Sunday, June 10, 2007

English Beat.I'm sorry love but I'm too British for all this.Cuppa tea?

Hello there
I see no point in swear greetings which some undisclosed people do.What is the point honestly.
You're only making yourself appear cheap.Have some dignity.Or have you lost it in the Hollywood Hills? (:
I've never really liked Hilary Duff until now.I think if I had children,I'd like my daughter(if I'm blessed with a daughter)to look up to her.
She's just different from the rest.Plus she doesn't dance on bar tops half naked and drunk.
Oh and he fashion taste is rather good if I do say so myself.
What am I doin' right now?
Waitin' for Soph to finish her little chat with my banana cakelimhueyyee...oh and singing/humming songs from Grease.
Was aimlessly browsing,reading random blogs,so I typed Sophia's URL in the address bar and scrolldown to read her posts and waddayaknow...
I was feeling rather blah at that moment and I come across the perfect pick-me-up
a beautiful photo of the Grease Boys
Jeremy,Shazmeer,Wan Jyn,Marcus,Ke Ming and Yee Fei.
These boys have a very special place in my hearts.
When I saw the picture it took my breth away.
You boys looked stunning,as always,but you know.
Very handsome that day (:
And during the performance...
if you are squimish back off now
I guess I had my own Sandra Dee moment,I feel in love with the jock,Danny Zuco
my dear Shazmeer.I guess at that moment,and that moment alone I fell in love with you too.
Amazing (:
Cousins are watching Grease.
I miss Grease so much.Even with the amount of hardships.Fights
(haha Shaz).Tears.Agony and fear of not makin' it to the finals.We got in.And everyone put in so much effort.I've never seen a production evolve into something so amazing in such a short amount of time.Miracle or not I'm truly blessed to have worked and done practices with you amazing people.
I cannot bear to go downstairs,to watch Grease,Oh no,I might cry.Sure when Summer Nights blasted from the downstairs stereo I jumped onto the computer chair and not too long after the table and belted it out as if I was on stage again.
I imagined my monkey cheerleader friends screaming the Grease family's name.(Dina,Deena right Krish.Inside joke)And how much my feet hurt even though I was prancing around the stage in ballet flats.Oh I'll never forget that day.Many firsts.
First musical performance.
First duet.
First major role in a production(gulp,but thanks for the faith)
First feetache in balletflats.
First slow dance
First love-at-first-sight-for-five-minutes(haha)
The best and worst day of my life.Until my wedding day of course.Ya Allah you even slow dance during your wedding too.Too much of a coincidence.,haha
On the lighter note,
did I story you about Sophie's place?
Well no suprise but it was THE BOMB.
Her mummy's nasi briyani and chocolate
oh and also,I fell in love with Nestle's Guava yoghurt drink.Honestly I feel so icky without it now.Sophie's house is beautiful.The interior is very english and primandproper.But it's so cosy.I felt so at home.At such ease.So cosy.I didn't want to go home at all.
And the ambience outside lifted my spirits.It's kinda like CAMERONS haha but no cold air.
or strawberries.
or tea plantation.TANAMAN BERTERES :D
oh you get the picture
we took many many pictures which will be coming to several blogs near you
namely mine,soph's,tri's,jo's,ash's,nic's,ry's.the people who slept over and came over.
well my cousins are about to come up and hang me if I do not,I repeat and I quote
"Get yer ghetto booty down 'ere and spend some quality love with your Sujakuotures,"
yeah yeah yeah I'm comin'
I'll be updating very soon I promise.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

lay here entwined so we can get some

Hi :D

I'm in Sophie's room now.Tri,Jo and Dee are staying over.Ashley can't but she's still here (:

And she's reading this over my shoulder and repeating things over,commenting my words and correcting my spellings.


Boys were here but they went home.Wan Jyn went home the last.We all spent QUALITY time with him.Haha WE LOVE HIM (:

Ate pizza and dranka little coke.Hardly tho.Lots and lots of water tho my moze :D

I really miss my banana cake (JOYCE LIM HUEY YEE :D )

hehe pfft.We were so supposed to go to the gym together but to no avail.Aww

Kayra ish shooooo cute

She's sophie's cute baby sister.

And she likes my boobs(ohkay actually everyone elses)and everyones booty.

Yes she even hit Wan Jyn actually grabbed it.Oh my God.

I'm shhhhhooo mad.Nicole Chin Yin Ling can't sleepover )':

Mhhmm I'll blog more later.

Oh yeah p/s

this is on FIRE

This is rather weird on account that he's been my BEST FRIEND since I think.
Late standard five but I've known him since standard three.
Happy Belated Birthday Deryk Quah (:
Oh yes
Happy Birthday Derrick Leong
Today you're finally fourteen
My favourite Bond.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I need inspiration not just another negotiation

Hello (:

From Left:Wan Jyn,Jeremy and Me
hehe Jeremy looks retarded (:
I like this colour.
Come back from your nice nice resort evilJeremy.
Honestly he's a sweetheart la.I love him (:
I'm actually quite prouda myself.Yesterday I cleaned up my laptop which was constantly lagging and I was always complaining to my papa.So i cleaned it up and arranged all my songs and extra stuff.And its working so smoothly.Even better than the computer.
so now my brother is jealous.
too bad
pfft hahah at least its easier for me and my moze.
Less fights for the computer :D
Oh yeah.

Nicole asked me yesterday what moze is and what it means.Well moze is...
Say mother.and now say moze(pronounced mah-ze).sounds similar?
so thats what moze is and it means mother la.haha (:
I just stayed over for one night at kak trina's house and now she has influenced me with her weird choice of words.

On Friday we went to pick Kak Trina from her place at Gelnmarie Courts.Moze was lambat cos she forgot about the alarm clock.
AHA!I have woken up earlier than her twice!Well it's an achievement for me ok c(:
Went to Celebrity in Subang Parade and did kickboxing,coyote and latin.
Tiring but fun.
There was this guy in coyote(coyotes kinda like bar dance.PCD)hes on the big side but he was shaking more than me and Kak Trina combined.Kudos to him honestly.
And in latin I've never booty shaked so much,honestly.I don't know how Shakira does it.
Showered.We were so hungry me and Kak Trina ate a pot of yogurt each which I cleverly brought :D
Showered.Went home.Ate lunch.
Got my things together to sleepover at her place.

As usual.Being Kak Trina she couldn't resist.It's her nature.Or so she claims.
I suppose we kinda look alike.sometimes.
So then I went for my dentist appt.
Is my mother that young looking?The dentist actually asked you're her mother right?
(AND Joshua thought she was hot =.= He even said stepmother ah?!Grrrr)
and Kak Trina laughed so loudly the nurses were looking at her.
And the dentists room was full of green stuff so she camoflouged.hehe
went to KakTrina's
Did Hurins card thingie.
Ate dinner.Sayur masak lemak is the best!I was eating it like sucha jakun cos my moze would never cook it.
Defeats the purpose of eating vegetables.
True but it was so yummy and fattening
After dinner we just sat at the dining table and talked to Uncle Rafie about school and stuff.
He is so funny and cool.
Went up and continued the card thingie.
Trisa came home from her shopping spree with Tita.
She bought so many clothes!
From Dorothy Perkins,stuff from SASA,jewelery from MoriPin
Sure she shops and we work.Yeah ok.
But the clothes she got was so nice!Retro but Abang Hat doesn't like one of them cos he says its a copy of Allahknowswhichfashionlabel 2007 spring collection.
You are wearing a copy of the runway know that!
That's what you get froma cousin who works in the fashion industry I guess.
And when I'm eighteen(four more years) I can go for his events and meet people like...
Chad Michael Murray
Wentworth Miller
and yes Esfern Tom Welling
oh and boys no joke
Jessica Alba
and etc etc etc.
happyhappyjoyjoy (:
I want to work as an intern in TeenVouge can he get me there?
Hope so.
Does anyone have June's TeenVouge.Can I pinjam please?thankyou
talk.slept.woke up.nextday.
Hurins and Trisa's part
NONE of Trisa's friends could come
All were either in S'pore(sale)or not free.and one was studying?!Uh kays...
But we invited 20 over and this was notified long before.Poor dear but she had fun (:
Met a cute guy which I will story Sophie tomm.I already storied Joyce.hehe.
I fell sick.
Next day didn't go for math tuition which apparently she did not teach.She was sick too.
And yeah today I'm much better.Light cough but very very light.
Can't wait
for tomorrow (: Imma gna make Calypso pudding for Sophie.But she wants me to come over earlier so maybe I'll make something simpler if possible otherwise Calypso pudding it is.
So many people staying over.We're gonna watch chicklits,sadsadlovemovies,ANTM manda,and do what we girls to best talk!
Oh and irritate the boys :D
No they are not sleeping overr! >:(
Wan Jyn had better now bring SAW
I love Burberry LONDON for woman(MENG LEONG)
Thank you Godma (:
What's TTYL?
For you I'd give up all I own
And move to a communist country
If you came with me of course
File my nails so they don't hurt you
Lose those pounds and learn about football
If it made you see
But you won't,but you won't