Friday, September 28, 2007

instead of breaking mirrors maybe I'll just break my face

I feeel really disgusting today.
Fat and ugly and stupid kind of disgusting and NO I'M NOT HAVIN' PMS.

I like this picture (:
oh and next to Affiq is my good friend Chern Siang who was complaining of his braces today.
Don't worry it'll wear off ohkay?
I cannot go scouts tomorrow,mummy and papa don't let.
I very sad.Sophie if you're going let me know what happened ok.

Today was science.I think I lost so many marks for the stupid last question.
Art.Lets just say I'll stick with English thankyou.

This is so nice.Joyce I want this.oh and a bandeaukini.
Except I'm fat and ugly so I can't wear it ):

I GOT MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK(yes I do.Get over it.)

I don't want to friend Sophia Aliza Jamal and Daniel Tan Boon Leng anymore
I hate you both
(outs on merajuk face and walks off)
No more pink wedding.
You guys are meannnnnn.

This game of make believe that we are trying to play.
Is not going out as planned.Life is stressful enough when your face can crack mirrors.
But I've learnt my lesson.
The scar embedded on my left wrist will never erase.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

everyone says I look happier when you're around me

ahahhahadsnfn ieo2ifneuI8YOWHLHOHi24p$%2;j
Alex Liew Hing Boon just now said something so gaygaygay!
Kay no la actually I thought it was rather manly of him to agree with me but yah.
It's ok Alex secret's safe with meeee (:

Download Mary's in India(Dido)

because she gets high and hungry with me.
lasagna la sophieeeeee! ):

Exams are passing by so fast!
Like literally woosh woosh woosh!
And that means closer to Raya and holidays!
Hmmmmm I think I may need to live on eye cream or a while.
Not that I use any but I think I might have to soon.
And Raya is a stone throw away.
Gawsh perfect timing.
Luckily my Raya clothes are all done.
PHEW!they are.Thank Gah!
But not all just majority.
Like no new shoes and one more new one ):
I sound like a bimbo.eeeeeeee.
Did you hear that they seperated the classes to come to school after the Raya and Deepavali holidays?
Too bad I'm not coming.I'll be holding the manisan at my uncles wedding.Manisan!
yayay yummy!
omg see how to lose weight )))):
I 'm hopeless laaa

No blog mojo now.Maybe tomm.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


say edward cullen in a thick french accent.
"Edvard Kahllen"
My God it even sounds sexy.
Vamps are usually french right?

I personally feel that the previous photo is the yummiest.but to each his own?
Went to Tiras for breaking fast and sembahyang jemaah.
and we went upstairs and I raided her closet(no suprise here)
Let me say I was so snap happy (:

Sunsilk advert (:

tiboobs and I.thats my "Jenny"* pose.

*in the song Jenny by Click5,the "Jenny" does the pout thing in the the vid.
Eeee malas to do the rest la.
Exams are on friggin Monday ya'll.
Urgh say it ain't so!
I want go dance dance la.
and wear pwetty pwetty dress.
Ugh I feel ugly.I want to shop.But I'm fat.
How could he do that to her?
She was a mere child.
So petite and genteel and beautiful.
He who has done so much in this world,had to murder her.
Not only that but sexually abuse her as well.
Can you even imagine how painful it was to die like that?
When they showed the DNA tests that the dead body was in fact little Nurains.
I didn't accept I said no,she's out there and tomorrow the tabloids will scream:
I tried to so hard to go along,but I guess its so hard to accept that people these days are so different.
100m.thats sprinting.we SPRINT 100m.
she only walked away 100m to buy hairclips.
Does he not feel any remorse?
In the picture,I was quite convinced it wasn't HERS.
Nurains picture:
she looked so beautiful
the body was lifeless,in such pain and you could see that the last moments of her life were the life.
she was struggling and you can SEE the pain she went through.
the guy,the couple to be precise.Its sickening.a couple.what was she an erotic porn experiment?
a hobby?
an offering to the devil?
The couple must have made an offering to the devil.this is sick this is not human.
robbers,theives,killers,whatever it is.
you do not TOUCH A CHILD.
she's not even 12 for Gods sake!
and beacause of those...ANIMALS
she will never get married
get a job
have children
get a degree to help her parents
all because of one sickening couple.
I'm not the type to curse at people but,
I hope that they get caught and are tortured in public before dying a slow cruel death.
I hope you both can sleep cos you see her when you close your eyes.
And at night you hear her crying and screaming for help from inflicted pain.
I hope you can't eat because you see her lying dead.
And when you die,may you go to the lowest of all lows,and suffer in damnation in the worst of Hell.
I hope she comes back to haunt and torture you just like you did.
May Little Nurins soul rest in peace and watch over all of us.
We will eventually stop talking about her,and some might even go on with their lives
But I will never forgive,or forget the cruel deed done.
Little Nurin I hope you know that I'm very sure you have brought so much joy into this world.\To your family and relatives and friends.It is such a great loss to lose you.
I may not know you but you are a special person,its so very evident.
Little Nurin,we will always remember you and you will always have a special place in our hearts.
The dead body:
looked cold
and her eyelashes seemed wet.
her face was so distressed so unhappy.
But we all can only do one thing now.
For the loss,for the bastard(s) to be caught,and that she's in a better place.
We should all be happy in a way though.
In Islam those who have not baligh(matured) will not tanggung their own sins.
And guess what.
All children go to Heaven.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You're drawn to my song

"Nothing but pennies in my pocket
Nothing but faith to keep me warm
Well,baby,then I would be broke without it
Tell me,how much for your love?
Slip my heart in your back pocket
All I got to keep you warm
So baby don't leave me here without it
Tell me,how much for your love?";

I love old songs.
Esp. particularly catchy ones,such as this number by Mandy Moore.In my pocket.
It was the first song that really told me what or showed me what sex appeal was all about.
I was young back then ok?

To all my beautiful girls,
your gonna ace that friggin audition kays?
I love you all so much (:

Ok so I know exams are comin yadayadayada..
but Edward Cullen,is smokin'
Sophie surely you were drunk when you said he wasn't handsome?
I mean not hot alright,he is handsome,nearly or maybe even beautiful.
I'm certainly not joking but when I saw him I felt shivers.
I felt the cold lily white porcelian skin,the strong bone structure.
and startling mesmerising blue eyes(or liquid gold if you've perhaps read all the books)
that literally look into your soul and leave you breathless.
Honestly I was gasping for air!
And don't let me get started on his lips.
Let me just say,if you've seen
Ashton Kutcher young,as a model.
Those pouty lips.
Something like that.
Do I sound like I'm describing someone or something completely delusionary?
I probabaly think so.
Your saying how could anyone be so beautiful?

Have I made my point?
He is actually french actor Gaspard Ulliel who has worked beside Gong Li and for you who watched Hannibal Rising he was in that movie too!
I'm not going to post up anymore pictures cos thats gonna spoil the fun,I will if you beg update a few more when I'm feeling rather generous.
But I can be very stingy (:

Psst is anyone interested in Salsa or Tango I'm looking for a partner,
around my height and yes a guy thank you.
If you think I'm crazy for typing that well guess what?
My mom suggested it.
I know.
More soon (:

Mofo sahur is like an hour away and I'm not in bed yet!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm losin' you and its effortless

How to Save a Life(acoustic version)-The Fray

I've just noticed that most of my past posts have been in purple for some reason.
It's not like I really fancy the colour like Kak Trina.
She is in love,or more so obsessed with purple.
As I am addicted to The Fray.
I remember Nicole telling me she detests The Fray.
And I also remember her doing the following;

-swinging on the 1 Batai grills with me,sof and tri(until today I don't know how it could with stand us)
-fall off a chair during math in the science lab
-fume at Pn. Tan for accusing her of chewing gum
-singing with me especially to for some reason Aly and AJ
-skipping school for KL childrens choir events
-crying with me all the time (:
-peck Leong on the cheek.for the sake of photography etc.

Thanks to takes-over-your-life duties I hardly get to talk to any of my best friends besides Sophia and Ashley.
Ohkay and Wan Jyn and Jeremy and Shazmeer.
So since Thursday we've been messaging and talking.
My dad's gonna go ballistic when he see's the phone bill.
Wait oes my papa actually look at his phone bill?
Please say no.

Joyce loves rose syrup jelly for some odd reason.
She evn requested it for her birthday.
It's ok Raya is comin' you can jakun-jakun take pictures at the bazaar when you stay over ok?
p.s. the image you put into my head,I have been replaying and replaying and replaying it.
Let me tell you,I lovehate you as much as I love hate the image but still grossgrossgross.

Sophie thnaks for everything ok?
You're one of those special people who can make me laugh when I'm in mid cry.
Remember against the wall,fingernails in his back and biting your lip
Fountain,pop leg under the night sky.
I know what you'll choose anyway (:


mint ice cream in a conv. at drive in movies ok?

Ashley please come for class duties more often kays?
Form Ones are totally screwing us :x eeek!

On a totally unrelated note
HSM2 premieres tomorrow YAY!
But if you are like me,you would have already bought the pirated version,courtesy of your nearby pasar malams.
I only watched half cos I wanted it to be a suprise.
Aiyah half suprise is also a suprise right!?

It's I think 3 am and I'm not asleep.
Tomorrow I'll just die in the tennis court la.
OMG exams are comin!I haven't been studying alot.
I don't want to go down.don'twantdon'twantdon'twant!

You know what this years form fives(1990s) will be gone in a few months.
Yes I've cried already.
During scouts when I read their blogs.
Very depressing.
But well the 1990s and the 1993s will always have a special bond.
Since camp last year,to cheer,to sports day and house practices in which most leaves both parties in fits of giggles and some in severe confusion,which makes the other people laugh even more!
When they're gone they will be no more inside jokes,asking for numbers and stuff like that.
Aww we're gonna miss the form fives hope you shall never forget us.
The extremely hyper bunch of kids.The ones everyone loves laaaa.
Good luck in SPM!
Eh we should have form two and form five photo session!

Derrick you can do it!
OC season two is in your hands!

I'm not going to go all my-lifes-a mess on all of you.
Although I am,I'll save the drama.
I'm not about to tell you what to do cause I'm not your mom.
But I hope you know who you are and I want is just a simple answer.
I'm practically hanging on a thread for dear life and it's hard.
Mixed signals.Tears.Words.Shattered Dreams.
What are these things doing here?
Remember the nightly calls which actually still cont until now.And even refusing to put down the phone.Remeber that?
Why is it that it has to result in the thing everyone is fighting for?
The promises of guitar lessons and tennis matches.
How come it's so easy for you to just pretend nothings goin' on?
No this isn't yet ANOTHER stupid crush like you assume.
It's not always going to go the way I want but it has to go somewhere one way or another.
It's all in the hands of God now whether it's going to step forward and perform magnificently or step back and take a bow.
As the curtain calls.
I just wanted you to know that it's real.
It's right here.
It's not a game.
It's real.
It is.

These city walls ain't got no love for me
I'm on the ledgeof the eighteen storey
And oh I scream for you
Come please I'm callin'
And all I need is you
Hurry I'm fallin',I'm fallin'..

I'm losin' you and its effortless