Saturday, August 25, 2007

That was the last thing I remember doing...
Chomping on gum.

Ohkay not chomp,not like a horse at least.Chew?
Yeah that's the word.
I remember the flavour of the gum,honeydew and strawberry.
Two sticks to be precise,one of each flavour in my mouth.
Then I smelt something hot and burning like rubber burning,tearing as I heard horrible screeches as if long fingernails were being drawn across a blackboard.

Then stop...

I was in a trance.As if I was swallowed into a bubble of emptiness.
Everyone around me was running,screaming,panicking.
Babies cried,women screamed,grown men were chattering in fear.
After 30 seconds but what seemed like 10 minutes I snapped out of my trance.
I then realised exactly what was going on.
We were going to crash.

It was too late.
Some stood by their chairs and said their last prayers.

Please God help us in our time of need.Rescue us from the perishing fires.God help us!

But some just sat in the seats.Motionless.
Eyes empty.They looked so brave as if to say they were ready to face death.
But they weren't.
No one is.They were just very good actors.

I was both.
After a prayer I sat down and looked out of my window.
I could see the fire.
I felt the flames.Hot and punishing...

First I felt calm yet confused.
But after a few moments the fear kicked in.
So deep.
It hurt excruciatingly.
And my sight turn bleary as my eyes turned hot and red.

They stinged with each drop of water which streamed like an endless creek.
Like the ones behing my house which I loved.The ones that when the sun hit it just right you could see the different colours.
A kaleidoscope of colours dancing in the calm trickling waters.
I always thought they reminded me of the faries in the books Papa used to buy for me.
And he'd sit me down on his lap and read them to me.

"Beautiful creatures with their wreaths of flowers in their hair,clothes out of flower petals,fairy dust and with wings the colours of the rainbow.The colours,they danced as the fairy flutter his or her wings.Beautiful...Beautiful just like you Alice,"

"But Papa I don't have any fairy dust and I'm not pretty like them faries in the books Papa,"
I pouted pointing my pudgy fingers at the oh-so-delicate creatures on the pages.I was on my father's knee,in my fairy costume a baby pink and baby blue mixture of tulle and chiffon tutu with handfuls of sparkles adorning the costume.In my curls were flowers wreaths.Beautiful daisies and strands of lavender to make a beautiful and heavenly smelling wreath.Even with my hair all over the place my father always said I looked adorable.

"Ah but yours is a special kind of fairy magic.See,love,in the picture she has dust.Yours child,yours is something special.Yours is something always with you.Forever..Able to heal any kind of pain,"

"What is it Papa tell me!"

"It's your kisses Alice.Your magic kisses.And thats special just like you Alice.Beautiful just like you...."

Just like you...

I can see them now,trickling magic.
But not then.Oh no I was far too afraid then.
I was angry and afraid and confused.
Just then a felt a soft,supple hand on mine.
A young man,my age.Seventeen.
He was my neighbour for the flight exchanging smiles and thoughtful glances.
But nothing more.
Just a stranger.
Amere stranger.
Yet I didn't want him to let go of my hand,I didn't know why.
Was it because I was scared?
Was it because I liked it?
Or was it because during those final moments I wanted to go off,calm and conceited?
He took me in his arms and sort of lulled me,stroking my blonde curls.
Normally I would have slapped a stranger or worse punched him for over touching me.
But I didn't mind when he did.
I felt calm and somewhat protected like he could save me,eventhough he couldn't I just knew he could.
My fingernails were digging into his strong arms
------to be cont.------

Saturday, August 11, 2007

everyone's a casanova,come and pass me the mistletoe.

Oh alright it's not Christmas yet but the song's catchy!
It's the kind of song when you're sort of escaping?..can I say that.
Let me put it this way.
It's gonna be my theme song when I get to the City of Sin,Vegas during the End of the Year holidays.
The first sentnece:sex is curency
So true.I should know.
I joke!
Easier than love-Switchfoot.
I love bands like them.Sigh

Holidays a-coming.YAY!
Sun,sand,sexy people.happyhappyjoyjoy.
though I'm to miss my prefects posse dreadfully.
They are practically on the other side of the world metaphorically speaking for I am going where the Sun is always shining and they are going to Awana Genting.Brr!C-O-L-D!
Now let us not forget the rest of the gang,enjoy the holidays!
while you still can.

Sorry to burst everyones bubble(including my own)but exams are about a stone throw away.Ok no.But its on the 20th of September.It might seem far away to you but not to me.Oh I just behaved maturely,organising time well!Yay responsibility thing is kicking in woohoo!
Projects are killing me :/
But they also help me achieve an average grade so their heaven-sent too.In their own retarded way.

Golly it's getting late!
Gotta get up early to do KGT with Phiefs and Jyn in school at 8.30am.
Mmmmm I'm akin to eating anything loaded with sugar especially cotton candy early in the AM.
Heaven forbid.
There goes my very sought after Gisele Bundchen body and as-pure-as-a-babys' skin.
When you reach puberty and hormones kick in your body goes totally haywire.
Just ask Dan and Nerissa who suffered bumps and bruises after I pinched and punched and squeezed their hands due to PMS.
three plates of pasta(i couldn't resist!)+coca cola+period pains which come like once to like thrice only in a year is not a good combination.
About as compatible as mentos and diet coke.
Want the not so deadly version of this experiment?
Regular coca cola and skittles.You'd be amazed.

Little note to two special people.
To Samantha Low Wen Xian my "sorella" who is taking acing PMR this year.Good luck in trials and the real thing though I 'll be wishin you again.You don't really need it cos your gonna put yourr friends to sahme but who cares right?
Love you lots!
Sleepover at your place+shopping after PMR,kapeesh?

To Lum Meng Leong aka the fella who lead Kesatria to victory.Second place is a beautiful achievement and I'm not sure if we can do it again next year let alone be the champions without our faithful captain.You'll come back and visit kan?
Good luck in trials and the real deal.(Read above)Don't sweat,(unless that deems you will remove your t shirt haha)I kid!

Turrah slaves of the web!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

There's really no way to reach me

I haven't been very honest with everyone lately.Life hasn't been a bunch of roses,well when has it been.I feel entirely useless,disgusted with myself.
I hate doing this ):
My hands are cold and shaking.
My cheeks are drenched in a sort of rain.Beautiful liquid diamonds slowly dripping across my face.
I bite my lip and tell myself not to cry.
As I stare into complete darkness I silently wonder to myself what has made me this way.
And then I remember the reason.
reason I'm awake.Awake crying.
I murmur a song softly and tell myself everything will be ok.
But who am I to say?
It hasn't been for a long time.
I want to be happy.
Truly happy.
I want to skip when I walk and beam at you when you look at her.
I want to wink and you and mouth go for it.
But I can't because I know that she doesn't know you the way I do.
I never imagined myself in this position all over again I thought I learnt from my mistake with you year
s and years ago.
She doesn't know you love her and no one does.Only you and me.
I will never stand in your way to get to her,and I'd probably help you if you ask.
Nobody knows who you are and I will never tell.
I want to be happy for you and get on with my life,but I can't at least not right now.

The day's last one-way
ticket train pulls in

We smile for the casual
closure capturing
There goes the downpour
Here goes my fair thee well

There's really no way to reach me
'Cause I'm already gone.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pure.that's what you are

Hello (:
Urgh the fonts and colours are getting boringer by the minute.

I got tagged by Nicole and Joyce and Trina and Yee Fei I think.

Answer Truthfully

1.Do you like anyone:Suprise suprise.No.Maybe fancy but like?I think not.

2.Do they know it:I don't think sooo.Let's keep it that way :D

About Me

1.What time is it?:12.38 a.m.
2.Name:Daena Marissa bt Iqbal Hakim
3.Nickname(s):Maris,Sasa,Daenantelope(?),Daen etc.
4.Where were you born?:Pantai Hospital
5.What is your birthday?:Just like Nicoles' (:
6.What do you want?:A box of everlasting wishes.
7.Where do you want to live?:Hmmm I like alot of places but I think I'll stay
8.How many kids do you want?:I think two.
t would you like to name a girl?:Phaedra/Tyena/Riley
10:What would you like to name a boy?:Xander/Garret/Kaelan
(But I love baby names and I have a long list but these are a few)
11.You wanna get married?:Yah

You are Unique

1.Nervous habits:I bite my lip,play with my hair and fumble alot.
2.Double jointed:Uh no.
3.Can you roll your toungue:YAH wanna see?
4.Can you raise one eyebrow:No ):
5.Can you cross your eyes:Yeah

All the Others

1.Do you twirl your spaghetti:Yes I do
2.Have you eaten spam:No
3.Favourite ice cream:Mmmm depends on my mood
4.How many kinds of cereal do you have in your cabinet:Four
5.What's your favourite beverage:Jasmine tea
6.Do you cook:Sometimes

In the last month have you?(yes/no)

1.Gotten a girl/boyfriend:No
ght something you didn't really need:No
3.Sang in front of people:Yes
4.Been kissed:Yes
5.Been hugged:Yes
6:Felt stupid:YES
7.Missed someone:Yes )':
8.Got drunk:No
9.Got high:haha Y-E-S
10:Danced crazy:Yes(sujakuoture (:)
11.Gotten your hair cut:Does it count if Manda trimmed my hair WITHOUT ME
12.Cried:Yes.Just today
13.Lied:Unfortunately(or fortunately)yes

Ash,Sam,Rach(if she's reading hehe),Nick,uh Meng Leong?

Came back to school today.
It was ok but I'm lonely in class ):
Hmm 18 more days to Phuket.YAY!

This was in Ariffs' house.I love the mirrors (: haha Mamal!
Ugh I've got the case of horrible sneezles and cough and youknow what that means for me!