Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow will be a good day,I can feel it. I know it.

Eventhough I don't know nuts about circular measure nor have I finished three (or was it four?) BM essays. It will be.

OH ANGSANA, you just make me smile;
of Mary Poppins,Britney,KimPossible,BootyBouncing,UMBRELLA-ella-ellaaaaa,
BEING "COURAGE",and of split pants.

CUPCAKES,nyahahha yay I can spill cos EnZhen doesn't read my blog.

or so I hope,more details tomorrow.

Monday, July 27, 2009

mmm. today was such a bore.
Derrick no bonding sesh during CHEMISTRY ):
I feeel funnayh. this is funnayh.

Maybe BM tuition with my "husband" will make it better

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sense of Smell.

I have always been fortunate of my nose.
Yes,it's pretty (thank you (: ) But I actually meant my sense of smell
(BUT if you want to praise my pretty nose,PLEASE DO SO LA)

Anyway I have this odd thing about smelling people.
I think if you knew me you'd know I've smelt you before.
And if you smell GOOD I've definitely smelt you and said
"Mmm you smell yummy today!"

SO my brother uses the shower and maybe its puberty and sweat and all that.
I can smell "HIM" even doused in soap.
And even the Magnolia MARKS AND SPENCER room spray doesn't work enough for me!!

I can smell a persons "smell".
Like my mommy,papa,baby adik,sophie,mamal,alex,derrick,kak Ina,KHENG,Ulin,Krish,Ashley,Joyce,Ry...
OH and Emir (:

But I can detects Nicholas' smell really well. I'm not too sure why.

Damn. My husband really really really HAS TO SMELL GOOOOOOD.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joyce you don't need to be jealous.

Plans were called off.
And I finally ate at Nasi Lemak ANTARABANGSA! Finished the entire plate,my first full meal in two weeks.

I need some money if my plans of ever living in Bangsar want to be fulfilled.

You know how when you're well you forget how it feels to be ill.
And you keep thinking what so bad about the feeling.
WELL it sucks.

And I'm going to endure a ??? hour MAN U game.
I'm starring at my dance shoes feeling guilty and sad. I just practiced jive but ):

I need a nap

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Words of wisdom of a 13 (in December ) year old.

A great pick-up to a gloomy day.

The other night,I was having a study session as per normal with my 13 (in December) year old brother in the study room.
I was having a bad day and NO ONE,could seem to extract even a giggle from me.
So he picked up his text book and flipped it to the cover and shoved it to me.
First a science textbook,then a geography text book and then his history textbook.

On the verge of slamming them all to the ground,I shot him an angry glare and said

He smiled and pointed to the box in which each receiver of the textbooks,as they are borrowed from the Government,are supposed to.
His name and class was whited-out with his trusty roller tape.
Living only 'MAN' on his line and the former receivers name on the line before his.
Still bothered,but more intrigued,I gave him a confused look.
He leaned forward and smiled.

"You see che che, I highlighted and 'conteng-ed' damn a lot in this book. So right if the angry people (HEHE how adorable?) come looking for me,they will be like'
"WHO IS THIS "MAN"!!!! cos got a lot of man is this world mah,"

Clutching my stomach I rolled back and forward in laughter,forgetting my troubles.
It's times like these I would never want to leave my brother (':

Anyway todayyy,
Got to school late prior to waking up late.

Sue Jean was so cute,as a prefect she was telling me that my flower hair-tie (that Sophia loaned turned to give hehe!) was not of school colours.
Ashley,who was nearby and KETUA KELEWATAN(wait weren't you late to school a lot in SKTM?) looked at my elastic and said "SUEJ it is. It's white and blue"
Sue Jean continued that blue was not allowed in school,while Kem,Ash and I shot her confused stares.
After a few seconds she looked back at us and replied a:
"OH ya horh,blue is allowed in school,"

I like prefects who are not rude eventhough we have gone against the schools rules.
I think less people were to oblige from doing what you tell them to do,if you say it NICELY.

Had zero breakfast and was practically ravenous at break.
Just noticed I can't figure out what to eat at break.
Tried to catch red ants in test tubes and skipped agama for ChoralSpeaking practice.
I closed my eyes and could recognise my classmates voices,I am feeling a certain connection (:


As you all know, the culinary skills in the family have proceeding to my brothers belonging.
So today to ease my angry mother for murdering my Kakak,I helped out.

I sliced an entire can of mushroom,PLUS my fingers are all intact.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I will not be liable for your safety

I want to play THIS kind of demon role at least ONCE in my life.

try not to faint please.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I knew from a young age that one of my GIFTS,
was the gift of the GAB. Which basically means my incohorent ability to SHUT MY YAP.
I have argued (WITH REASON) with rude movie ticketers, shop assistants etc.
Along with prefects who are still willing to conclude that blotting papers and lip balm are considered cosmetics.

If you are willing to take away my balm,will you pay for my medication?
If you are willing to take my blotting papers away,are you about to fork out money for my facials?

I try to be a reasonable as possible but really,come on guys.
Apparently not all prefects are the same. Some of my friends have said that only COLOURED lip balm/lip gloss is not allowed.

Anyway,I have always held fascination for the rough bumps on our tongue.
That sweetness of honey,the bitterness of lo hon ko,the butter and salt in your pop corn.
But lo and behold,guess what else our tongue can do!


Sunday, July 12, 2009


The three best photos.
These just remind me to appreciate life everyday.
Thank you.

Thank you to you too,Sophie (':

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jo! Your photo os up first because we bonded over a form one cutie,a bad boy and Disney Moments.
Oh and cos the photos just load that way.

Anyway,before anyone comes wringing my neck,thought I'd post up them photos from Cheer.

I still have photos from Camp,oh dear.


Derrick's 7-up ad.

Who wears the "ACT CUTE" pose better?

Ash looks so radiant here (:



Super Cool Minister!

LOOK at my tiny feet!

Evil Mastermind/Poor Victim

They took Soph's eyeliner and scribbled S and K on both my cheeks.
THEN they smashed their cheeks to mine to "tattoo" their names onto their faces,I have lifeless best friends