Sunday, October 28, 2007

Did the captain of the Titanic cry?

Dear God please don't let the laptop or computer or modem get struck by lightning.

Ok before moving on to my normal ramblings,I've got these.

Marissa on the left and Kayra on the right.I think this is really cute (:

I just know that when I took this photograph Trina was posing.
If you look close enough,she's smirking.POSERRR heheh

Ok actually I do have more than two photographs to post up but my internet is currently healing as she has just returned from Rehab.
Ok now she just went back.
Hopefully she will return in awhile.
It's the stupid area I sware.
See now she came back!

God I can''t wait to move.

Today was Uncle Salim's open house.
Aunty Nora was there,and so was Sharifah Aini.
And Datuk K's son was supposed to be coming so Atira thought we should all take a picture with Sharifah,Aunty Nora and Siti!
well tak jadi.

I think Datuk K's son came after I left.
"Vince" came.
Abang Simon came.
There was this particularly good looking boy in braces,he could be either around my age or maybe sixteen.
Either he's tall or I'm tall.
I think braces are cute!
The whole day consisted of mucking around in the kitchen,the TV room and outside.
Taking photos and touchin up makeup in the kitchen.Well I didn't really but my cousins did.hah!
After that we left to view another future candidate of our future house.
So far the elegible ones are:

(placement does not determine status)

a)South Quay(around SunwayLagoon)
b)iforgotwhere(apparently my parents say its around MontKiara
YAY!frequent visits to likey)
c)Desa Park Damansara(I think it's what its called anyway)

Pros and Cons:

a)The bedrooms in South Quay are rather small.The only reason why I want it its because its lakefront.Good amenieties.And the one my papa wants,I chup-ed the bedroom with a connected patio.Flat roof.Great for sneaking up on.Ooops!The worst only ready in 3 years time.I'll be overseas by then!Gated

b)iforgotwhere,is uptown around Seri Hartamas.Malls aplenty!Plenty of dance academies,kick boxing,karate,vocal classes etc.Straight from my mothers mouth"Very handsome eurasian boys"It's not that cheap but it's not over pr
iced.No clubhouse.I think Gated

c)The houses are gorgeous.But it's near the forest.Expensive,about 2mil over for each.Windy,good for active kite flyers or remote controlled airplanes.Gated.Clubhouse.Will have a mall and international school within the area.FOR THE BOYS and some of us girls:TWO not one but two,FIFA sized football fields!No joke.The playgrounds are so cute!Flat roof,read a).Really spacious.Lots of land.Actually if any of my friends were to come over it's kinda easy cos the roads are really easy!
But all good things have to come to an end because if I move here...
I have to change school.

This is Kieren (:
This was the last time Nicole and I went to KLPAC boohoo ):
It was the bomb,I love it there.

I want Gossip Girl and Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives and OC.
I sware everything also I'm so left behind.

Mhhhhm I love A Walk to Remember,you have to listen to their soundtrack before you die.
Seriously,I don't think I'll ever get sick of it.I HOPE!

Joyce I love you so much.
Sorry kayyyyy ):
mmmhhhm I have to go to bed early.
BIG BIG DAY tommoroooooow.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fast Car-tracy Chapman

ITs a lovely song (:



The freaking gossip Girl vid I donwloaded on Ares,when I play it,it becomes Audio!?
What the fudge no?

I was ranting ranting ranting to Esfern until I think she's so sick of me!
hehehe I love you.

Gossip Girl Vid pleaaseeeee work!!! ):

(sorry no gambar!blogger refuses to be cooperative!)


No connection whatsoever but I llike the song
Oh but come tot think of it the song kinda reminds me of Krish!!!
Maybe we sang it in kindy hahahaha
Oh but I know Livin lavida Loca does!Right Krish?SUPERDUPERBIGHINTS ((:

Anyway I have to go change now cause I 'm going for the Coc(o)uriculum Day rehearsal thingamBOOB.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


one little pill

Connection was being a peach today.
(Hah D I told you it's only SOMETIMES)
So I've decided to carpe diem,which is seize the moment fyi in French.
Ok I'm not really sure but anyway..

Sophie Jams is came home today!

Amin/Amen to that!

So Ramadhan has passed,and although I did not get to enjoy the last few days of fasting because it was that time of the month,I did however enjoy it while it lasted.
This year I even met up with an old friend who did remember my name(and looked even better than before (:)and who is infact coming to Damansara Jaya next year (:
I'll see you soon Chee Loong
Although Joyce did not manage to follow me to the last days of the bazaar this year,she's always welcomed next year.
And we still have the jelly in its packet ready to be made for you Cay.hahaha
After one month of suffering,insaf-ing,I kinda miss fasting.
Its a bittersweet relationship.
Then comes Raya.
Most people,unlike myself,have a kampung to return to.
Where you sit in the car waiting to get there,in where the iPods,phones,laptops,cameras and all electronic gadgets come in handy.
Or if you are like me do not get giddy in the car reading,will proceed to read everything(including the nutritional value of the potato chips you have been eating) and then grow tired and fall asleep.
Then your parents will usually stop for a break,usually lunch.And you have no appetite and want to proceed back to the car and continue your nap.
After the break,the journey continues and step 1,2 and 3 will repeat.
When you finally(FINALLY!)arrive your grandparents are already outside the door awaiting your arrival.
You stretch while your father is reversing inside and your grandfather is giving him signals whether to "gostan" here or turn there or whatsoever.
When the car comes to a complete stop,you can't wait to get outside and hug your grandparents and you enter the house which holds numerous memories of you and your cousins running around with the fireworks and your grandma screaming at all the girls to not dirty your new clothes.(the slit of my cheongsam tore and my hands will be full of rust and debris from the gate,and my face is like of an oil slick and my hair looks like I just survived hurricane Katrina)
And you feel guilty cos as much as you love your pops and nana you kinda wanna go back,but after a while you don't wanna go home!
Consider yourself lucky,for I do not have a kampung.
Neither does my father,my mother does but we only go back during chinese new year.
A few years back when my Tok Bak was still slive Raya was something worth looking forward too.
We'd leave EARLY in the morning after asking for forgiveness from our parents and a few photographs to my Grandparents place in section 16.
There all the men would go together to perform their prayers at a certain mosque,we women did ours at home of course.
Raya was and still is a great affair for the Sujaks.There will be about more than a hundred coming in and out of the house therefore The women would get the food ready,making sure the food was ready and the house was looking its absolute best!
Downstairs(it's a 3-storey house and Dr. Mahathir used to stay there so downstairs is the first,upstairs is the second and upupstairs is the third),this is where the kids,during that time me included would play Jaws,Ice and Fire,Pepsi Cola and what not.
Then Atiras baju kurung bottom will tear,Kak Trina will accidentaly hit Trisa and then she will cry and then Kak Trina scolds her for crying because its Raya you can't cry its bad luck then Trisa cries even more and then Hurin will say something and then we will fight and then we start pulling out each others hair.
Five minutes later when we hear the car of a guest arrive we stand by the door all poised,I admit I always stood straight and smiled demurely the first!We will salam the guests and bring them upstairs and come down again to play and laugh because we were fighting four minutes ago.
Then we go upstairs and eat bolognaise and lemang and rendang and I whom cannot eat spicy will run around screaming "HOTTTT!ICE!I WANT COKE AND ICEEEEEE!"The Trisa will laugh and tumpah sauce on her baju and then we run to the toilet and with the "miracle" hand soap and water we manage to get the stain off.
We are still there at about 6 and we usually go home take a quick shower and nap at times then come back.New guests have arrived and we(the girls,Sujakuoture)will be downstairs gossping about which Abang of Abang Neds or Abang Nafiks or Abang Nabils friend was the cutest.
I remember I used to have the biggest crush on an Abang we called Abang Simon.
I'm pretty sure he's mixed matsalleh and he would tell us ghost stories because I told him I love ghost stories (:
And then he "broke my heart" when he brought his girlfriend over hahahahha first I would sulk but then forget about him and move on the the most higly anticipated event of Raya(besides the fam+friends,food and money of course!)THE BUNGA API!
my mummy had to tie a handkerchief around my brothers mouth cos he was asthmatic then.
After that we eat,wathc tv,talk play and continue that for the next 4 to 5 days.
And then the open houses we all went together!
Even though Kak Trin and Tris went back to S'pore after a few days thy'd always be back soon.
And I'm looking at a picture of me and Tira.
And despite my unruly hair and two front teeth or actually,lack of,and Atira's lazy eye and "penyet"nose,we look like we are having the best Raya of all.
The fun the memories...
Its not like I don't like Raya now,it's just different.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

This is where I belong.

sweet paradise.

If you like to dance
and ME!
download The Way I Are Remix.
Reminds me of clubbing!
I wanna go clubbing /:

I'm tall can you take me? (:
Discotheque please.

Hmmmm it's the end of the Year-End Exams.
Time for a much needed break before leaping off to Form Three baby!
Something I'm not and am looking forward too.

Nicole brought Harpers Bazaar today and we were oggling at stuff we can only dream about.
Well for now right Nicole? (:

Some photos I scout for,I'm serious about working in the fashion industry.
Model or not.Imagine you are PAID to DRESS UP to go to WORK!

Photography by Terry Richardson.
This was for Vouge.French Vouge if I'm not mistaken.

The last is my favourite.

In case your rather clueless I'm pretty sure this potrays a sort of celebutante being chased by the paparazzi,hence the awkward stares with fags and tantrums which resulted into the soft drink photograph.
I know for a fact that working in the fashion industry is tough.(my cousin is a PR of some sort and gets invited to sweet gigs and fashion shows which he promised I will get to follow when I'm eighteen,four more years!.)
Sure you grace magazine covers,reign the catwalks,get the latest fashions every style every colour...
yes theres always a but to burst everyones bubble isn't there.
Its a bitchy industry and in this cut throat world,its even worse.
You can't rely on anyone but yourself and you have to be smart about your friends.
Not everyone should know about your secrets or your life.
Cause in this big world its everyone for themselves,the fight of the fittest.
But probably thats why I really want to get in there and experience it.
First here then I definitely want to do it in New York.

"If I can make it there,I'll make it anywhere,it's up to you New York,Neeewwww Yooooorrrkk!"

hence the song (:

After exams Pn Aruna told us to fill up the new cocuricullum card thing and last year they put me as a St. John.
I was like what the fudge?
So whether I'm allowed to or not I don't now,but I scribbled it and wrote "PENGAKAP" in big bold letters.
Much better.

Girls who are scouts are cool ok?
In fact we can rub two shortbreads together to make a fire.
I kid!
We DO NOT sell cookies,nor do we dance around the campfire.
So if you're looking for that I suggest you go somewhere else.

Its less than 10 hours since freedom and I've started painting my nails!
If you're tan like me,Revlon's Vixen works nicely onhour skin tone girls!
and guys if you want.
It's not like I can pray now so who cares!
I'm skipping school esok.
Facial and Raya shopping..
So I'll have to take it off on Wednesday.