Thursday, August 31, 2006

Marissa has finally finished her KGT!!!*clap clap clap*Well everything except the drawing of the map.Maybe I might not do cos well it said to draw your kawasan kajian and I kinda almost 'kaji-ed' the whole of SS3 so yeah.But I wrote kinda alot for kawasan kajian so yeah.Some people just got braces after the holidaysss.Like Ke Ming and Wen Hui and they look awesome in them braces so smile smile smile!!!!Mammy and Daddy left for Bangkok today.And if you have to ask yeah I cried.
I know you all are gonna say I'm manja but deal with it ok?
Their comin home on Monday night at about 8.I miss them sooooooooooo banyak laaaaa.But their there cos its papa's anniversary pressie to mammy and himself.
tear tear
My body has not been obeying me lately.My whole bod hurts gila.Today I had difficulty breathing in school.So bad it hurt so much I cried.
I was about to die you know.Fei fei was like,"It's ok if you die I burn choccies for you ok?"
Oh Fei I lovieeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Yesterday Treen slept over cos she didn't wanna go for her moms line dancing friend's 60th birthday.We actually studied.
After studying though we kept talking like about everything under the Sun ok actually Moon (:
Secrets were revealed.Some we won't be able to believe.Spottie made me feel so much beta yesterday.We were talking well smsing so much all my credit go bye bye la.But he made me feel gooddddd.
Today at school besides the parta me dying it was actually good.In science me,Nixxie and Fia were acting all crazie.Grieving and giggling at the same time.I even scribbled on Fie's hand.Why I can't tell ya.Ngeh.
I couldn't copy my sivic notes cos teacher lostie my book.But I dont really care we don't really do anything for sivcs at all.Bwaaaaaaa.Yoong Tat is damn mean way.HE FRIGGIN CALLED ME FLAT!!!


shoves a plastic bag down tats pocket Nah you need it.
Give me for what?Daena's the one that needs it.
Oh my God kor you are sooooooooo mean I hate you!
Joking la

Then he also said I was pregnant.Meanest wei!
But Rowie said I wasn't.
Oron tooo.He was like "No la,where got?ok what"
If I wasn't about to rush out to run from tat and ask more people I woulda hug you
Lets hug!!!!!
Sani said maybe I was flat chested.
I hate you la Sani!But then again I love you laaaaaa...shittifieddd
Jo said "OMG what la damn big already!"
I didn't exactly want that either Jie.But you said they were normal again so I love you back! (:
Then we more of her started shouting cos her bro drove.Congratzz Joel (: Can't wait till I get to drive.I think by the time I drive Meng Leong still can't drive right?Cos you say the guy said not good.Nevermind la.Theres always taxi and LRT.Maybe I'll give you a lift.
I'm joking.But just incase.
My adoraaaaaaaaaaaaable whittle puppie Spot!!!
And I didn't give you the cookie.If you asked I woulda let you take a nibble but you ate the whole cookie.Don't start with me about misinterprating Spot.You ate it so there.
Going for my cousins BBQ party tommmmm.Hope theres alot of food.
stupid thing to say
and fun
even stupider
I love Nicole.
I love Tat.
I love Treen.
I love Fie.
I love Esther.
I love Joyce.
I love Fern.
I love Manda & Mandy.
I love Jo.
I love Ash.
I love Ann.
I love Krish.
I love Sammie.
I love Tyron.
I love Rowan.
I love Sani.
I love Spottie!!!!
I miss my parents....Gawwwwwwwww
And Phie phie too!!!!!!!!!
I love you all la ok!
Everyone of you out there.
You all make me feel so special I hate ya'll.
I L U!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

superheroes and kgt

Urgh.KGT is nearly done.But stupid dapatan kajian.someone help me!Mammy and papa are going to Bangkok on Friday for their pre-anniversary gift to themselves.Well actually from papa to mammy and himself.Hope they enjoy themselves.Bring back the goodies for me! (:Everyone is going goo goo gaa gaa over super heroes.I honestly prefer sidekicks.Ok just one particular one.I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ROBIN!

Oh My God he is so hot!
I even too took a photo with him in Gold Coast.And I got to keep the origanal.Nyeh nyeh sammi!!!
Just to end this post...I'll post a picture of yours trully in her most 'super' attire (:

hehe.till another post ya'll!!

p.s. someone please pretty please help me with my Dapatan Kajian for KGT.

Friday, August 25, 2006

word of the day
/prə´miskjuəs/ adjective having frequent casual sexual relationships;mixed and indiscriminate;colloquial casual

I'm back finally after days of undescribable don't want to know.
I want to my ama and akongs house (:
which is hokkien for grandparents right Meng Leong?
In Kulai which is a wee little estate in Johor for your information.It's malls are nothing.It's boring.But the foods delicious.I absolutely love it there.
But thats one of the reasaons I always put on weight during Chinese New Year.My grandparents make sure I eat.And eat and eat.And eat some more.Not that I'm complaining.Alot.
"Marissa eat.Take some more.So thin la.No husband wants a skinny wife,"
"Aiyoh Debbie you never feed her ah?"
My mammy does feed me.Sometimes too much.No actualy the too much is my fault.All those extra calories are due to all Aunty Elaine's desserts and stuff like that.
p.s. she gave me her 'spoilt' pavlova.which is a sinful gift from God made outta icing sugar.It's like sugarry marshmallows.Trully a sin (: Strictly not for those on diets let alone crash diets.
I got to go to my Akongs estate.It's beyond the Felda land where they grow palm oil trees.He owns a part too.He's got doggies too!Lassie,Blackie,Runny,Midget and I think theres another one.An kampung but not so kampung chickens and chicks.He's got the most awesome and yummiest bananas in the world!Buah Nonas too!And for those who craze for spice in their life the hottest chilli padis around.
But I can't eat hot stuff.
And aubergines,and pomelos,and some herbs and...
He grows stuff ok?
Pearl came too.She's my 12 year old cousin from SKTM.She's taking her UPSR this year *Yikies!*She's 6E.Good luck to her.
and Trisa and Vin Yi and Aminah and all the other UPSR takers too

Ama says I have to learn at leaat one dialect.I thought of Mandarin first.But my mom speaks to me in Hokkien so I'm learning Hokkien first.So if you can speak Hokkien speak to me in it and teach me.

I'm gonna get my contacts soon.Tat and Tyron dared me to get ones with colour.
Are we actually allowed.I mean it doen't say so in the rule book so its ok right?According to them its ok.Well if they are allowed I want violet ones.
Ultra sexy
or maybe green
They say people with green eyes are capable of with holding magical powers (:
what about brown
Always safe but still hot
Lemme know if their allowed (:

Till another day.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Have you ever....
cried over a boy?yes
tried pot?no
tried beer?no
had sex?nope
wanted to have sex?no
kissed your best friend's boyfriend?NEVER!
cheated on someone?no
got lost in a parking lot?when I was younger
got lost in a store?*read above*
wet the bed during a sleepover?no
been in a band?no but I'd love to.
tried skateboarding and fell on your ass?yup
been on a double date?no
played The Sims?yes
played a sport in a team?yes
been in the news?no
been in the newspaper?yes
put your shoes on the wrong feet?yes
wanted to play a pro sport?all the time
snuck outta the house?no.not yet :)
broke a couple up cos you were jealous?never.
watched Unfabulous? yeah
played with a Gameboy Advanced?ya
The Basics
Name:Daena Marissa binti Iqbal Hakim
Who makes you forget about the world?no one really
Who was your first crush?umm....i was about 6.the one i can remember is Azraei on grade 1
Who do you think of when someone mentions love/marriage?no one
Who was the last person who made you laugh till you almost cried?Nikki and Meng Leong
Who did you eat lunch with today?myself
Where was your first kiss?my lips are currently virgistill waiting for the special someone
Where does your dog sleep?i don't have one but i'd love too!
whats the best thing about your besties?almost everything!
What does your last text message say?message me when you've reached from kak ina
What is the colour of your shirt right now?pink.and its a night gown.
When was the last party you went to?umm uncle roy's birthday last week.
When was your last slowdance?not yet.not yet. :)
When was the last time someone complimented you?today
Random Stuff
What brand of mascara did you apply today(ladies and some gents)?i don't wear makeup unless i have to.lipbalm/lipgloss doesn't count.
Hoop earrings or dangly ones?depends on my mood
This or That
being a greeter at a local supermarket or a chasier at Mcd's?cashier!!!!
chinese or pizza?i like food.
ice or no ice?I'm obsessed with ice.obsessed.
japan or canada?sushi or maple syrup...hmm...
Hot or Not?
fall out boy?hot
Would you rather?
Angelina Jolie's lips or Pamela Anderson's boobs?both assets are too over.
Jessica Simpson's legs or Shakira's stomach?Shakira's stomach
Jessica Alba's or Jessica Beal's everything?JA
Mariah Carey's voice or J.Lo's dancing?J'Lo's dancing
Steve Madden shoes or Versace dress?I'm not realy a shoe person unless their sneakers.I don't know who steve madden is so i'll take the versace.
Do you think?
Eminem's lyrics are harsh?its his songs.and i like em anywho
Hilary Duff's prettier after plastic surgery?SHE HAD SURGERY!WTF?!

that killed time.I'm gonna do more of these more often.

Friday, August 11, 2006

NO!!!!!Have you heard?1 Batai has to change class.Our class has been installed with a projecter & Pn. Betty says she loves us so much.She's going to change our class.She says because she loves us.bullshit.With all due respect Pn. Betty your a great teacher and I respect you 100 percent and we all in 1 Batai love you so.But change our class why?She plans to move us to 4 Angsana.but some people seem happy!!!!I on the other hand am not happy at all.most people aren't actually.We've shared our best and worst moments of the year in 1 Batai.Sure we fight...But what family doesn't fight.In 1 Batai everyone is family.Yes,Trina everyone.That means our-secret-weapon-to-hitting-the-ball-person too.And parting with our friends in Balau adds up to another heartache.We've had so many laughs in that class.So much love and joy.I tell just walking in there and just staying there makes you feel all goose bumpy and tingly.Cos its full of the love and joy we've got.Plus also with the help of CF,our class must be pretty'll feel the warmth and the warn in kinda feeling in our class.and it took us 8 months to get used to our class.we don't have much time to get used to our next.I swear I sound like a parent whose daughter just got pregnant but what to do.I fcukinglove my class!sure i still have everyone in 1 batai.but the memories will remain in the class forever.Were not sure when she wants to change us but all the bulletins have been taken down.Just in case.mammy dearest said she'll bake a cake for Pn. Betty so she can consider about changing our class.Oh mammy I love you.
on the lighter note...

honestly my dad.the other day i was deeply engrossed in another novel and he was all high and mighty'"See?"he said flexing his muscles.
"*yawn*wow impressive,"trying to sound as bored as possible.
"see.your papa so strong,"
I get irritated by that sometimes.Honestly my dad is a little kid trapped in a grown man's body.he pesters me to download justin timberlake,nelly and beyonce for him.basically r&b and anything with a good beat.I call him peterpan.the boy who never grew up (:
I put on my borest voice and say"Papa my form 4 scouters are so much stronger than you,"
"No la.Please.Nonsense.Who are they?"
"Yes.Really.they are...(I used quite alot of names =) )I think they get strong from all the sports they play and all the push ups they do,"
"Darling*he calls my mam*your daughter is mixing with form 4 boys,"
"Papa don't change the subject.It's nothing wrong.Their just my friends/scouters"
then he humphed and stuck his toungue out at me.
Yeah dad.Real mature.
But I think my papa's mighty fit for his age.
Awwwwwww...I love you anyway papa.Even if you're peterpan. :)
Hey you're birthday's a comin'.26th of October.
Honestly I think everything is so nearby.The other day I was thinking about Christmas and christmas shopping.p.s. sam we have to remind auntie michelle.we're gonna be 'soul ed out's 'santarinas remember.hello cheesy santarina outfits and dancing all night long =) And raya is just around the corner.(well to me it is)duit raya!baju kebaya!fooooood! :) Gosh food makes me so happy!Mammy says I eat boy portions of food.

"Marissa you eat guy porpotions of food,"
*grins sheepishly*
"well at least you have an appetite.but you must learn to eat like a lady,"
"But mammy eating is all the same you just devour the food,"
"But ladies takeall bites,"
"But I'm hungry and I'm not a lady.I'm still a girl,"
"No no...small bites,"
Oh mammy I'm not mad at you.ever.I'll take small bites when I'm in public.Promise.But I can't change the porpotion part.Guys like girls who eat anyway right?
I love you so much.But maybe its just this year.We haven't really been getting along.When we're getting along,we get along great(even though you 'steal' my clothes and shoes and everyhting else,but then again i do it too :) )but we've been fighting more often this year.I want o speak up but if I do I always think I'm answering back.Or maybe you haven't been hearing me out.Maybe thats why I'm a little secretive this year.But I can promise EVERYTHING IN THE LOVE DEPARTMENT GOES STRAIGHT TO YOU.but maybe its me.I guess i've been rebelling a little but mammy I need you to hear me out and we used to.It's hard to tell you things sometimes.Unsure of whether you want to hear it or not.I've got the bestest friends but when I need to cry everything off its like we're both to busy.I'm too busy to cry and you're to busy to listen.So I lock everything up.and when I WANT TO LET IT OUT LATER ON i CAN'T.I don't know who I can just cry on anymore.there are so many things i need to let out but I don't know on spend most of your time with lil bro sending him for tuition and school.I'm on transport.We hardly 'talk' anymore.It's like we don't know each other anymore.I need someone to cry on....My mammy is very busy and my friends need their own's either they don't notice or don't's hard locking something in you when you want it out.but what if you haven't a choice and you don't know what to do.all you can do is wipe your eyes dry and tell your self to be strong.big boys don't cry.maybe so.i'm not a boy but i can't show weaknesses.whatever you mammy.

Monday, August 07, 2006

m u s i c

Have you ever(ever)had a song that stuck in your head and you could never seem to forget about it even after you've tried,really hard to forget it.It's like somewhere in the Cosmos it was just made to stay in your head and replay over,over,over,over,over OVER AND OVER AGAIN.BUT(but)somehow you don't get sick of it ever.Even after your neighbour in class has gone,"God when are you going to stop singing that song!No offence but aren't you tired of it?"No suprisingly no.Some people get sick of the song replayng in your head(no shit.who wouldn't?).You even try to make a mental note to forget the song.Forget it,bury it and never sing it again.But suprisingly I don't.I just feel that there should be a reason the particular song is stuck in your head.
Honestly speaking,you can tell ALOT about the person by the song he's singing.He or she coud be singing 'Shake It Off' cos they're currently facing some relationship issues.But just don't assume.It doesn't mean if someones singing 'Gold Digger' the person is one.You also have to look at the person.Actions show alot.Look out for unobvious signs and when the person sngs this song does he look happier or sadder?Does he emphasize on a certain word?Sometimes a song can be completely off the reason he is acting a certain way but a few words tell alot.
I can't get enough of The Fray's Over My Head.It's been in my head for about 2 months ad counting.It's sorta like my comfort song.If I'm angry I sing it.If I'm hapy I sing it.If I have absolutely no idea how I feel.Yeah I sing it too.Music can do alot to a person.It just completes who you are.Its part of your identity.Without music there is no life.Honestly who can live without music.God,I love Over My Head.Well I'll post something else later I'm actually s'pose to be doing my homework.Ta.Oh,did I mention I LOVE Over M y Head :)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Defying gravity

How long has it been since I've last updated?A very long time I say.Well it is all due to the renovation that occured sometime ago in order for me to get my own room.So its done.I've my own room.Right,so.Let's get on.Chris,Libby and Fraser left.Well I think it's today.I was at kak Ina's showering and they'd left.Aww.I was hoping for a a BIG group picture.Especially with Libby.KAK Libby I might add :) Sure only 2 weeks but I miss em a whole bunch.Hope they'll be back in Malaysia soon.MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!When I got to Tita's I was greeted by a ball rolling towards me.I ignored it and walked inside.After greeting everyone I changed into my swimming costume.Kak Treen,Qis,Tris and Reen were getting ready.In a bit ,we were already laughing and playing in the pool.It seems the boys were playing footie.Even Chris and Fraser who I might add are highly rugby boys.Especially Fraser.But football is every man's(and some woman's)language.Libby was just sitting there watching them play.Wish she could swim with us.(Libby is Fraser's girlfriend.-their 16-and Chris(topher)is Fraser's brother.Chris and Fraser are Uncle Roy-my uncle's and dad's dear friend from University-'s kids.They came all the way from England.Bless them.)We were busy talking and having 'chicken fights'(the game were you sit on ones shoulders and fight ofyour other opponent)Then Kak Ina had a brilliant idea."I've got it!Let's do an elevator."We all understand some cheer lingo,especially Kak Ina a fellow SRIKDU Stunner and me a loyal DYNAMITEZ supporter.So we did.First of,me and Kak Ina were the bases.Qis was the supporter and Hurin was a was the one on top.A little while later we switched.Qis was the one on top and Hurin was the supporter.And after multiple tryings,after me and Kak Trina were slipping and falling,we finally managed.We did an elevator woohoo!Then we wanted to try an extension.Yeah,in the pool.Frightening.So we tried.We almost,almost got it.But our hands were dead tired we couldn't so we caught Qis just before our hands could fall off.Even so I reckon we were great for starters.It was a first for all.But we haven't photos.Fuck.But I've got some kick ass pics of us


poor trisa she was our phtographer.tsk tsk.

yes those are styrofoam thingies.don't ask why we decided to pose with them.maybe we thought we could parry evil spirits with it.ha.more like parry people.
and now for some real poser pictures.

hurin's having her moment.nothing new here.
Qis looks uncomfartable.

she thought me all I know about camwhoring*smirks*wait I also get some pointers from chingee too *grins*

not forgetting me.harhar.I feel fat again.snap.

aww Qis you look so cute.

Hurin pretending to be all high and mighty.wipe that smirk off your face girl.your no royalty.THATS MOI!HAH!
after some time we decided to get in touch with our inner child.get ready for some series wet factor =)

we continued doing our 'flying' pose.ah the sweetness of camwhoring.

Kak Ina :D

Perfecting her signature pop your leg pose.

I look like a retard.

Rock on qis!

Chris,darling*cough cough GAG!*

They plan to join the naional syncronised swim team.don't think they'll go far though*laughs*

after a mini race and some more small talk we were dead tired.we got our towels and walked across to kak treen's to shower.END.
But before I proceed to end this post,after all the pictures you've seen don't faint just yet.I wanna end my post with a killer pic of us SERIOUSLY defying the laws of gravity.

Ok.Faint now. :)