Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eventhough I didn;t REALLy like the movie....

Minus rain,minus beard,minus pretty blue dress,minus cute Southern drawls.
Minus the fact that I'm engaged,minus the lake,minus the big 'ol white house.

Definitely minus intimate hand position and eye contact.
RIGHT? OH I kid (;

Thank you for making my Notebook dreams come true Alex! hehe.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes


This just makes me wanna go back to Disney land even more ):
Shots byt he amazing Annie Leibovitzo.

Just so everyone can sleep all fuzzy tonight


I've always had the urge for a navel piercing,so as to satisfy my wanting my mummy brought me for my navel piercing last year.
YEAH,my mummy brought me (: And so my piercing addiction had been satisfied.
I have this compelling addiction to piercings l:

Along with the top of my left ear.
Pretty please with shu-gar on top.

Monday, June 22, 2009

School's back(fuhreal) after the two weeks of school holidays and one week of preperation for Sports Day.
Hohum. Although I have bright aspirations,I have been paying attention in class!
(much to Kamal's approval)

Although there ARE some lessons where it gets pretty mundane,
to lighten the atmosphere,during Chemistry,the guys and I started talking about girls.
Well those you see on the silver screen anyway.

Through a heated debate on whether Megan Fox is a trans.
Apparently according to Derrick so after much searching e.g. Googling.
Heres what i found.

LOS ANGELES, CA – The internet has been abuzz since this Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, where Megan Fox jokingly remarked that she looked like a man.

When interviewed on the red carpet, she said “I look like Alan Alda in drag. I’m a tranny. I’m a man.”

At the time, reporters passed it off as a jovial attempt to cover for her nerves.

However, today she has cleared the air and officially reported: she’s really a man.

Megan Fox was born Mitchell Reed Fox in Rockwood, Tennessee. From an early age, Mitchell showed an interest in both performing and women’s clothing. When having a preacher lay hands on him did not ‘cure’ him of these interests, his parents simply put him on the pageant circuit.

By the age of 13, Mitchell had already started a career as a female child performer called ‘Megan Fox’. Making her debut on an Olsen Twins straight-to-video release, the twins have kept his secret all this time.

As a sweet 16 present, Fox’s parents offered him sexual reassignment surgery, which, given their child’s career, they’d hoped to write off as a business expense. Unfortunately laws prohibit such surgery to be done to minors.

Since then Megan has been working non-stop, and been included on many Hottest Women lists in publications around the world.

Megan, as she goes by now exclusively, also noted this Sunday how much she wants Salma Hayek’s figure. She has even scheduled surgery later this month to get it. After the two met in New York this week, Hayek offered to have a cast made of her bust so doctors can match them exactly on Megan Fox’s chest.

Shazmeers mouth stood gaped for a good 3 minutes.
Sorry boys there goes you fantasies.
Why do people judge you by your choices.
Surely,whatever I do is between me and God.
No matter how exposed we are,there is always a handful who are still very "shallow minded".
Whatever I do is between myself and Him.
Should you not be judged by your beliefs and actions?
If your heart is pure and if your intentions are good?

Society has gone sour

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First up Happy Fathers Day to all fathers,not that my father reads my blog
(NOT THAT IT WOULD BE A PROBLEM,all the time...)
because he doens't even read his e mail.
"I have my secretary do it for me,"


Speaking of spoilt,yesterday Abang Hat's friend,Kak Yui Lin,who own the shoe store SHOES SHOES SHOES came over and showed us a piece of her collection.
I've only met her briefly at family events and shared her lychee martini with her but she's very sweet and has excellent taste in shoes.
My mother and I bought a pair each and a clutch.
I felt very pampered because my father offered to pay for the beautiful pair.
But I forked out two weeks worth off allowance so it's RM100 off!
(I offered to pay the rest of the RM116 but he refused,and I AIN'T COMPLAINING)

I'll be handing out flyers to you very sexy people,and it's 10% off all shoes with the flyer so hold up!

I'll post a pretty picture when I have the mojo.
right now,I need a shower&a back rub. Ooi.



When the headlines scream "SCHOOL'S OUT",you think yay for a brief moment,then proceed to a very mumsy HOW BAD IS IT

I have died and gone to GLEE heaven.

OH and to reply or whatever your name really is.


thanks RESH (:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You're blur and sometimes you annoy me.
You argue with me at the worst times possible.
You say the wrong things alot (but I know you try)
You're every wrong I'd never right.
And worst still you totally kill my buzz.(you just did 2 minutes ago)

But I still want your hugs every day.

I am (you are) impossible.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To small talks&bitch walks

It's difficult how everyone particularly looks at you a certain way.
How no one looks at you how you wish they would.
How brimming thoughts at the surface,enclose all your possible cover-ups.
Your effort all gone to waste,by your internal fights with fate.
But it is,what it is.


Everyone is a hypocrite,but none of us admit it.

Will no one see past this?


I wish I shut my mouth,sometimes I think it does more good to you doesn't it?
I'm sorry I'm not of any help.

I told you so.
I don't say the right things all the time.

In your case,I never do,do I?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I pretend to like that Korean Drama my cousins watch,

But it's just cos theres one guy who looks like NigaHiga and
one guy that looks like a super-upgrade from Blair's (yes BooBoo,I'm talking about you,not LEIGHTON MEESTER) loser "ex"-cos I'm not even sure.-


a)made me cry even during my tomboy stage,that was hard MAN!
b)the guy plays the piano!
c)when they were young the guy and the girl used to tape their voices so the other could hear it. AWWWWWW
d)uhh the stepmom was really funny.


I'm off to lunch with Uncle Knight,
early fathers day.
My creativity skills have come to a halt,so my crad will look like crap-yes I haven't even done it yet-

OH Friday was such a "productive" gym day
2 cardio sessions;stationary bike/treadmill+Hip Hop class
3 super cute guys;one a little old,one old fling,one to HOLD.


I'm changing my tuition to Monday.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My brother is now finally-well sort of-a teenager.
And now I never thought he'd become a teenager because aside from the age
-13,he's a December baby so clearly he hasn't hit that criteria yet-
to me you are teen when you start ACTING like one.

The other day we were in the car and he said..

"Yeah I know mum but I was born to procrastinate,"

I squeezed his face and said,"OH MY GOD baby you said a smart word!"
(At that very moment feeling like an idiot)
Through muffled words I managed to hear an "MHHMMMFFF"
I guess that meant "Yeah,can you stop being a whacko"

Maybe it's the fact that he is the youngest in the family,that littered in my drawers are numerous baby pictures of him. Even a cute passport photo next to Derrick's in my wallet.
Even when I'm angry at him I can't help but feel the urge to pinch his cheeks.

Sitting,reminscing with my kakak on the kitchen floor with herself and my brother,we were laughing at how adorable he was! My kakak has been with is for a LOONNNG time (since I was in Grade One,yup SRI INAI Ash,Gaston and Nick (:) She remembers putting him to sleep and he'd go "EEEEYYYYOOOOOO DUSHDUSHDUSH KABOOOOM" imitating the onomatopoeia of an army battle, occassionally repeating "affirmative" to the tanks.

My brothers first word was "BRRROOOOM". Not a word but,okay a sound then. This was even before MUMMY came out from his mouth! This is why automobiles are something he holds so dearly to his heart. Just like another Sagittarius I know (; I remember stealing all his Hot Wheels while he made a tantrum.

While I am lacking in culinary instincts( slicing a lemon nearly had me slicing my finger off),my brother is very passionate about his food. Able to taste what the dish is lack off,everything tastes "GOOD" to me. I cannot be a food cannouseir ): Just about last year he still said "KAY-APP-CEE" instead of "KAY-EFF-CEE" when asking if he could eat at his favourite fast food joint.
My mistake,any fast food joint is his favourite fast food joint.
Trust me,if you have seen him you would know.

Moving on,
The other day while studying he had craftily managed to get my BlackBerry from my grasp and instead of flipping through the texts like all bratty brothers do
(the ups of a STORM is that it's press screen and he has difficulty enabling it)
he had used to mirror-like side to...
scrutinize his face.
I stared in disbelief while he coolly added
"Che can you pluck my monobrow,"

I thought I was about to have a mini-seizure

And while I was about to ask him to DIAL 911 (or was it 994?!?)
He non chalantly dabbled,
"And che can I borrow your pimple cream,I can feel a spot"

Baby,you've grown up (':

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I can't tell you all how I 'm so very hungry right now

I couldn't even concentrate on the phone with Mal cos I kept slobbering at the sushi I saw on someones FB album.

Picked up Kak Trin&Rasy from CHEER PRAC. I saw someone who was yummy for my tummy,yay!

Tira can't make it tomorrow so it's just going to be the Rafie sisters,Ulin and maybe VICTOR haha.
I want to "have the best of both worlds" and move some mountains or something.

Kay I have to wake up in 6 hours and my pact to sleep 8 hours a day is not happening.
I'm going to fall asleep on Victor on whatever.

Ethan I really want to be Taylor Swift

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

my loves

can't you just feel the magic in this!

This house will soon become a zoo.

Where have I been these past few days?


my best friend who is always with me.
ignore ugly chipped black nailpolish.

Itcha fiddlin' with her MP3

A tandem bike.
I really wanted to ride it but FAIL!
The uncle however did let me sit behind him while he pedalled some distance,just for my amusement!

I took this picture and got devoured alive but red ants!

Brandon attempting to waterski. heheh tak jadi

The last day was fully spent at the beach,after about watching cartoons(I even skipped breakfast) till about 2pm

They get really immature,pushing and tossing.

Their stupid taunts get on my nerves too.

But it's the small things they do,

Random hugs

Opening the door for me

And just being around them

These boys don't know it but they make me so happy (':

Aunty Cindy,pendera.

I sat on the banana boat on the first day.
And it capsized like thrice

Surprisingly good pizza.
Fresh outta their oven so so so good!
I have never had so many coconuts in my whole life!
i think that's why my skin didn't really breakout despite being under harsh weather conditions

See that guy in the water staring into the styrofoam cup.
Yep he was already sorta tipsy.

i wish,they were long and thin like that.

He was pretending to be "JAWS"
Tak habis habis jadi budak ni.
tu la papa jadi my PeterPAn kan Papa.

Excuse me I just had 7 slices of pizza (no joke!) + ridiculous amounts of junkfood/liquids