Friday, March 23, 2007

Hello darlings (:

I'm in a suprisingly good mood now.Even though I've been sleeping late for days.DAYS!!!

Oh wait!My good mood has been cut short thanks to you.
You know who you are.

Please stop trying to milk any pity or sympathy.
"I'll love you forever,"
That was first class bull thankyouverymuch.
I'm so glad I didn't fall for any of your trick
Your LIES!
Please,first me then my best friend?
You'd think we'd know better.
Angry at me?
Because I don't love you that way?
This is starting to sound like a bad romance movie gone,well,WORST!
Mad at yourself for catching dreams in the sky?
So you have to call me a bitch and slut?
Now those are signs of pure desperation station!
I don't know what to beleieve from you anymore.

Ahh forget you.I've got better things to do (:
Today was actually good
Went to school earlier again for prefects installation practice.
Was late cos Aunty was late.Sent her car for servicing so she borrowed her neighbours'.
Halfway to school,it broke down!I was so scared I was trying to keep my cool.It broke down twice.I was so afraid...oh won't say it.Ok blahblahblah.Went to the prefectsroom.No one was there.Not in the hall.CF was doin' something fun there.Singing has to be fun ohkay? (:
I was to meet in the basketball court.Ranranran.Fell.But I'm still here in the flesh.Phew!
Practice was quite satisfactory actually (:
Forgot to mention tennis before school
Coachie says he loves my back hand.
I think I've memorised the prefects song.YAY!The other two justs roll of my toungue.No effort at all cos I know them by heart.
I'm not going to talk about my results.Let's just say watch out for me next term (:
Abhi still wants me to wear the tie to school.And nothin' else.Dream Abhidabidoo(SOPHIA)
Greeted Ty,Dee,Marcus and Nick in the hall.
Pn Cheng stopped Joyce for havin' no fringe.How weird is that.Evn Jac was puzzled and just told Cay,RUNRUNRUN!
Speaking of Jac

hahaha.Eh both of them are tremendous singers!Coincidence?I think not.haha

Ok after assembly.Walked out talked to Wern then Lex and Shaz and Abhi came and joined us.Alex was like "I'm going to whack your ass with this roll of paper!"
I was like "Oh ok you do that lexxie"
He didn't but he whacked Shazzies.
Shaz says you can download ARES fOR FREE!
Well I tried I can't!AHHHHH!
Walked to the prefectsroom.
Combed my hair and Phia was sittin on a blue chair and Wern was on her lap followed by Wei Chee and Jac.It was so funny!

Then Phia said to me and Shaz
"You see la I'm so nice wait for my agama people,"
Shaz replied with a
"Yeah ok.Lets go AGAMALIANS,"
"Cool word Shaz.Agamlians haha,"(me)
"Duh like me,"

That was gay Shaz the duh part.
Agama was fun we kinda did like projects.Cont. tomm so no REAL work.WHEEEE
Math was good cos I know my algebra now (:
recess went to the block f's toilet cos ours is under reno. or somethin'.Oh the memories.
What more I was with my girls
Girltalked.I actually missed talkin' in that stupid toilet with them.We made(still do)so much noise that all the other people stared.hahahaha
Talked.Did duty.Talked to the gang.Bell rang.
Ate with Kem,Wern and Affiq.Lexxie was there and Jensen
Jensen has a pink plaster.Its neon pink!
Don't play play one ah!
Lexxie actually carried me!Well not xactly.
Technically I was on the bench and he could still lift it to sit down no problem.
Same to Affiq.
MADE Affiq buy me wantan.
Talked to Kem.
Ate.Walked back together.
Realised its science not sivics.I thought I was so screwed.PnPuah was in a good mood.
Went up to get my books with nerissa.Pn Cecilia's her mom!OMG!
And apparently the whole world knows except me!?I'm so left out.
Sivics Cik Juliana didn't come.OH GOODY.Watched Minimytez.My sweethearts are the bomb!
Their gna kick ass this Sunday.
Be there...
History was great.
Bel rang.Talked,walked together.TheCyrenz+TheTwilightz.I love it when we're together makes me feel so secure and loved.I LOVE THEM ALL (:

Oh weeellll its twelve midnight and I have school in the morning.Screw.
I'm goin' to sleep through that motivation thing.Then come home and sleep.

Oh yeah.
thankyou ati to the ra

"Whats mine is yours to leave and take.Whats yours is mine to make your take...
I'll look after you..."

Sing that to me and I'll fall in love for sure.Ok well maybe (:

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hello smello and spread it like jello (:

Aiyayah where did that came from?

I'm in Club Med Cherating right now.Yes,at this very moment.Right now.Uhhuh yes now...
Well anywayyy it's fab schmab heeerre.Although I miss very much my Cyrenz+Twilightz and some other precious ones.I'm in the kids club.It's called Passworld,I think.Yeah I'm pretty sure.It's so schweettt (; Theres like these hanging thingies we sit in and computers and internet access and Xboxes and Playstations,Foosball tables and Iyou can even play the guitar and the drums here.It's for kids 11-17.Perfect!So mny hot guys here!Evn the G.O(Guest Officers) s' are hot.I know The Cyrenz will LOVE that.Haha.Today woke up at like 8.15.Was s'pose to wake up at 7.30 to have a quick breakfast and go for a round of tennis(did I not mention Trina that the courts are 24 hours access?)but I was still sleep.Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up early and go for an early morning jog and watch the sun rise (: It's off season here which means not many people especially the foreigners are here.But there are some.Went bungee jumping and rock climbing (: I forgot to bring my cable to uploas pictures ): D'oh.Danced in the rain.hehe.Played mini golf a little went back and changed into my bikini and shorts.Had lunch and Christy joined us.Talked laughed ate.Kris and papa went for a swim but it was scorching so me and mom sat this one out.Watched the clouds past and coconut trees sway in the wind.Glanced at the sea throught the theater.The green blue waters glistening under the afternoon sun.Beautiful.Then I fell asleep.haha.Woke up wanted to explore so here I am.

Yesterday when we arrived we were greeted by two G.O.s' Christy and Irene.Christy kinda teased me about my butterfly pillow.Hey!Atir gave it to meeee hahaha We were given ice cold drinks and a cold towel.Then Irene explained to us about the place and the facilities here.Yadayadayada.Then we were given coloured ribbons.Purple for kids and orange for adults.We can have free drinks at the bar by just showing the band.I love the Iced Lemon Tea.And fro adults they can have free drinks but they can have alcoholic beverages too like free beer and free house wine but some wines like the 1908 ones and the champagne will be charged for.Oh cool I was listening (:
We were shoen to our rooms by Annie.She's Korean.She's tan and she's so pretty.I'm no les but she's so fit.Her tummy is like woah and her bod is so toned and her korean accent is so cute.She's tall tan nice and pretty.Eyerr lucky.Our rooms are like divided into sections named after animals.Our rooms are in Itik hehehe.Unpacked.Changed.Lunch.Wen to the pool.skipskipskip.Dinner.The food is quite good some things are so good but the desserts are scrumptious!At dinner theres this couple with a baby and theres a cat who was to take a look so the lady talked to the cat.
she said
"No kitty.Don't hurt baby.You eat the food ok?"
She left the food and it ate and just kinda like guarded the baby.Too cute!But the baby is adorable.skipskipskip.Show by the G.Os.Really fun and they can dance so well!!!Evryones on their toes all the time so theyre all fit.Annie can dance so well!Another great thing about her.Pfft.Won the Ladies Pillow Fight rival was a drunk french lady called Sophie.She was drunk but was very nice.
Went back to the room but I accidently locked the door with the lock so had to go back and get the other key from papa(connecting for me and my bro and one for my parents)Changed.Slept.

Well I'm gna go explore.I'll update later.Loves to all!!!