Sunday, March 28, 2010

What was left of Michelle's mani on my stubby boy fingers(2009)

Is everyone as afraid to wake up as I am, or have they left me quietly,afraid to wake me

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Really sucks

When you can't even paint your nails with the clear coat right.

When you can feel that roll of tummy.

That you can't sleep

But you can't do your Physics either cos you have no clue what to do

That you are undeniably lost

That you want to run away

But you know you will run back

How long will this crash and burn?
I don't know what holidays do to a person but I feel as if they transform you by the end of each one.

Usually the toll's pretty insignificant but after a while, you'll be able to go:
"Where did I go?"

And back at school while the hawks are trying to stuff every little bit of insignificant knowledge into our tiny over productive minds, I just blank out.

I zone out and notice really small things, like

Michelle looks so pretty with bangs.
That Shaz has amazing complexion (he even glows)
Trina sticks her tongue out a little when she's REALLY into her work
For someone with that IQ level Ke Li sure likes to sleep in class a lot
Derrick does have cute hair when the fringe isn't thin, OH SO THATS WHY HIS HAIR WASN'T THAT NICE BEFORE
Kamal's smile really can make you heeehehhhheheheh
How Krish cracks her knuckles when she's paying attention/reading her own notes/nodding her head
Sher Nie can sleep and smile at the same time (?)
Emily is so pretty with her hair up
Ashley is like a MUCH nicer version Regina from MeanGirls, just that she's Asian.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

'Blood is thicker than water'

I really had no clue we bred liars as well.
I've seen the fair share of drama that we've been through-I KNOW,it runs in the family.
But seriously? I mean I know cocky. It's in our genetic code. Pride and ego, please don't deny.
I REALLY don't care if you've done planks before and think :
"OH I bet you guys haven't done them before, you just seemed like it," because honestly I really don't care.

And there you go propogating your "family first" bull shit.
If you don't know how to use "Parents(in our case FAMILY),God,Sweat" PLEASE divert yourself from even USING the word.
Because all that's coming out of it is one big hypocritical mess which I honestly don't want to be a part of.

I love you to death and you know that it will always be that way.
But I honestly cannot take the fake faux expressions that you give me.
To what? Simply sugarcoat and sprinkle your words with glitter and magical rainbows?
Because that's going to make everything better.
Honestly being older,I felt you had more sense in that.
The point is the decisions you made just dawned upon me that you don't see beyond the looking glass.
People out there love you with a choice.
We,I,love you because we're blood and flesh.