Friday, November 20, 2009


Apparently your body rests during the hours of 1am till 10am.
So sleeping beyond that time proves to be useless?
I just messed my biological clock up by 18 minutes.

As much as I relate myself at being a creature of comfort,I do not understand why I love using the laptop in the wee hours of the morn sans the air conditioner or fan on.
At first it was supposed to be a "this-is-to-signify-five-more-minutes-I'll-be'done-in-a-jiffy"
But after I realised it wasn't going to happen,it became a habit.

Maybe I am NOT a creature of comfort.

Honestly I think if I get used to it I CAN suffice as a rather hardy person.
Someone once commented on me being deemed "spoilt"
Well,I'd beg to differ.
My dad grew up with a maid to himself,as to all his other siblings.
My maternal grandmother had SEVERAL.
One to tutor her,one to send her to bed,one to make her meals etc.
During her time she even had hired help to PLAY with her when she was a little girl.
I admit I do falter in the cooking department,my brother would beat me hands down.


Okay maybe it was Ah Choy the plumber but I did it thrice.

That REPLAY song is stuck in my head,no thanks to TeohVince.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Is it me or do Coldplay songs seem to just have this inevitable power to make you cry?

Chemistry tuition 'morrow morning after Baby Adik's sesh,and then that LEO thing at Vince's.
If it's actually on.

OHKAY it is.
I haven't touched my chem work HAHAHAHAHAHHA,early day!

Have been occupying my days at Celebrity. I come home achy but the good kind (:

Dear God.
let us all pray the marshmallows for the campfire will not be devoured in this few days prior to the camp.


p/s. remind me to collect my Havainas from tira!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FACEBOOK is beginning to piss me off. Damn photograph uploader.

Actually technology refuses to abide by my rules. Grr.
Am pooped from gym,updates soon