Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mistakes.they only make us stronger.

Thank you Joanna Wong Kae Ling.Now my blog skin reminds me of Marie Antoinette.A movie and book I'm dying to watch.But to no avail ):
Today was dreadfully tiring.
But at least we finished the lit thing.Phewwww.But Ariff better get it done!Eeek!

Payback time Suffian (:
C'mon everyone awww with me
Went home,and headed straight to Subang Parade to get my contacts and glasses done.Have to come back next week /:
Came home and went straight for tennis.
Nina was there yay!
p.s. how amazing does she look with eyeliner on?She already looks fab but wow!

Played tennis.Caught up with Kimmy!Ahm.I was really tired my so happen my tennis mojo wasn't there so I really sucked I just went right at the balls cause I felt really frustrated!!
Well shouldn't have served so hard.
I how do you say this,terseliuh my hand.
It was so painful but I just carried on.Another stupid thing and after the last round I just dropped the racket cos it hurt too much ):
Coach put this ointment and massaged it a little but it was little to no improvement.
And I have math tomorrow and some unfinished homwork and I'm typing with my left hand which I hate!OMA!
And SOMEBODY is literally blackmailing or balckVIDEOING me.
Oh hell to the no this isn't happening.

strike up the band and make the fireflies dance silvermooon sparkling.
so kiss me..

Friday, July 27, 2007

a million stars.

talk to the mirror...
choke back the tears.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bewildering pieces.

Haven't been posting very regularly.
very busy. body aches I need a massage oh and a boyfriend!
Sorta nervous for saringan actually.800m and 1.5km AND lontar peluru.
ohkay I was quite suprised to qualify for TWO events but lontar peluru?
Kesatria must be that desperate huh Meng Leong?
I shawwww him walking around today being stressed giving out the numbers.
hahahah a ketua has gotta do what a ketua has gotta do.
Did you know saringan is next week!?
That's really fast.And the week after next is sports day and then its August.
And on the 19th I'll be in heaven,well metaphorically.
In a 7 star hotel in Phuket.happyhappyjoyjoy.
But I want to attend the Prefects' Camp as well but I guess we can't have the best of both worlds can we?
We are selling drinks on Saringan and Sports Day.Buy from Daena kays (:
Oh I visited Trina's blog which featured the wacky vid during the sleepover at Phias.
But it couldn't load well so I'll watch it tommorow.Or actually tonight since its two a.m. already.
I was really tired on Wednesday so during P.E. I just chilled with Ry and then she disappered for a while so I sat under a tree and watch the boys play football.I had nothing better to do honestly.I don't even know what my new teacher's name is or what she looks like :(

I understand why boys don't ever get tired of it.
They play the game with such energy that even if you have no clue what football is about you just have to watch, as they play with such energy and masculinity yet they remain so graceful.
And it's astonishing how everyone on the field nows that he WILL fall and WILL hurt and may even be seriously injured(MALMAL aka Lutong )':)but it's a risk they are willing to take in order to play the game.They graze a knee,they get back up.Not to show the world that they are macho but to play the game.
Someone tackles someone else.He falls down.
I hold my breath.
He gets up.
The boys play fully concentrated on the game and unaware of the surroundings.
About five boys bump into our very sexy goalie,Jeremy.
Then they ALL fall on top of him.
And for a split second I wanted to scream but I couldn't find my voice.

My heart was thumping too fast and the blood and oxygen was rushing to my brains to fast!
I was so scared only to find the boys gettting up and Jeremy smiling his loopsided smile and contuniuing the game.e the players seem invincible.Like every bruise,cut or graze bears no feeling.
I sit there wondering when it was going to stop yet I wanted to game to go on.
I understand why boys say football is life.Because it is like life.
You score,you tackle,you struggle,you fall,you get back up and you do it again.
Just like life.
A few minutes later Ariffs and Wan Jyns skull collide but oth remain and seemed totallyuntouched.
I sat wondering that maybe during that period of time the boys were in someway somehow invincible.Dangerous yet so calm.
They play dirty,pushing and running as fast as possible,the wind in their hair.
Joshua Thomas screams at an unidentifiable player.
They play in most weather conditions,clothes soaked,face splattered with mud.
Their adreneline rushing,blood pumping.They shout obscenities at the opposing team.And spectators wonder what will happen after the game.Will everything come out fine?Will the game end clean?
"Man,you ok ah?Sorry!"Puts hand up.
But once the game is over the guys shake on it,sheepishly grin and say"Good game"...and or "Sorry man".. and are laughing at each others stupid jokes and remarks just like before.
The field is the workplace.the battlefield.
The players are the fighters,the soldiers.
Everyone is on one side of the fence for that few minutes,
But when it's over everyone is friends again.
I may not understand much about football but I'm willing to learn.Before I leave the earth I plan to learn how to play a decent game of football.
Yes boys you inspired me (:
They beauty of football.
No it's not just the players captivating phisique,buns of steel or sexy legs.(Though I must say Kheng Kins legs are rather nice)It is the game.The way of life.
Gasping for air,Kheng Kin walks towards me,smiles and says "C'mon lets go it's over,"
I roll my eyes and playfully pull him by the hand
I get up and we walk towards the canteen
"So why is it that guys never get bored of football?Doesn't it hurt when you fall?Why do you guys have to push and scream at each other?"
After I push about a million questions at him
At first I was puzzled by his answer.
What did it mean?
But as I recalled back the match,finally.I understood.
Still slightly breathing in rather deeply,he smiles and says
"Thats football.Thats the way of life,"