Thursday, July 13, 2006

exchange programme

i know...i wasn't in school for 2 days.but i have completely valid reasons i tell you!on tuesday me and nixxy left school early to go for the choir exchange must think oh so lucky they get to skip school.puh-leezzz.after science me and nixxy we happily taking a stroll back to class while talking then suddenly we hear this,"perhatian kepada nicole chin dan daena marissa dari kelas 1 balau sila ke pejabat dengan beg anda sekarang,"puan jaliah announced.christ we are from 1 BATAI NOT 1 BALAU.doesn't it sound different at all!anywayyyy...after nixxy finished packing her bag.(i already packed mine being the genius that i am.)i realised i left my bottle outside the science lab so did nixxy.then tyron held up her bottle and she was like"omg thank you sooooooooooooo uch tyron!!" hey so wheres my bottlle i thought!so i quickly tried to run downstairs to get it.then foo wai,boey and yee fei came out running and saying"Daena!!!!!!your bottle!"oh gosh i was happy.i love all of you very much much much!!!!we had to run run RUN down the stairs in our BAJU KURUNG(now you know ANOTHER reason why i hate wearing my baju kurung :) ) to run to the office.anette was up there waving"here come here!!!!"so we managed to only to find out we had to go downstairs to get pn betty to sign a letter for us to leave early.oh god run down run up again.when we finaly reach the gate nixxy says"oh shit i left the paper upstairs.""no no please no more running!"i say.but the kind guard lets us go.thank you mister!when we reach there justin,vin and jyenhad already changed!so me and nixxy ran to the toilets which let me tell you are like hotel ones compared to smkdjs.there was a fan,shower,mirrors,proper toilets and lighting.and i could actually breath in there.we had a hard time changing cos we were sticky and we had to wear jeans.there was no way were gonna wear our camisole cos we were frenchconnectionuking hot!but suddenly we noticed our tee was tooo thin!you could see our inner wear and mine was pinky peach-ish...(oh god i can't believe i just typed that!)ANYWAY!moving on...after our changing-into-choir-attire(fancy!it rhymes!) problem we got into aunty sins car and ate sandwiches provided by aunty daph.tuna and egg yum!and we toook pictures.hah!

jyen :)

nico!!!!we were taking pictures of each other taking photos...interesting..

we did take an official nice photo and justin didn't wanna take in the car *sulks*when we got to kl pac(kl performing arts centre) no one was there yet.except a we ate spaghetti made by my mommy by the lake.we ate at this kind of rest hut i think.its shaded and futuristic..very nice.but suddenly we noticed that the base of the hut were actually wooden planks and it was see thru.the holes werent exactly big but my phone and Ipod could fit through the nicole sorta overreacted and made vin scared so vin sat nearer to the entrance.s'posely so she could run if anything.and justin was being annoying by jumping on the dock and making vin even more scared.sigh...then iman and keilly arrived.keil was hungry and there was an extra tupperware of spaghetti so she happily ate everything. :) we took more photos...wheee!!!!

vin,me,keilly&jyen nikki&me(she despise this photo.but i think she looks good)
carrying on...we got into the building and into pentas 1.the hall where we were s'pose to have our exchange.and yes you've guessed it!even more pictures were taken :)

from right to left:nixxy,net,

from right down thats jyen.behind its me&daniel.then behind us are kath,elena and justin(HAH!Justin finally joins a picture not out of force.evryone wanted to see the sacred photo :) )

me&the gorge alli :)
our photo fun was soon stopped when the pro cantu choir andpretoria girls school came.after a breif intro of this was the get-to-know-each-other-session...sheril was our representitive.go sheril!!!!!then we performed.first it was the kl childrens choir(thats us).we were dead scared cos well theres about more than a hundred both choirs combined.we were ok i guess.then it was pro cantu.the people in pro cantu are from ages ranging from 13 to 25!then pretoria girls school.13 to 18 year olds.they were sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than us!gawd!we just watched them singing jaws wide open.after that we were broken up into soprano1,soprano2,etc etc sing adiemus.which is a wonderful wonderful song!it was quite good.then we had to go was s'pose to end at 10.30 but it ended at 10.we saw michael(pretoria girl's condustor)and vin started singing he's there,he's there'he'sthere'he's there,he's there'he's we all started singing and skipping along until pn khoo(or we call her aunty khoo or mummy khoo :) )said wheres i asked vin yi"vin wheres just?"and she kept singing the michael song."no vin justin!"but she still kept singing."VIN!WHERE'S JUSTIN?!"finall the girl answered "oh he's over there!" aunty sins car,me,jyen,nikki and vin were talking and singing about michael some suprise actually.he's very hot.(yummeee :P)we met our mommies in justin's dad was there and picked him up.then auntie daph."oh my gosh my mom disowned me!"i said"s'karang baru tahu ke?"jyen siad.oh my gah i slapped the girl.then aunty daph said i could wait in her car.whee!!!!nicholas was in the car(nikki's brother.)he'd gone inside to buy ice cream so nikki and i went in to buy food too.i was about to put my first oreo in my mouth when i saw my mom.bad timing,much.mommy thanked auntie daph and we drove home.when i got home.i went straight o bed.what a lie.i read,packed somethings for tomorrow,listened to music THEN i went to sleep.the concert will be my next post.till then adios!

Monday, July 10, 2006


i'm doing cos i'm very extremely bored & i really don't wanna do my homework :) everyones trying it so i guess i'll give it a try.but i really dont wanna do math right now ohkay.i'll name 20 random people.

7.mandy moo
9.fern fern
14.kak trina
16.yoong tat
17.jian wen
19.meng leong
20.shaun chew did you meet 14(kak trina)?
uhh...shes my first.i grew up with sister.people even say we look alike
(sheah right...)

2.what would you do if you never met number 1(nixxy)?
never meet my twin.i'd die.shes like half of me :)

3.what would you do if 20(shaun) and 9(fern fern) dated you?
SHAUN?!HES MY GODCOUSIN PLUS HES 10 YEARS OLD.haha.esfern?no no no me no straight.

4.would 6(esther) and 17(jian wen) make a good couple?
hey i think so.i think quite secocok.both uber hott. :) both single too...

5.describe number 3(treen)
i've known her since std 4.she used to be ppg crazy before.she loves bubbles.she loves her hair.she loves af!!!she loves zac-ugly-efron...heeee jking nee.zacs just ok no offence...she pretty,shes cute.she hardworking.shes a perfectionist. you think 8(sophie) is attractive?
HELL YEAH!shes gorge!!!!! you know anything about 12's(kwekky)family? really...hes my puppy :)

8.tell me something about number 7(mandy moo)
shes my bestest friend :) she likes milk and shes very fun.she smart her posts are so very interesting.

9.whats number 8's(sophie) fave things?
books,cutesy things,notebooks,music...

10.what would you do if number 11(kieran)confesses his love for you?
first i would laugh cos i wouldn't think hed ever ask me.but maybe i'd try...maybe...but it'll take time..he's an uber sweet guy.very nice all rounder.hes single so girls hurry,hurry :)

11.what language does number 15(atira)speak?
she speaks malay,english,jawa(a lil),i think some kelantanese(does dialect count?),nonsense :)

12.who is number 9(fern fern)going out with now?
good news guys.this notties if you want her hurry hurry hurry!!!! old is 16(yoong tat)?
dato' fab yoong tat is 13.

14.when was the last time you talked to 13(annie)?
yesterday on msn.

15.who's number 2(sofia)fave singer?
oh god shes got so many........chris brown,keyshia cole..just to name a few.

16.would you date number 4(jo)?
no no no.i wouldn't date my sister.

17.would you date number 7?(mandy moo)?
refer to above answer. 15(atira)single?
sorry guys shes got a boyfriend.

19.what is number 10(joycey)last name.

20.would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11(kieran)?
yes i think i would.

21.which school does number 3(trina)go to?

22.what is your fave thing about number 5(tyron)?
hes very funny,smart,athletic.very sweet and caring too.but can be mean and inconsiderate.

23.where does number6(esther)live?

24.what is your least fave thing about number 17(jian wen)?
i'm not sure...hes very lovable.but he can be a tad too serious at times. a song that would suit 19(meng leong)?
its a tie.angel of mine by monica and milkshake by kelis...


Sunday, July 09, 2006

i'm sorry if my eyes don't sparkle right now.but i promise i'll be ok oneday.

vulnerable-secondhand serenade

(if you don't like emo posts.i'm sorry cos you're reading it & i'm too fcuked up to care)
God why did you make me like this?why didn't you make sure i'd always be the perfect child.they told me i was always trying to impress them before God.not anymore.i was a good student and athlete before God.not anymore.i've changed.i'm more selfish,irresponsible,lazy.i got good grades before parents were so proud God.I used to look forward to report card day(not to be boasting)not was simpler in primary.was wrong God for me to have a little enjoy life as well as succeed in it?was i wrong to do so?oh did you not want me to fall in love with anyone?maybe thats why i've cried so bad that why?you've made me hurt so many people and get hurt past few years.i don't understand.everything used to be good back was good.i didn't cry over little things back this s'pose to be a bleesing in disguise?why did you make grandpa leave so early God?why did the ambulance get lost on the way?why didn't we send him to the hospital God?why are you making kutch suffer so much God?sure she was a little spoilt before but why did you make her life so miserable?behind her smiles i know she cries at night.i know she cries herself to sleep.shes one of my idols God why do you make her suffer.shes such a beautiful,hardworking individual God.shes got 2 sisters and a brother to care for don't make her suffer.her life used to be a fairytale God.why did you turn it into a nightmare?i know you can hear me and my thoughts so please don't ignore me.please help me God.i want to make my parents proud again God.i want to see them point and say"thats my daughter up there!"i want to be young and carefree like before God.doing anything without a worry.i don't really have regrets in my life just mistakes that have eventually turned out ok.please bless my family God.please bless my friends especially my sisters who didn't mind me crying all over them till their pinafores and baju kurung got soaked in tears.who listened to me babble about everything and anything.please bless those who offered help and made sure i was ok.(you know who you are)without my family & friends i prob wouldn't be here as there would prob be no point of me alive.please God if this is nonsense please forgive me.forgive for all i have sinned.i want to do better God please allow me to do so.ive got the weight of the world on my is no more childs play.there is so much more pressure.please let this hell i'm living all be over tomorrow God.(to those who have asked whats wrong well this is it.well part of it.)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

damn.i got tagged.

I got tagged.Damn.nah not really.Its not like I have anything better to do let me get on with on with it.the tagged victim is s'pose to do the following:
-state the awesome people they wanna meet
-state things he/she can't live without
-state the things he/she wish he/she could do
-state things he/she wants
-state songs that he/she thinks are awesome
-state how he/she sees himself/herself in the next 10 years
-state random facts about the tagged victim
-state misconceptions + the fellas he/she wants to tag

right lets get jiggy with it(gosh lameness)

awesome people i wanna meet
-my late paternal grandfather(i miss him so very much.if i could make 3 wishes bringing hi back to earth will probably be my first.)
-oprah winfrey(lady,you rock my world.)
-durratun nashihin rosli(my gymrama idol.)
-gisele bundchen(my catwalk idol.)
-stella mccartney(have you seen her adidas line?'nuff said.)
-maria sharapova(tennis goddess)
and some other people but those are the ones that i can remember right now

things i can't live without
(besides air,water and stuff like that.thank you captain obvious.I ALSO won't be adding God,family and friends cos they aren't things and WHO can live without these in theirlives?who?)
-my cell
-my comp
-reading material particularly books and mags(I like to read ok?)
-chocolate & candy
-colour(who wants to live in a dull dull world)
-perfume(everyone has their own particular scent they love don't they?be it your blanket,your moms cooking one of it.)

i wish upon a star that i could somehow
-find a cure for uncurable diseasies such as cancer and HIV
-end racism and make equality for men and one should be hurt cos of their race.
-ban war & prejudice
-have free ice cream breaks for everyone(everyone loves ice cream.)
-melt every cold heart and mould them into warm ones
-make sure everyone has a proper place to stay,proper education,warm meals and love.
-make it so people especially kids don't have to go through things like sexual abuse,poverty,child labour and such
-give everyone family and friends like mine.without them i probably wouldn't be here today.
-make the world a happier place.people will smile more.
-make everyone keep an open mind b'cos with an open mind we can accomplish anything.
-stop the green house affect,pollution etc.
-help me cousin who is currently facing some difficult times as her parents are having some fanancial problems.shes such a brave,talented,beautiful individual.she has 3 younger sibs to care for.she is such a happy great person smiling and offering assistance all the time and never shows how upset she is.i know how bad she must feel deep deep deep inside.when i read the newspaper cutting i cried.kutch* you are my idol i love you!
-use my brains more and start acting like an intellectual being

i want
-a flat tummy!
-to travel more
-to be loved
-to be smarter :)
-to be more active.
-to write
-to catwalk
-to play tennis,RUN,bungee jump,lompat jauh better,kick box...(sport things)
-to earn $$$ and loads of it!
-to excel in geo and history too!
-to highten my level in math and science :) (i know ok.i can be nerdish too.)

songs i think are way beyond awesome*their fabewsome :) *
-over my head(the fray)*thanks sharon!!!*
-shake(ying yang ft. pitbull)*thanks kak ina!*
-lose control(missy elliot ft ciara)
-let u go(ashley angel parker)
-1 thing(amerie)
-no daddy(teairra mari)
-milkshake(kelis)*meng leong ;)*
-buttons(pcd)*aka the quay song.ryte quay?*
-angel of mine(monica)
-maneater(nelly furtado)
-lean back(fat joe)
-beep(pcd)*nikki its our song! :D*
ok i've got oo many but mostly danceble songs,singable songs,songs with good rhythm & beat.NICE SONGS LA!

how i see my self in 1 freaking decade(10 years.)
-in love with a 'perfect' guy.loving,caring,smart,suffers from extreme hottness(swoon factor.)
-hott!with cleavage(hahahaha thats funny)
-being succesfull in whatever i am doing
-being a model...or perhaps a freelance journalist,singer,author,gymnast,dancer,performer,tennis player, a forensic scientist,doctor or lawyer then.
-a womans rights,animal rights,muslim woman rights activist.(hey.i'm just a little girl with big dreams.)
-filthy rich.i'll be rich babe.but i'll donate,save and stuff like that.i'm no dumb blond.

randomania*random facts of yours truly*
-i'm so very random
-i like vintage things
- i like the colour red.ALOT.
-i like number3,7,9 and 10
- chocolate heals
-i'm the radiana of jog-jakarta indonesia(im the original friggin princess.the one whose taking my place now is my cousin.jog-jakarta is the place in indo which got hit by the earthquake.i pray for you my people!)
-i write,read,and dance like no ones watching
-i like icons and quotes
-i'm a randomly vintage scandalous bimbo(does that make sense,no?)
-I'm the donz cuzin

speak your mind even if your voice shakes.
im the kinda girl who suddenly bursts out laughing at something funny that happened.yesterday.
i'm a rockstare.& you love it.

'nuff said.

i tag!!!!!!!!!!!
oh gosh i tag everyone i know,wasn't that easier?