Friday, March 27, 2009

Saya mewakili SMKDJ untuk Bola Tenpin MSSD

If you are wondering why there is a picture with my head on but Nick's body well stay PUT.
The other day upon collecting the fees for Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang,Azry was holding a form.
I took a peek and he asked if I wanted to join.
So I scribbled my name and i.c. number.

Folks,I joined Bowling for MSSD.
I am going to make an utter fool of my self.
But as Alex and Derrick looks at it,HEY FREE GAME.
I will be the only form four but some other form five girls joned too.
This is funny because lightyears ago-well in Form One-when Nicholas and I had something going on,I always wondered how my boyfriend could love to bowl and I disliked it.
I can't bowl.Period.

Even with the drains covered up.
Oh well as Fie puts it,
"ALA Daen,now you can choose,nak longkang kiri ke kanan,"

Fie you make me smile la (':

I still remember in Form One I was determined to be a good "girlfriend" so I asked one of Nick's best friends,DERRICK,who was his favourite bowlers.
At first he gave me a footballer/or was it wrestlers? name.
There goes the brownie points.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

for my emmy (;

ya la ya la I love you

Monday, March 23, 2009

Akad Nikah preps,followed by Akad Nikah

I kinda miss the chaos,the fights and the work.
Endless days and restless nights.

The wedding really payed off.

I miss the hecicity (is that a word) But I may be speaking to soon.

Kak Bee? Abang Ned? (;

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Past,The present and The Future

OH my God. Like what time does this girl actually post up a proper post.
What does she want?!
An Hermes-pronounced Air-Mez Yi Han (:- cashmere scarf?

Okay so let's all pray and hope Alex didn't REALLY do that.

KeahlianCourse/Camp was actually such a great time.
I had so much fun and alot of nostalgia (': with our seniors.
And there was true to its tradition,drama. But enough about that.

I only got my camera after Malam Kebudayaan guys so I'm really sorry about the lack of photographs. But Skills Camp is on the way,correcto mundo?

Picture #1 of my brother.
Actually even my cousin Pearl was there,so it was our first "family" camp.
I was so tired on the last day I forgot to snag a picture,much regret

This is the first and one of the very few us girls picture in the camera.
Most of em are happy snaps so don't mind me.
Although I would actually prefer more in the future guys!

So the main objective for the recruits-my brother and Pearl included-,which were mostly made up of first-formers was to pass their Tenderfoot(KEAHLIAN) theory exam and adhere the basics of scouting.

Although they didn't have to do the knots exam,everyone failed except for a lone fourth-former.
Kudos to him,although I'm am not even familiar with his name.
I am pretty sure most of them studied there itself because they were given a thin sliver of about 4 A4 sheets stapled down the middle whereas during my time it was about say..three English novels.

Plus we were really nice,telling them the sections coming out,but alas. Oh well better luck next time guys,don't worry.
But they were definitely not complaining,hence the whirlwind of laughter throughout the enitire camp.
Although when we were in form one,I remember jumping upon learning my results-I passed both theory and knots-whilst a handful still hand to retake their failed exams.

There is a funny story to this which I just talked about with Meng Leong.
Upon receiving my results,the combination of excitement and joy-OH! and raging hormones-caused me to hug a senior I once had a teeny tiny crush on.
OH BOY did they ever remind me about it.
After the hug,Joyce proceeded to inform me,"Daena,that's Yong Meng's girlfriend,Stephanie,"

I was petrified upon learning so.WASN'T THAT ALEX'S COUSIN!!!

I wanted to run and scream at the same time,now as I look back I wonder if any first former with the combination of excitemen and joy-OH! and raging hormones-will do the same to our boys.

Okay so maybe a handful of them.

The IT place to hang out:THE URUS SETIA.

Only permitted to those Form Four and above with the credentials of at least a Tenderfoot and if you are cool and sexy like us-I meant me-.

For many-cue for SOPH,JO and I!-the Tenderfoot camp in our fourth form was one of the most awaited school events besides our up coming prom in which we've spent sleepless nights randomly jabbering on on what could/would happen.

A while back I was having a good conversation with a senior and I unravelled our love and respect for them,the seniors.
I told him that even with the taunts and teasing and despite our ages difference-they were form fours when I was form one-we felt such great amount of respect for them.
I told him that even outside the scout meetings,we felt a deep sense of connection and friendship.

Maybe I was sleepy-or possibly drugged-but I was so surprised I said that.
I was even more surprised and touched when he revealed that they,or rather he felt the same way too.

My eyes were laced with tears as I typed that night.

Amanda's cute iPod Nano. I didn't know I could bring my phone so I was such a loser at the first half day. I'm not totally withoutelectronics-phobic but it's quite a hassle parting with my iPod.
So when I learned we could bring it...!@%&%&*$*

I didn't bring em cos I was a good girl and read the paper!

The below following were taken by Wei Kit.

A few seniors joined us during the camp.
Wei Kit,Yong Meng,Ethan,Yu Szen,Yi Han,Boon Vin Zhan and Edwyn.
It was good catching up and hyperventilating *SOPH :D and getting personal,fu yoh is right.

That's the Green Tea toothpaste used as a tradtion to toothpaste sleeping recruits,held by Ethan.
Edwyn said that in the morning the entire camp grounds smelled of green tea,oh yum

reminds me of Green Tea KIT KAT,which I finished to last box today so there isn't anymore until someone goes to Japan.

Because real men camwhore too

Moving on this is Sophia throwing someones uniform at me because she was trying to tell me something serious as I spoil the mood

After 10 minute naps and loadsa chats.

Most of us retired into a circle in the Urus Setia for a long chat of holidays-SOPHIASOPHIA!!-and moving on to ghost stories. Made pretty much sense why we all didn't sleep that night.

Yi Han was trying to tell us a-faux-ghost story and proceeded to throw his hands out at Krystle to scare her.
He doesn't know that Krystle was kinda the wrong person to do it to.
She just looked completely normal and calm.

Maybe if it was the reat of us we would have screamed.

The seniors told some real ones and Wen Hui and Alex and I wondered why the orange juice tasted to disgusting.

100% juice,no sugar ,no preservatives.


At about 3 ish or nearly 4,we all jumped into the seniors cars and went to KAYU and it was my first late night mamak experience. I am so proud!

Note the grumpy,sleepy,stinky boys. Hmmmm any clue ?

Both of us had a GOOD talk in the mamak,amidst the-ahem-tension. Such a wonderful feeling. Although I do regret having the Nasi Kandar,I was very feeling the rice factor SOPHIA!

Thanks for sharing your dahl WEN HUI (:

In the car,Sophia and I were both shocked and queeried.

We sang and sang and sang and I loved going fast although Soph got scared (?)
OH YEAH no seat belts!

It was then the idea of the Karaoke Session was born and although we are skeptical on whether it would actually happen,S,J and myself were excited!

The recruits were in deep slumber when we got back and I spent the rest of the wee hours talking to Alex,back and forthing to the Urus Setia and to the canteen.
Alex even had time to sneak in a dance class,passion although the happy boy is at CF camp now.
Wait till you get home to two essays Alex.

p.s. our invade Derricks house have failed miserably YET AGAIN.

"Eh don't la DOTA-ing la!"

I was dreaming/semi- concious when I hear "F*cker you la! DAMN SOHAI"on two benches at the canteen and after talking a while ,Soph and I fell asleep.

I was awaken by the sounds of "F*cker you la! DAMN SOHAI"
Boys playing poker and chor tai tee.

We woke up to pray and went to sit around the boys for warmth.
I am so happy because they taught me how to use a lighter and Alex can do this neat neat trick with the lighter!

Mc D's drive thru for breakfast and I was so tired I fell asleep in such an awkward postion I got pins-and-needles for over 10 minutes.


And of course everyone couldn't wait to get wet.

Too tired to participate I wandered about taking arsty-esque photographs ala Fazil Fuad.
I still read his blog till today.

Tired but not showing it-form fours.

We just saw each other at Marcos today. Major awkwardness,why Kelvin?

I didn't get splashed but I was hugged repeatedly by Pearl.Sher and Mel. We forgot a picture TOGETHER girls!

Chern Siang,his gorgeous brown eyes,splashing water on the girls.

These are our "cute" seniors asleep.
I don't know why but it reminds me of last year drama practice,Mitch the bitch and I took several photos of sleeping Alex and threatened to post them,what happened to them!

Blackmail will come in handy.

The pond is actually kinda....

Of course what camp/outing/event is ever complete without a cliched camwhore session.

Sophia,why am I not sick of you face

Am's super teeny waist.

Us trying to observe our waist size. MINES SMALL TOO.
Big butt. HAH

Respectively,Chin Tak's wound and Alex's face.

Alex was vain enough to tell me to take another one.
"GOT obvious eye bags la!"

An interesting and innovative way to hang your scout uniform

Picture 2# of my brother.

You were VERY enthusiastic baby.

UN-shy form twos

Shy teacher. Cik Sathya slept over and said she enjoyed it-she heard all the late night girl gossip-

Shy Kai Li

UN-shy Manda,Daena & Sophia

Drying out

The battery ran dry and so did our energy levels.
Although this was not what I expected,my uncoventional experience,I really loved the atmosphere. I got annoyed,angered,saddened,awed and all emotions compelling in my heart.
I cherish relationships new and old.
Sophia who knew our language would so totally come in handy?
I learnt how to use a lighter as well as extinguish bad feelings.
I swept floors,scooped food and put poeple before me.
I was humbled by the experience although now I come out different and prouder.

This is not the last,I could feel it.

I want to get to know the first-formers well.
I want to toothpaste the recruits,
I want to listen to ghost stories,
I want to eat good roti lilit,
I want late night chats,
I want...
so many things.

I know this wouldn't be possible without a handful of poeple,whom I dearly cherish,those who have kept me in line,who have not fogotten me,the seniors and those with me still today.
Scouts teach you alot of things and it also teaches you to keep the bond of brother hood and sister hood. A clan,a group, a family

And although it teaches us to be patient,I know Soph it running out of that so I'd better post what I have.
Sorry guys if its neither here nor there and if it lacks stuff!


In the morning after collapsing into bed for 10 striaight hours,my parched throat croaked to my Kakak for breakfast.

"Kak nak roti dan kaya,"

Once you feel it,you feel it.