Friday, May 29, 2009

Only because I am in the Mamma Mia mood.
And despite having my period my tummy is flat today.
GOOD DAY today it is

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Sunday with the Sujakouture,happy snapping whilst waiting for our foodies we checked our cameras just to make sure no weird stuff in teeth or over cleavaged(HAHA itcha!)
When Atira said "Sa you look so Serena Van Der Woodsen-ey,"
After observing the pictures in all their cameras the rest all concluded the same thing.
Funny thing is,
I'm pretty sure those close to me are fond of my "mood swings"
I was reading the Gossip Girl novels and found out that Serena is the type that laughs at a cloud shaped like a toilet bowl then the next wistful and sad.
See I'm not depressed,I'm just having a "Serena" moment hah!

What I want after exams.

.white bikini-SOPH!
.a box full of Teuscher chocolates. (their champagne truffles are simply divine!)
.Penang trip, ANGSANA!!
.gossip girl part three with Alex at Derricks
.class party at Derricks "hut" and swimming pool.(in your face Cengal,I love you joyce ry and est :D )
.one whole tub of Ben&Jerrys or Hagen Dasz.
.Ms Yows hen party with Alex Shaz and Derrick as the strippers AHAHHAHa.

Good luck today Alex! Hit 'em hard if you know what I mean (;
Good luck to the other boys too!

Monday, May 11, 2009

This is totally nuts. I have been staring at the same page of my chemistry text book for about half an hour.
This is insane. Something about matter and molecules being elements or compounds chemically bonded together.
As if I couldn't tell you that before.


I love you BlackBerry but you don't let me post pictures on my blog. So grr