Thursday, January 31, 2008

I digress.

Homework has been piling up by the bundles.
Argh no happy Chinese New Year for me then.
My eyebags are of titanical porpotions.
Save me ):

It's always raining on my tennis days!
I can feel the bloat.
I wish I could call Ash and tell her to pick me a March ed of teenVOUGE.
I'm kinda bored of the Feb one already.

I attended my first Cheer practice yesterday.It was pretty ohkay.
But I sware if Jun quits I will strangle her.Please please please?
I can base (I think) but I keep forgetting to twist my hands around.hahah.
I was distracted ngeh.
Joshua (: I sware if you tell HIM i will kill you,no it doesn't matter if he's single it's embarrassing none the less.

Pn Heah is really a $^%#!@
I think if I didn't study KH or took the initiative to look through my work I can say goodbye to an a for KH.
then she says oh nevermind next lesson.

I know this is random but I think ESFERN'S retainers are so cool.
It's like shiny plastic teeth all the time.COOL (:

Sigh I love Louis Vuitton.
The Raspberry Lexington is so beautiful.
But what I really crave for is the classic Chanel purse.
They even have the croc skin ones in megawatt brights!
I want one in black and one in white (every womens staples of course) and a red and yellow and blue and green and orange and pink.

I 'll have to start saving now.
Cyeah right I think I'll have to stop eating or going out or buying anything for that matter to have half the cash.
In the mean time I'll just pray mummy gets one so I can nick it from her.
If she can nick my Guess heels I can nick her Chanel purse.
Or perhaps they might feel generous for my birthday?


Oh well I'll just wait till Sam and I get our first paycheck right Sam?
"Coffee or tea sir?"

Outta 'ere.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just spoil the girl will ya.

I will never eat wedges again.
Well not the schools one anyway.
I feel like puking soooooo much ):

Hmmmm CNY comin'
and my room still looks like it's been swept by hurricane Katrina.
Oh well thank GOD no one visits my house for Chinese New Year.
I just need one more outfit and I think my CNY wardrobe will be finito.

I'm yet to get the debate results from Sophia.Oh my mak nenek (:
Balau vs. Batai.
Tough I could see.

English or Cheer?
I'd rather take the first one but somehow I opting for the second one.

"you don't even know"

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I think I'm turning gay.Because I kinda listen to Click Five more than the recommended dose.
Kenzo you laaaa. But yah anyway.
Take care of Roxas.
Oh I just felt Citrus kicking! hahaha!
You are such a loser (WHO WILL BUY ME JIMMY CHOOS (((: )
I know my blog is like in a coma and no one loves me enough to visit me.Urgghh
I'm currently into lip plumpers.But owwwww.
I have an obsession with vanilla.
Vanilla perfume,candles,body butter and ice cream.
Mhhhhmmmm, Hagen Dasz Vanilla.

Anyway my class sucks.Even more than 2 Cengal.
I like some people,but I like more people in 2 Cengal.But theres like 9 girls in 3Cengal so yeah.
I miss A. & co. even though sometimes I have the dying urge to kill you all in your sleep and if you think about it,it's possible on account I know where YOU ALL LIVE!
That sounded creepy but if you stay on my good side nothing bad will happen (:
Sam's birthday is on the 20th.I hope you like your "birthday present".SEEEEEE I am good luck.
I am aching to run but no ones home so I can't go out alone.Sucks to be a girl sometimes.
I need to change the colour of my blog,because cotton candy pink doesn't exactly suit the seductive(?!?)/venomous/spooky(?) approach I'm looking for don't you think?
Seems alot less intimidating.

I really appreciate 2 Cengal now ): and like Mal says It never gets better just worse.Talk about being a saddist but I've begun to believe him now.

I'm in dire need to stop.To take a step back and release.And you are completely obvlious as usual.I don't think you will ever see.But there is nothing I can do.
I 'm going to be a soldier.I will stand tall and I will breathe and go along though you are always here subconciously.I never would have guessed it was going to be you.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Damn right!

Hello blog.

Hmmm let me see,where do I go about this.Where to start?
So much to say but so little ways to put it.
Ah nevermind I shall put it in my own words.Do not mind me (:

School started last weeek.
It'll be wrong for me to say this is the 2nd week of school on account it's actually only let me count..5 days!But plus last two days,last week,seven.
Oh suck that.

Cengal's pretty ok.
Once again the love-hate relationship starts.
No point with the drowning of sorrows and the crying,I did that last year.
Isn't that right my JEWS(: They were deathly scared whenever I cried like lost puppies I tell you.
I had to tunjuk muka and try not to laugh and cry at the same time.
Rose among the thorns again,too.
It's kinda fun until they go into jerk mode.
But I'll get to that tomorrow.
Off to the sack for me
oh yeah before I goooooo

HELLO AUNTY AND KENZOS LITTLE SISTERS!You used to wave at me when you pick your korkor up from tuition remember?
Anyway Kenzo you buy the tickets ok (:
I'll be the date.ahahahahahah

Kenzooooo ):