Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's so freaking hot,I'm so freaking hungry&tired.

I'm so tired and hot and hungry that I can't bear to do any stomach exercise.

K! I want Ming's mummy's cranberry shortbread apa-benda )':


I had a good talking sesh with the Angsana girls today.
Great load off my chest (:

And apa benda to making wai mengs fan club?

I am so hungry.

I was fast asleep but you see my Blackberry goes on msn everytime I turn on the phone.
I get kinda lazy to sign out at night so this is what I got in the morning.

Derrick:"daena go to sleep"


small insignificant things like this make me so happy.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


I had an interesting encounter with someone delicious.

And for one moment I feel very very greedy&selfish.
I don't want her to marry my cousin,otherwise I CAN'T marry him.

I felt sparks.


I know.
Somewhere in the depths of everything,this is going to get up and bite me.
I have to fix this and quick.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

In camp now,lying on a bunch of tables as a make shift bed in the make shift form four headquarters. Which is 5 Batai if you're curious.Chin Tak is definitely
ticked off. My throats running dry. I made my first edible fried rice. I'm being serenaded by the haunting sounds of Beyonces Halo, while the gentle hum of the ceiling fan lulls us to a cat-nap. I'm falling in love with Chern Siangs breathtaking brown eyes. Happens in every camp.

Katy Perry is dronning my thoughts.
I miss.

Good question

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This is disgusting but I have this utter itch to just hug David Archuleta.

HE JUST SAID "neat" instead of COOL.
I'm sorry but does that mean chivalry is NOT dead!

My brothers going to watch him tomorrow and I just want to hug that Archuleta guy,he's adorable.

He likes spicy food.



Thursday, April 09, 2009

thank you


I know I do keep secrets from you guys but seriosuly I tell you guys TOO much hehe.
I love you both so much eventhough I feel I under appreciate you.


Che may shout at you but che che loves you so much baby.

"plastic mastic" forever.

Thank you Uncle Knight (': I was shaking opening the box.
I love my godfather.


To my "twin"

Happy Birthday.
I know we say hurtful things to each other,roll eyes at each other but I know we love each other.
I mean cliches come ever so often but to say our cliches are coincidents are too coniving.

I don't talk to you like I used to and sometimes I feel lost talking to you but I know that stuff like that doesn't matter.

you are a very strong willed,defiant person.
Full of ganache and zest. You live to your own unoredictable beat and it's the small things that make you so lovable.
What I mean just now was everyone can love you,just not like we can.
It's hard to love someone like you because,words&feelings cannot with hold our appreciation for you,we hold dearly to our hearts.
And no doubt there have been times where we fight till Kingdom comes.
HAH remember our drama in form one and two. TOO MUCH DRAMA KAY.

But see how's it turned out now.
I love you I hope you know.


SISTER "ophiasa"

I love you so much and you are the first person I am so damn comfortable with I mean it.
I constantly,well us,drive you up the wall,no kidding but I know we love each other and sometimes I'm so scared to leave this place for fear that our friendship will deteriorate in the raw tidings of the real world.

But you know what Soph, I know one day our husbands will play golf,or watch football together and our children will have playdates together and call us "Godma".
I am not picturing something stupid but something real because I feel it I love you.



so much said yet left unsaid.
You are the missing pieces in my never ending puzzle.
Thank you for holding my hand.



you guys are beautiful.
and everyone knows this,just not the way I do.




Sisterhood of the travelling kasut,
The two poeple I thought I could never connect with I end up being so close to.
You guys have changed my life.



You are my bed of roses beneath the torns,handsome or not handsome.


You don't ususally give hugs out,but today when you id I knew you were special.
The words you say rival your actions.You are amazing flabby.


I love you I don't need another sister.

because my other sister is SAM.
I love you too.

TO EVERYONE WHO HAS WISHED ME,thank you so much.

To my beloved drama team you guys warm the cockles in my hearts.
(thank you Jeremy (: )


I end today with a poem.

Written by a HAMSTER pirate of epic cookie whore porpotions.

"applauding when the credits roll,
she's nominated for her part,
it's reality tv with a soul,
And she stays in our commercialized heart."

Monday, April 06, 2009


maybe this'll persuade you to get FACEBOOK? (:

Sunday, April 05, 2009

oh yeah;fer Ry

sparks a little familiarity
Oi! I never actually payed attention to jewellery,but suddenly these little accessories start to catch my eye.

Nothing I can afford anyway.

Cartier.18K yellow gold panther motif ring paved with diamonds, emerald eyes, onyx nose.
OH grr.

I was looking at piercings too,since I think I kinda need to update the old stud (;

AND mabe another piercing to go.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Angsana;tak tahu malu

I'm begining to fall in love with my class (': sniff sniff but I MUST BE STRONG.

please excuse the obsecure Gossip Girl wannabe photos,WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE VIDEOS!
jengjengjengjeng! (Idk,Ashwyn used to say that alot!)