Monday, February 25, 2008

temptation CAN'T get the best of me.

How cute!

Mothers out with Kris.
Only me and kakak.
Its going to be another short one mind you.I haven't had enough time in weeks already!
The exams timetable has been changed.

And tomorrow is going to be spent in the school hall.
Why well apparently Datin has something extremely beneficial which includes several textbooks,your pencil box and colour pencils and AN OPEN MIND.
I'm bringing all of that just probably not the open mind.
Ohkay I'll stop being sucha bitch and go on with it like A GOOD LITTLE GIRL.
Like I already am.

Friday: art and Life Science.

You know what sod you elections,you just screwed up my attempts to ace Early Term.
But as a daughter of "Bendahari Don Kampung Tungku"(trust me folks I don't really have much a clue about what that is either)
Well when the "people"(BN,UMNO) come over to my house for meetings.
talk about cellular phones,eat mandarins, and are extremely fond of smoking and keropok.
But no worries they do their work none the less.It's a bit like high school debate/drama/scouts etc. meetings.
Work and fun.
Scared you didn't I?
They do work more then we do alright so take a pill of the chill variety aite?

My Life Science project is finally done.
Thank God,cos I was beginning to feel woozy after inhaling all that paint and lacquer.

I haven't this urge to just slap my sivics teacher I think she really needs one.
A slap that is.

Urgh I'm so tempted to watch Greys and OC AND JUMPER and JUNO and so many more other movies/shows.
Whosoever has Astro MAX please tape the Grammys and Oscars for me ):
And I haven't even got my dress for the wedding.
Well priorities first isn't that so Sophia?
Keahlian on the 15th and 16th hope I can make it!
and Drama practises.
Wow I'm going to be nearly as packed after exams as before exams.


Your lips make me melt
Temptation takes me higher
but you just make my knees go weak.