pony's all over it.Oh yeah and a PowerRanger watch. The red one,I loved those guys.
Anyway,I was feel sorta weird right being ten years old with Alex and I said "Hi,Alex!" and he was like "Oh hey,uhm yeah I'm Alex,you are?"
I really didn't believe he forgot me so I just said Daena and we started playing.
PowerRangers,did I mention I love those guys.

So after a bit we got tired,and we found a spot in that lovely Zen garden of ours and just sat back on the grass and looked up at the stars.
And it was kinda romantic except at ten,the only guy you fall in love with is the RedPowerRanger,TheLittleMermaid's PrinceEric or that annoying guy and kindy,not your love at first sight.
And then we looked at each other,and....



Then we argued on whether it was chips or french fries.
-that actually happened with my first best friend.His name was Bevern and he was my neighbour. I don't know who he is anymore ):-
And I don't remember which part we told each other our chinese names but we did and his was
Thiam Chye is nicholas' chinese name for those who don't know.

I poked Alex in the ribs and giggled
"Why do you have Nicholas' chinese name Alex?"
He turned around and said




Fell in love with this song cos of Cole but ohmyGosh this is beautiful.
Kina Grannis always delivers

Sunday, September 06, 2009

This made my day today

Stolen orchids from your mummy's garden and a card. Thank you kitten!
You made me smile today (:

Okay so this is kinda how I look like if you've forgotten!
Sorry! I didn't even comb my hair.

doin' my English Literature h/w whilst watching Sugar Rush.

see you in a bit.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Neil just called.

You just made my day with that nearly 50 minute phone call (:

Thursday, September 03, 2009


In your face.
Because of my intelligence I now can work the internal DVD player on my laptop

*takes bows and welcomes standing ovations and roses*
Do not mess with a girl with a 38.9 degree fever and be a bitch about it!