Wednesday, June 28, 2006

argh!!!!stupid art!i'm quite sure most of you know i can't draw to save my life.whats even worse is i have to draw people...human beings complete with the after school i treat myself a lil by first finishing my dinner,then grab a tub of mango yoghurt and watch just a teensy bit of the emperors new groove.eesh i just love that show.i've watched like a million times.make that kazillion.i absolutely love this phrase its my fave..."first i'll turn him into a flea.a harmless little flea.then i'll put that flea in a box and i'll put that box in a nother box.then i'll mail it to myself and when it arives.hahaha.i'll smash it with a hammer"i'm always in fits of giggles when eezma says it.then.after a long shower.i start drawing.actually it doesnt look so bad after i start on the hair.slowly after lots of erasing i finnaly managed to perfect the guys first i decided to draw a girl but after i was done pn sharon said we had to draw a guy.even though i changed the units and all.grr!!!i think its kinda ok now.i'll finish the side one.then i'll go to bed and finish my kumon in the morn.i havent done 6 papers i have to hand it in desd.good thing i found out that 4 of them are the same.i'll just copy.desperate times call for desperate measuresi s' in class half an hour before school ended it was 'gotong royong'whre veryone had to clean up their class.i sweeped.wiped.threw.ran.fell.laugh and did xtremely stupid things.i think we all(1 batai and 1 balau)enjoyed the 'gotong royong'.everytime when we need water like when there was the art exam the water supply is cut off.i tell you its cos these cheapos dont wanna waste the boys went downstairs to collect water.poor things.blees your hearts.nicole and i were having such a good time during geo.we were laughing and laughing and laughing.somehow we were talking about marriage and then shes like'"eh if you marry chinese poor guy have to cut his dick!"gosh shes so randomly stupidly funny.and i was trying not to laugh trying to tell her its sunat but i couldn't control myself i just blurted out"no la!i thought only if i give birth to a baby boy."great now we were talking about babies."yes meh?!why do guys have dicks anyway.what would it be like if we all didnt have any of these things.why God give us this ah?"she blabbed.i just couldn't control myself i started laughing and laughing.then she started and we couldn't stop.our faces were sore and our eyes watered.sometimes I wonder why God didn't give me her as a sister.i absolutely love my baby brother but how come i didn't get nicole i always wonder.we always get weirdly same we have the same birthday,same camera,same slippers and all of it happens in a coincidenceour moms names both start with d.they have the same bracelets.and sometimes we know what were thinking.its so scary sometimes*creepy*i heard that we can only go for one day to cheer by bus in school?is that true???please please please i wanna go.i'll pay the full fee but i can only go there on the first it true?????please i need the lowdown.please please me.*whimper + puppy pout*theres a hottie in my very very nice.but ive promised myself no boys until my grades go up.i'm currently really bad(to me anyway)so yeah.

i promise to:-

a)anti guy myself.
not really.but just till my grades go up up up!till i'm happy and satisfied.

b)stop taking too much sugar
SCRATCH that!!!!!!i mean i'll cut down my porportions on that and fatty foods.

also i'm gonna exercise more to achieve that washborad tummy i yearn for so much!!!!i'm fat!

d)read more
actually i read alot but not as much as i used to.getting back to the habit though.i'm reading
quite alot now.entertiaiment and language need for tuition.if only i could do that
for bm too...

i'll be a good more more roti canais durin cokes.sit homework.i can't believe i'm doing this to myself but oh well.i wanna see if i can stick to it for 1 week and i'll se what happens.i'll be strong.tomorrow say hello to a new me.

i've got the power!
b o o m d y n a m i t e z ! ! !

Sunday, June 25, 2006

you know you've got the cheer fever when all you think about is cheerleading

I've officially caught the cheer 2006 fever.*suprise suprise*I'm going to cheer Dynamitez on both days.*yay for me*yup two days of sitting in the stadium and chering for my might think its stupid but i call it school spirit.I'm sure most of you have read about Cheer in the STAR while other people will cheer for their own school...I have to cheer for three.yup.lemme introduce to two newcomers.please welcome the stunners from sriKDU and B*stars the sister team to the stars*their version of minimitez*from sri aman.both my dear cousins,putrina from stunners and atira from b*stars will be there so yay for me*sheah...ryt* but no worries i love my cousins and all but of course*of course*I'll wear the Dynamitez colours of red,black,and white.*don't worry.don't worry*stunners colours are black,white and blue whereas b*stars colours are pink,*i know cute eh? :) *silver, and black.i can't wait.I've seen the Dynamitez.they kick serious be a cheerleader you have to trust your friends with your life.if someone moves outta place for a sec someone could turn wrongly and die.they also have to train super hard in order to get their timing right.the moves right etc...and no matter how stressed,hurt,in pain they are they always have to bring joy and enthuthiasm to the crowd.and i've seen in all in DJ's own cheer everyone s'port them kay?today after iu i went to the weekly saturday hangout for my whole familia.yes.that means my cousins,uncle,auntys...and maybe a few friends sometimes.*my dads side*so my cheerleading cousins and i were talking and camwhoring*i'll post those pics soon okay? :)*and so happen all three of us have the line 'tough is not enough' in their cheer.I ironic but cool at the same time*or is that just me*don't worry i didin't give out any songs or stunts or whatsoever.anyway to end this post i just lets all thank our fellow Dynamitez.whether they win or lose is a totally different story.lets thank them cos they've really worked hard.they've put tons of effort.they've put in tons of time.lots of determination.and most importantly they've shown us what school spirit is all cheers to all fellow DJians and Dynamitez.its only a few days to cheer so everyone on the day and before the day of the competition lets all say a prayer for our school cheer team.PRAY FOR THEM OK!!!!!!!!!
Boom to Dynamitez :)

a loyal s'porter*i was a dynamitez s'porter before i joined dj ok*,
*tough is not enough*

iu day

alrite today was interact iu day.theme:60's to 90's.the night before i had trouble figuring out what to wear.i told my pet brother and he was shaking his head,sighing,saying i was fickle minded.i'm not fickle minded okay?i want to look the end i practically wore my mom's stuff.this doesn't mean she very old fashioned k.i wore a sweet hawaiian floral dress which she bought a couple years back and it was to small for her.and pink shawl i got for chrissy last year as a head band,my mom's green sandals(we've both got teeny tiny feet.size 6)her blue,green earrings(which sofie wants*heh*)and a sweet charm bracelet*thats mine*from aunty laura.well...i guess i looked okay.umm not okay just presentable.sorry to all the fellow interacts but your iu day sorta well....i'm putting this as nice as was iu iu iu.bore bore bore.but of course there is always time to camwhore...and i will post the pics as soon as i learn too heh.and when i learn how to link to =) i know i'm hopeless ok.sofie,nikki,ann and joyce always looked fab*thats why i hate em*


Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm a sexy nerd(and lovin' it!)

mmmhmmm...this is gonna be my shortest post ever.cos my mom wants me to go to bed early cos of scouts tomorrow."you need suffiecient sleep and sunday will also be another early day."i wasn't up for an argument so i just decided to leave it there.I'll just do what I'll normally do...after scouts,shower,eat,and sleep and maybe put up a few posts or two.depends on my mood :)Dang i havent touched my iPod for like a week.cos i'm being a good daughter lettin' my dad use mine(he likes r&b so he shares)i'm reading back in black by zoey dean.its a great book.even if you hate books cos your too busy trying to busy a vegas showgirl/bartop dancer/'ll just love it k?i think i'm turning into a nerd i started to read and now i can't stop.scaree.but improves your creative thinking and vocab.sheah ryteeee...the rehearsel today in the hall sucked...darn mics.ok so me and nix were a tad bit scared.wait.scratch that.WE WERE FUCKING NERVOUS!even though no one was paying attention to anyone singing.imagine on the real novels almost done.i'm gonna get more.i'm gonna try livin' up to what kutch calls me.the sexy nerd/librarian.cos of my black specs.but i likey my makes me feel sexy :) but i'm not a librarian so the sexy nerd will do :).so more books now.ok ...good.maybe i'll get a's in my exams if i read more...hmm....

sexy nerd

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

geisha girls

oh dear...the carnival is coming.what am i saying.GODDAMNIT!THE FUCKIN CARNIVAL IS DAYS AWAY!thats better.i din get to watch the whole match last night on togo and japan...but they were quite furious.but i sorta wished togo win...they being a poor country and all.but may the beat man win yeah..God my exam marks are nothing but french connection uking shit!!!!!and i have been utterly famous in the girls toilet near the office...go check it out.every cubicle near the mirror and taps...woohoo...ohkay so now me and the geisha girls...owh the geisha girls are me,nikki,fie,joyce,ann,fern,es,mandy,moo,jo,krish,treen,ash and soph...and we are not prostitutes in the making we just admire them*a lil*and we*well i do*think the name is rather the geisha girls except sophia and ash cos they were doin their damn duties...we were in the canteen blah blahing and then i noticed moo wasnt where the hell was she.where was miss pole dancer?and i without thinking was on the pole myself*creepy*but it was kinda fun but sofie had to come spoil my fun...bitch! u la k?and then mom came over to give a long speech abt i dunno la...studies i then ry ann sdnly came up with her nonesense and said eh u want benner anot?me and nx were lyk eh?u noe banner?and then the rest were tokin abt it too...and designing it in their heads..."glitter!oh put their pix...then big letters...yeah yeah"omg it was damn funny them agonising over us but hey thats why i fucking love them!then samme came with grace and she bought tix to come watch me too...then online just now she asked jun wen to come too...GOD I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!after recess on the way to class as the geishas were walkin,manda,ann and krish started singing the bring it on cheer...and it was so darn funny!in class today nix and i were bla blaing in class abt what to wear i seriously din i was listening intentively to nix who looked fab even in a garbage bag...owh carnival is so near...too near...but for good reasons too...lots of fun fun fun and foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!omg yum!i love food!then theyll be games and ps to all(xpecially gals heh)u know abt the dunking machine sure you all will go but girls guess whose been nominated?none other than mr-abs-man-meng-leong!so get more tix yeah?and if you take his shirt away he might have to be dunked w/t a shirt or you can just beg him to take it off...joycey u naughty naughty girl! i know uve already got ur tix ready!heh...and meng leong what can we say the crowd loves you heh!be gald ok! :::g e i s h a g i r l s:::=)


p/s sowwe meng leong =) it or hate it...lemme know

you think moral or POL sucks eh?well guess what your wrong!agama sucks more...when i say hate i don't mean i-wanna-change-my-religion-or-whatever hate...i just dislike it!sometimes so much you cant imagine...othertimes...its pretty darn ok...but i don't like it


it clashes with kesatria.not that i like kesatria prac itsjust i got frinds there...andi love running and jumping.heh...i need some cheering ups...or is it cheer upping?whatever...seriously i study my ass off and i guess i got an ok grade...well not so b- but better than a c yeah?but seriously...i can't wear my pinafore in pinafore is so comfy...i dont really like wearing baju kurung...its k la...but then no i have to wear a 'tudung'! you know how hot it is?bet you don't bet when you do...hah!you won't be able to stand it...i know your thinking...shes such a whiner...its her own religion and shes talking bad about it.well listen*actually read*here.see.i respect my religion.i am proud*most of the time anywho*to say that i am a muslim.but i find somethings stupidly*sorry*outrageous.examples:muslims*especially girls*have to cover up.guys frm navel to knee.ladies all over except you can see the face and palms.,muslim cant touch dogs and if we do and they are wet we have to wash our hands with sand and water.muslims cant become models,we cant go to discos....we basically cant have fun*joking...*most muslims*MOST...*are quite mordern so we don't really care about the cover upping...covering take me for an example i am proud to say i am the only*probably*the only muslim girl who wears a pinafore in smkdj and i dont don the headscarf a.k.a tudung*duh...*and to those who wanna ask what my parents parents are also level minded like me.we do things in balance.i also dun get the dog part.we cant touch,rear,eat*WHO IN HEAVENS NAME ITS DOGS...POOR THINGS...*ETC dogs...but some people are cool about this too...i love doggies.and i touch them too!my dad used to have a dog left by the former owner of his house*some french dude*and the dog was black all over and his hair covered it eyes*awww...*and it was called lulu!my dad and his siblings used to shout lulu and when lulu came running to play they all ran...he said it was fun...i thought he was nuts...well now you know y im crazy...heh.and about the model thing...yup how to model have to cover right?i know don't give a damn right?WRONG!the stupid jawi people*its this organisation who makes sure muslims do muslimy things etc etc etc*will out us in jail...IN JAIL!how paranoid!when i found out about that i was in rage...well its cos i kinda aspire to be a model...maybe just a part time one i dunno...cos i dun really have model potentiol at all...but thats not the point.the point is maybethere is.some other gorgeous muslim girl out there who aspires to be a model too who is gorgeous and has potentiol unlike me and she cant why...well cos she i hope in the future malaysia will be more mordern and will lay back on our private things so sorry to say but...fuck off j.a.w.i!ahh...that felt sorta good!heh...if you think i'm being unreasonable listen to this the jawi people put a few muslims in jail cos they went to a disco to listen to music...yup...i know..listen to music.they did not drink.but no cant.the damn jawi said their clothes were too tight and revealing...haha...when God said we must cover up in the Quran he din say we need damn assholes to look into our private lives right?i mean c'mon everyone.THINK for a minute about this.if you cover up from head to toe.pray all the time.dont touch animals.or anything like that but you mistreat animals,you steal,take drugs,kill,do bad stuff in you think you'll go to heaven?God said do not touch dogs cos at that time they had a disease.but He did not say mistreat animals.God said to be nice,gentle kind etc but some are talking bad about other peoples religions,steal etc.This applies to all people of all races oor religions!there is only one God and he is forever watching and guiding us!so it doesn't matter if you black,brown,white,yellow,purple or green for that matter.its what you do that in the end its up to us...the youth of malaysia...are we gonna be living in a world or paranoia or live in a world of balance.have a little sugar and a little spice.ok to anyone who felt offende with this post.i'm sorry but i only write the truth and how i feel and this is it.and if i sound whiny take it with a pinch of salt...leave a u s'port me in this or diss me?why?is there anything you like or dislike...let me know...once again remember its not whats on the outside but on the inside that counts...*sorry if it sounds corny but the thruth is the truth*


Sunday, June 11, 2006

cheerleading,football,cooking and DIdo

hey!its like what 1 a.m. and i am not asleep reason is i'm not sleppy.heh heh.EHGLAND KICKED PARAGUAYS ASS!heh!and something funny happened.I was thinking about Dynamitez cos Cheer 2006 was comin' and all so when England scored their first(and only)goal I screamed Boom Dynamitez!!!My family must have thought I have gone insane but heh heh yeah.Its like what 20 more days to go for cheer????I can't wait cos I wanna go fer cheer to s'port dynamitez.even though i din even try out fer minimitez(mayb i'll go next year).heh.guess real school spirit yeah?anyway.don u think its mean that theres school during the world cup?I mean it comes every 4 years and its almost a language to men.I mean like men comunicate with*and woman*understand football.nations can unite because of football its like men's 'language' so i think there shudn't be c'mon it comes once in every for wait for *4* years to watch this game.sitting down waitting waitting and waitting to watch their fave team acore and then they scream,"Boom Dynamitez!!!!,"heh no lah only i scream that.they scream,"GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!"and if the team theyre s'porting wins the cheers are followed by several yeses,score!!!!!,victory etc etc when we were watching england vs. paraguay.shaun(my god cousin)and my brother kris was muttering and arguing about something to do with football.i wasn't really paying attention to them but when shaun said,"eh Madonna play football wert...,"I couldn't help but laugh at their expense.Madonna????hah hah!turns out he wanted to say MaRAdona not Madonna.heh heh.hilarious boys keep it up.then when england missed one of their shots*which ive forgotten*shaun suddenly said ,"yay go paraguay!"then i turned to him cos well he s'ports england*but mostly brazil*."if sam*shauns god sister and MY sister*heard that she'd pour that ice water of yours at you."i said.then he just snickered then laughed for 2 seconds and his face turned serious,"ya horh!"his face was so funny sam!i managed to collect alot of money these past few days.assuming that i have only started collecting yesterday according to my*ahem*superb calculations i have collected rm 180...oh not bad fer two days eh?hope lady luck will smile on me more...wha will tomorrows fortune bring.maybe i should start up this fund raising thing where people donate money to me!as i have insufficient allowance.hehe.ohkay not really*pouts*i know maybe I'll just raise the money to help out the SPCA and stuff liddat.yeah!*ryt...*can you believe it that tomorrow is already sunday and the next day we will be back to school.studying.time flies when your having fun i guess...not!the hollies have become very boring.yawn theres nothin much to do around here.I try to cook but its either the food is ready or i make a mess outta it.
take this convo with me and my maid


it was a beautiful sunny day as i prance to the kitchen like a little tiger cub*eh?*rawr!the conversation takes place in the kitchen.

hey i was thinkin about makin lunch...
orang sudah buat makan baru nak cakap*shakes head*
aiyoh nevermind i make for tea la
mahu buat ape you?
pasta...yummy i love pasta...or mashed potatoes!
no potatoes larh!umm pasta argh....whatkind
i dunno i was thinkin add this and that..what do we have in the fridge?eh i wanna make mashed potatoes larh!i wanna make sam jelous.heh heh
oh yalah dia sangat suka mashed potatoes kan?you very jahat lah!
tak tahu ke?*smiles evilly*
ye la tu...*proceeds to open fridge*umm ade ape ah?
why you ask me?i ask you what
*mutters something to herself*
ade macam umm...tomato paste...maybe we can make marinara,or bolognaise.or if not why not cream sauce?or vongole?????
takde seafood*mutters something again*
ok how about we bake something
nanti u guna oven the whole place tangkap api
don't talk nonesense la!pantang tau
eleh cakap pantang.siape yang nanyi ketika masak? also sing la k...i sing cos its a habit i do anything also homework i sing,eat i sing*when theres no food in my mouth*,shower i sing...i sing all the time k
eh mane i ade sing?
dun bluff la..u think i dunno u curi dengar my dido cds*my maid likes dido and other songs i listen too...slow dido kinda songs*
saye suka la...u say i can dengar
oh ya horh...heh sowwee...
ya la u mahu buat ape?

after putting much thought to it...i decided not to make anything that day cos i was acussed of getting the house burned down and my kakak wanted me to find more songs for her...oh well...till tomorrow...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gawd I've been tagged...

joyce lim may you suffer pain and hate eternally.nah I'm just jokin' but why'd you go tag me.ah I'll be a good girl and do as I'm s'pose to.ok joycey tagged me and the tagged victim is s'pose to tag another 8 people.I'll tag...

-meng leong

and then he/she is s'pose to mention the gender of their perfect love and the 8 qualities that they want their love to have.

I'm too straight to be crooked.Wait that doesn't exactly make sense does it...
the 8 qualities*note:the arrangement of the qualities don't count.their all equaly important...unless i say so*

x attitude x
I like confidence in a guy.I find it very sexy.but its confidence not arrogance.confidence is a turn on.arrogance is a turn off.and I hate the line'treat em mean keep em keen.'I think its wrong.I want to be treated how you want to be treated.its karma boys...karma.but he has to be a slight bad boy too.I like the excitement. :) and he has to be an adreneline junkie like yours truly.I love roller coasters.I love anything fast*especially 2 fast 2 furious style*be sweet.just be yourself.

x habits x
I don't like poking my nose around peoples personal habits but smoking or taking drugs is a big nono.but other things are fine with me.

x romance me x
romance me.which girl doesn't like to be showered with love and affection?well i am definitely a sucker for a gentleman.I like guys who open the door for you,seat you and all,all the time!not just the first time.and I know its stupid but I like corny lines like'did God take the stars out of the sky and put them in your eyes?'and i think its super sweet if you ask a girl to dance.whether you wanna be just a friend or more than that.oh and little gifts are nice once in a while but I don't want to be bought for love.I love you cos your you.

x physicalness x
I like guys who are well built.makes me feel protected.well its true!I don't wanna hug my guy and worry hes bones will snap.ah and you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta love sport!Cos I love love love love love sport.So sporties are a big plus.especially if you love the me love the track!

x attractiveness x
I don't really care...but it can't help if your hott ryt...hott and abelicious...=) mhhmm...but its the inside that counts.

x hidden talents x
EVERYONE has talents...believe it stupid or what not...i love hidden talents..whther you can read peoples mind,do algebra with your eyes closed,walk backwards,or have the ability to make me laugh all the time(thats very useful)its all good!fyi:i'm a sucker for anything acoustic.i love guitar players...owh and mayb drums too.

x sweep me of my feet x
literally.bring me to the beach...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!walk then dance with me in the rain.sing to me.come to my window and stay with me.(if you manage)be my prince and defend me.understand me.your prince charming so love your cinderella

x be you x
be yourself.if you can love me for me.i love you already.don't be tense be you :)

oh yeah a note:there is no perfect love...but there is strong,passionate love.there is no fairytale love cos this is reality.strong and passionate love is staying together despites all the ups and downs,despite the age gap,despite not seeing each other.treasure each other and treasure the gift of God one of the 7 wonders of the world...


my england very good wert?A for alamak.B for bak kut teh.C for cincai!-rosie(pck =) )

I am ever so bored.*pouts* I know its football season.FIFA WORLD CUP!yes I am happy about that but I admit I bukan so pro in that kinda stuff la.but i s'port I had to get up at 8 in the morn to teman mommy to gym.ok not zactly I actually wanted to go.but waking up is a biggie for me.I am so malas to wake up.snorezZzZ...i don't really serious I don' I being a wonderful daughter that I am f'lowed mommy to the gym.I didn't intend to do too much I decided to go for kickboxing,then,hiphop then latin mix...all right after the think I'd be tired but seriously...this is don't sweat...ok you do la ok...its good esercise but its super fun you won't realise your burning or told me to rush of to kickboxing first so i instructor do you say it..ok hes pondan..yeah..and it wasn't really kickboxing ok.'her' name was joey and everything was ok until it was time to cool down.the instructor played songs like i will survive and dancing queen...and then he put on the micky song.'oh micky your so fine.your so fine you blow my mind.hey micky!...'then i thought to myself aiyoh so malu la dance to this song...if got any mickymitez member come here die lor.fourtunately the instructor din play the song*whoopee!*and I couldn't find one single mickymite.after that class i wanted to fill my bottle with water from the fountain but baby g(my instructor) was all no no no come stay for hip hop.and there was a big queue behind the fountain(i guess i'm not the only thirsty one)so i just shrugged and joined in straight away.Baby G was sorta short...but her body was to die for!!!!!gah!!!!her tummmy is super washboardness*sniffles*i want that!her hair was a messy cute pixie cut but she suited the style.she couldn't be more than 20.actually i thinki'll give it a 18 tops!she so young...bubbly and cute...and i loved what she wore...cos she looked so nice in them(simple low waist baggy pants and a red gym top)3 words:i loved it!if i cant join celeb fitness full time i am so goin for dance classes?anyone wanna come...or currently in any dance academy or studion...lemme know.and the songs in hip hop class were so beaty(nice word maris)i mean you could really dance to dancable!eheh after that it was latin mix...and mommy came prancing in.she looked like a little girl but reminded me of minnie mouse she was wearing her hair in two pony tails...she looked so cute!heh instructors name was luciano(hes brazillain)so by his name i wasn't suprised seeing him strutting in all in yellow and i am sure we all know who hes s'porting yeah?anyway class was ok...luciano was funny...but hes a really good instructor...hes class was super packed(by all ladies except one guy who f'lowed him mom.good on ya mate!)but hes so funny.after class someone had left their phone on the my mom and aunty emma was asking who left their phone and no one mommy went over to luci(i'm gonna call him that now ><)then she put out her hand to call him and he kissed her hand and said oh thank you for joining my class and blah blah blah...i had to turn around and cover my mouth from bursting out laughing cos i was giggling so bad!!!!!!!!heh heh...then he took my hand and said is she your mom?i nodded and smiled and he said oh very nice...i was all eh????i din un...does it mean i look old?so don't be s'prised if i turn up for school in two ponytails alright...will blog more tomorrow i wanna read blogs now...on second thought i wanna sleep...ZZZZZZZZzzzZZZZzzzZZZzzZzZzz...muah!ttfn.tata for now...wohohohoho!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

the wierdo of a dentist dentist gives me the creeps.he sends shivers down my spine.not in a good way ok?and i guess I'm not the only poor soul suffering the consequences.sam,becca,tat and zafirah goes there too!so yeah I'm not alone.the wierdo talks to himself.and he thinks I'm a foreigner.last time he aked me'are you philipino?'i was like'umm no''and he said''ve got very exotic looks.""oh thank you.""are you mixed?"he asks."yeah I am.""of?""umm..malay,chinese and indian."i reply"wow no wonder you look so a bollywood star or actress."he says.what was i spose to say.i was so glad i didnt add that i'm dutch and javanise too.he'd probably think i was miss teen universe.ok enough self praise i was just joking.but if i did i wouldnt wanna noe what hed say.i did what i only could think of"uh yeah thanks."a bollywood star?hardyharhar...was the dentist blind?me a bollywood star...yeah he talks to he says"oh have i eaten lunch?oh no i haven't.yes i have!no i haven't.but its already 2 i think i'll just have a snack."i guess its ok sometimes.but he does this outloud in public.i thought he was a crack on smack.or maybe pot?ice probably?whatever.oh yeah joyce tagged me...which i will update later.i gotta play badminton.but i suck at it.i dont really know if theres a willing coach out there whos patient,hardworking(and if your a guy possibly hott :) )drop me a comment.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


my mommy says i'm naive.correction she says i'm too naive.I'm naive I admit but I'm not that naive...rite?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

the ladyy with elegance*pfft*yeah ryte

I was at my cousins house today as she has 'katam Quran'*which means in english that she has finish reading the quran-which is in arab btw so its bloody hard to read and it has to be read smoothly-quran is the muslims version of a bible in case you all dunno*after eating lunch and dessert which was my cousys birthday cake a fab banana toffee*i see some ppl drooling.*made by aunty elaine =).odd job was sadly cancelled...and i was to lazee to go to the stupid choral fest...yesterday was our first day...and it was quite fun...not...ok i was being mean it was slightly enjoyable.BUT there was one hott guy*yummy*who is a tenor...ahh..hes got perfecto teeth sigh but he's from ipoh..and hes kinda short but anyway today i was super bored i decided to do something out of the ordinary...i decide to....paint my nails...ok so it mite not be so unordinary for some of u but the last time ive painted my nails was when i was probably wheni was 11..cos the polish chips...i know mine will but its my cousins 18th birthday tonite so i decided to look nice tonight since she is also gonna leave to aussie fer her i was trying to find a nice first i tried the orange on my looked hideous as it contrasts with my skin did the luminous peach*but it looked so gorge in the bottle*finnally i tried looked pretty ok.but it was like i was an ice queen.then my mom came in and she started blah blahing about what color is nice and all...and then somehow she talked to me about elegance.saying that im tall and i dress like im 15 or wtv and she says i shudnt act like a kid anymore*but i am a kid*and she called woulldn't believe it...SHE CALLED ME A LADY!i hate it when people call me that...when i told her she says then you wanna be called a boy?she does this oh so often cos she doesnt like it when i play sports too much,go under the sun*which i love*,enjoy scouts*not that she has anything against scouts but she thinks that i'm start being rougher and get darker* etc time when i asked her i if i could go for this football camp to learn to play footie so when like beserk saying ou will be the only girl there and you will get dark,and the heat will cause pimples,youll get bruises,youll have funny looking knees etc....and then when i wanted to run for my school she said the same thing abt the footie camp excpt she din say i was gonna be the only girl...when it comes to sporty stuff ill ask daddy first..and when i told her i wanted to go obs*outward bound school*she was telling me abt u hafta wash your own clothes and stuff...and she said she will be praying so i dun hafta go ns...but i wanna go ns...ish...i wonder if switching bodies with a boy would help..then she finnaly fell asleep*hoorah*and i finnally painted my nails in a color that made them look was the transparent type...

Friday, June 02, 2006

gym,smoothies,food, and waking up late

oww..major whole body is aching.why you ask?weellllllll...blame the after affects of vigorous workouts in the gym.yesterdayi was s'pose to write about it as soon as i got home.but i was too lazy and having too much fun baking.we baked chocolate chip & fudge brownies.which if i do say so myself taste quite yummy.and it was made from scratch ready made packets or instant cookie mix of any such.real choco chip and fudge pieces.don't they just make you wanna drool...yum!anyway about the gym thing first...i slept late the night before so when i was waken up at 7.00 am i was all oh 5 more minutes.but in the end i slept fer another 15.when i finnaly woke up i was all damnit!sam will be comin' any minute.and when i was changing in the bathroom.i heard the door open.not really open it was like bamm!.very loud sound.IT WAS SAM.THAT LADY JUST BAM THE DOOR OPEN*IS BAM EVEN A WORD?*anyway after a quick brekkie.we headed to the gym.there was this lady.shirleen.and the reason i'm writing in purplr now is cos the gym is well nearly all purple*celebrity fitness just in case u were wondering*so all the stuff who work there have to wear purple.yes bright would prob be able to see them from a thousand miles away*aint that a song*so after registration we*me,sam and my mum*managed to get to the locker room and put our stuff in our locker and rush to our first class.body pump,i know i know ya'll thinking omg miss elegant*phwooi*doing body pump.yes well i managed and i will admit it was so hard.i bet even the abelicious people in smkdj*you know who are all are...*would also think its like hell.gahhhhhh!it was so hard....ok no so hard just hard.then we went for rpm...which is the bicycle thingy.i was afraid of this class cos my parents and ppl who have came to the gym says its like a death sentence for first timers even nee backed out and when for line dancing!yes ahma dancing*sorry to those who like line dancing but i find it super ahma*but suprisingly it wasnt so bad after all.drank smoothies after rpm*yum!*i got banana sam got strwbry..we din do anymore classes we were so whooped out gah...ate read sams blog la cos i cant find my regi paper after that i blog summore k?muah!