Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ok...this is the first day of me new blog...which was sorta introed by sam low of 2 bel(woohoo clapp clap*applause*)smkdj...anywho...its kinda ok act...i had one before but i forgot the password and all so yeah...Dj is quite a nice school but i still miss and love my primary school to bits...miss it so much....*sigh*im actually on of the most laziest people on the face of this writing in this blog will be heaven will probably make up the fact that i dont do my compositions for cik juliana that well*d'oh*...i still got an A but...let me just say that 1 Batai is a fab class and im sorry to say but its better than 1 Balu accordin to me...but i think 1 balau is good too.Is it just me or is it a fact that 1 Bataianz & 1 Balauanz go into each others class when the teacher is not there like a little kid comes crawling to candy...its like the most so called o naturel(as sharon says)thing to do...hehe...we are so close...oh and did you know that...I HATE CIK CHO!grr!!you know i dont go around hating people ive got better things to do like talking,bein happy and hyper,poking people like sharon,licia and philip alright lets not get there but...i just hate her...grr i cant stand and mandy even called her fat ass owl...well its sorta the fact.btw i love the way you say cik cho mandy it sounds like chie cho when you say it teehee..i hear you guys say oh why do you hate her well dont worry i will explain...i just asked her this

teacher are we going to the padang for pj cos thats what we normally do
haih can you please sit down first!(glarin at me wiv those teeny tiny eyes out of those owl glasses)
(obediently walks to my seat)yes teacher

starts blahing abt something no one listens to.....
you all better listen to me...blah blah in charge...blah blah blah....when i say you play...blah play...when i say learn you...balh blah blah....learn...blah blah blah
(glares at her with full of despise and hate)
blah blah blah
(sending out evil vibes to her and lovely happy vibes to everyone else if its actualy possible)
blah blah...chapter 1...blah havent learn...other class i teach chapter 5...blah blah
(writes on my hand I HATE CIK CHO in red ink...i have no idea whose pen it was...too angry to care)
bring ex book nxt wee...blab blab blah...last time u all always berseronok...blah blah blah must study
(pictures myself killin her)
blah blahblah...ok we go padang for a whil;e...blah blah blah...must always listen to my rules
(bitches abt cc behind her back AGAIN)CC=CIK CHO

after the lousiest pj session i have ever suffered

(listens to more blabberin...gosh when does this lady shut up with her nonsense...sad to say but no wonder shes not married)
ok blah blah blah...go back class...blah blah blah


if i have to have her the whole year(which is most likely true)im gonna go crazy!!!!!!!maybe we can convince pn shyamala to come back...or maybe get pn aruna or pn hor to teach desperate.....ANY OTHER TEACHER WILL DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gosh i hate her....well i gotta bunk in...i have to finish my hw before gettin to skewl tomorrow......