Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hellowie (:
I miss saying that,I used to say it all the time in primary with SMEEkins.
I'm pretty sure we've all had our fair share of embarassing moments.But I noticed for a fact that I usually do something really embarassing when I'm tired.It's like I'm higher than usual.

I was out with my cousins one time.I hadn't had enough sleep the night before,misleading to lack of sleep,tiredness etc.At that particular moment I saw this really superly hott guy on the escalators.Out of the blue I start waving and shouting


...but I don't realise it until my cousins asked me profusely.

"What in the name of God do you think your doing?"

Embarassing huh?Plus I didn't even know I did it.
* * *
It's New Years Eve,and Hari Raya Qurban/Aidil Adha.I was invited to darling Ty's house but I only knew yesterday.Therefore plans were made earlier.So sorry Ty.I'd love to go but I can't.Try to have fun without me kay?which I know is logically impossible (:

But anyway...

Especially my 21 fave people in the world.
You guys know who you are (:
Batai+Blau+Jati+Belian clan.

* * *
50 random things
1.Cik Noor Aini is staying in DJ everyone.Whoopee!!!
2.I'm in my cousin's house on the com and everyone around me is asleep!=.="
3.Abang Nafik's photo was really hott (:
4.And one day I forgot when,where and how,he told me he knows Fazil.
5.I'm contemplating on whether to cut my hair.
6.Lately,I love my dreams.ALOT!
7.I miss the Delicious family.
8.I miss the Balautianz fam too:/
9.Aiyoh I miss alot of people lah kay?
10.I love surveys
11.I got new jeans :D
12.Hurin is next to me and she likes that guy who was in the newspaper for go karting (((:
13.She says no and that Kak Trina does.
14.I want the M.A.C lip tint that Kak Ina has.
15.I like perfume.
16.I'm gettin' pineapple Keds
17.I think I'm gonna hate 2 Cengal
18.Hur likes the colour blue.
19.Ika is a brat.
20.Kayra's really cute.
21.and she likes me better than she likes Sophie.hehehehe
22.If Dogg was a human instead of a cat I think he'd be really hot.
23.I like Italian food best.
24.Eva Green and Sienna Miller are GORGEOUS.
25.Lynettes husband is really hot.(Desperate Housewives)
26.I think I'm gonna celebrate my birthday with Nicole next year (:
27.Emo gay guys are yummy.haha.But I'm totally straight.
28.Justin from Desperate Housewives is soooooo drool worthy.
29.I love Gwen Stefani songs
30.Only limited songs I find imposibble to get sick of even after listening to it over and over again.TWO of them are Over my head-The Fray and You-Switchfoot.
31.I miss Tiwa Wiwa.
32.Hurin is very comfy!
33.I love pearls.They're pretty.
34.Meng Leong can you bring the Burberry sheepie for me (: oh and the perfume :D
35.Kington is really funny
36.I love Krishee's eyelashes.
37.I painted Jeremy Danker's fingernails bright PINK!
38.I miss KL childrens choir so much
39.Channing Tatum is Bi
40.Some of dreams are to have a walk in wardrobe and a tiara.hahhaa
41.I love the strum of Nick's guitar.
42.I love Nick even more.
43.Bindis are pretty
44.May En. Mohd Merah R.I.P
45.Sammi's addicted to DBSK.It's a korean band.
46.I haven't sent the photos to Kah Mun,Katrina and Sam.Whoops
47.Aunty Michelle is the prettier version of posh spice
48.I'm in great need to have a girly day in with Nicole,Sofie and Hapreet and Smee.
49.and Joyce,Esfern,Dee and Ry.
50.I really have to go cos Abang Ned is here AND IF HE READS THIS i'M DEAD!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lemme tell you...I SPENT AGES WRITING THE MOST HEART WRENCHING POST EVER AND THEN BLOGGER JUST ERASED IT!Gahhhhh!!!!!What the fudge lah kay?!I'm friggin emo you know why?Cos Imma going to a class where I hardly now the people there.Of course you'll say Oh just make new friends's not that easy.Easier said than done.But I liked it just the way it was before now it's all changed,rearranged.So if we're all rearranged does that mean our friendship changes too?
GAHHHHH!!!!I'm being emo again.

Eventhough we weren't super close this year.
You were always there for me before and even now.
I hope to make it up.
for promising to sit with me on the first day and hold my hand if I'm scared (:
* * *
Encik Mohd. Merah,
You never really talked to me nor did you teach me.
But you subbed once and you were really funny and nice.
You made everyone laugh and was very friendly.
I guess under your tough stuff exterior you had to put up in front of us,
Your a really cool,nice person.

Rest in Peace.

* * *

Sunday, December 24, 2006

DAENA MARISSA!Shame on you!You're suppose to be asleep like a baby.Well it's not like I can help it though being and owl and all.Eventhough I know tomm I'm going to be the worst Santarina ever!I'll be like a zombie.That's right a zombie Santarina.What will I think of next.
* * *
I must really clean my room up.It's nearly 2007.Gosh I sucha a bum.But to me there isn't much of a point cause I like my room clean I really do but I kinda like it messy sometimes.It's cossier that way.hehe (:
Today,I made a bigo fool of myself in front of my troop leader.I asked him if I should cut my hair thinking he was a friend.Yes it was embarrassing thank you very much.
But I'm seriously contemplating on whether I should.Though I might cry when it gets chopped off,cos I was thinking of a bob.
New hairstyle,new year.
Totally make sense,no?
I miss tennis days with Treen.Oh and coachiecoach.teehee (:
Ok that was totally irrelevant but whatever laaaaa..
* * *
Christmas is like the day after tommorow?Where have I been?

Dear Santa,
I've been quite a good girl this year.Ok well maybe not so :/ But anyway,it's not exactly gonna be a very good year next year cause I'm dropping class so could you cheer me up a lil?You wouldn't want me all emo on Chrissy do ya?Thought so (:
So I was wondering if you could help fufill my wishlist.Oh and anyone out there in readerland you can help too (:
Please&thank you..oh and much love (:,

my wishlist
to get into a good class
.more shoes (:
.ballet flats & heels(see above)
.a hummingbird tat
.anything that associates with hummin'birds and bambi (:
.a clean room :/
.my license(hehehehe)
.so I can have a mini cooper with a red with sparkles paint job
.or maybe 007's Aston Martin (:
.Mr Future Sex/Love Sounds(droolie drool drool)
.Max Theriot
.Channing Tatum
.Oliver'vampy hottie'Goodwill
Prince William and/or Prince Harry
.my own princenope got that already (:
.Famous Amos Choco Chip cookies
.milk chocolate
.that really hot black Gucci frock Eva Green wears in Casino Royale
.Kak Eeva's white frock she wore to Abang Ned's birthday
.a fedora
.to sing with my 'family' again :'(
.oh...and a tiara! (((((:

ok the reason my list is so crappy is cause I'm half asleep right now.Will edit it soon.
Much love.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Whoopsie.Imma s'pose to be asleep now.Cos I have my job rehearsal tomm.Oh shit I haven't practiced the dance.shit shit shit.I'm toasted toast.toast Aiyoyo...
Neways please visit
the songs are amazing.
Thank you Iman (:
It's almost Christmas and I haven't even cleaned up my room yet.D'oh!Sucha a procastinator.Sigh I can't help it that I'm fab but lazee can I?hahaha
But I'll clean up a lil before X'mas.Oh snap and my school books gotta be wrapped.wait so do the Chrissy pressies.Aiyah I'm matified la!!!!
* * *
Imma happy happy girl!!!Oh yes I am.Cause my wonderful cousin Wan Fatin Atira is gonna get me my Keds!!!!Pineapple Keds ok?Pretty stuff no?(: But(yes but...)It's a friggin RM180($60 aussies)and I have to pay with my own cash.Phooeeee... :'(

FYI top post was posted yesterday aite?
Tomm'z Chrissy Eve I totally can't wait.Tried on the costumes today.You'll see (:
I'm gonna dance till the break of dawn baby and media's gonna be there.All I have to do is stand there,smile and be me.Oh and hope for a partying talent scout to find me.Oh and I got back my cameo in atha words I'm a happy girl.
* * *
Dear God,
let baby do well...even win.


Ok my brother wans to use the com cause we're at my cousin's and yeah.more when I get home.
Much love.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fashion is about what you wear.Style is about how you live your life-Ralph Lauren.

The guy's a genius I say.Ok I can't really blog right now.Lacking of time and I need time.I'll tell you about a weird dream I had next post.It's long and dejavu-ish.Kan Meng Leong (: Anyway I'm gonna work in Souled Out on Chrissy day.Imma Santarina (: and I'm gettin 50 bucks for followin Santa around.hahahaha.Me and Sammi.So tomm's our first meeting.Oh and on Chrissy eve come over at night.I'll be there.Come on please...I know you want to (:
Anyway will blog more sooooon.Have to get up early for training.

I blow kisses!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finally the internet works.But only on the computer.Phooee.Not the laptop.I'm in sheer addiction over the acoustic version of Kiss Me.Sheer Bliss.Thanks a bunch Joyce (: Mind Map camp or actually course was a bundle of fun!Mind maps really help.And the people there were so nice.We weren't all that close on the first day but on the second day we were all really close.I was trying to imagine if it was like a 1 week course we'd probably cry leaving each other.Garrick is so blur and funny and my and Kak Trin are pretty sure he has a BIG crush on Nat one of the helpers.She's also form 4 like Garr but she was one of the participants there so she helps out.And Ashraf looks like one of our cousins.He and Kak Trin were arguing.He calls her Shark/Jaws sans the Braces and she calls him flabby/chubby.It was so funny.And when we did presentations of mind mapping Malaysia,out of the blue I put "That's Hot" on top and when I went out to take my cert someone shouted "That's Hot!" then Garr shouted "No,shes hot!"Heh funny.Bryan's always so blur.Trisa said"Bryan can you pass the marker""Hah?What?Picker?what?huh?what?" "MARKER!!!!"
"oH SAY LA!" =.=" Sussane was superb and Nat was the best changing the lullaby like music to our music.And SOMEONE has a crush on Kak Trina but can you blame him?She's hot! (:

I did that post on like thursday I think.Phoee I'm depressed.I've been listening to emo songs and feeling emo all day.I think I've put on another one katrillion kilos.Urgh!!God,pretty please give me the strength to exercise till my tummy's flat and my love handles disappear.Oh and make my legs like the-to-die-for ones I had before.Ok just my thighs I'm pretty happy with my calves.I love my Kak Trina.Being girls after swimming in Tita'z place.We were oggling in front of the mirror admiring our tans.I was quite pleased with mine,goldenish with a hint of mocha.Kak Trin'z was a delicious shade of coffee.Then she kept complaining about her bulgy tummy(which wasn't there)so I said I have one too okay?What tummy you have nothing there?Then when I complained about my love handles she was all you're dilusioning there is nothing there.It's just a hint of curves.You've an hourglass figure be proud darling.(((((((((: my feel good factor.

Dear citizens of the public,if you happen to see the name 'bambi' or 'bambiloo' it's me alright!Not a crazy psychopath unless you consider me one.WAIT don't answer that.

Sunday, December 10, 2006



You dont have to be beautiful to turn me on. I just need ur body baby from dusk till dawn.You dont need experience to turn me out.You just leave it all up to me.You don't have to be rich to be my pearl.You dont have to be cool to rule my world and no particular song or compatible wit.I just want your hand....

I think I'm about pretty addicted to Happy Feet.But can you blame me?Adorable penguins singing and one particular one dancing.Who can resist?I'm pretty sure most of ya'll will want my head right now.I haven't been updating as often as I should.But I don't have any connection so I using Kak Ina's (:Yesterday was Kris and Abang Ned's party and Abang Ned's was in some hotel and me and my cousins around my age well we couldn't go cause Abang said he didn't want us to see him stoned.M'kay abang...We couldn't go cause there were drinks and all so yeah.But we made him a gorge card which i will update soon.He was out so we went to Titaz which is opposite Kak Trina'z(Kak Ina) house.And when he turned on the lights Rasy spun around the computer chair in his room and said "Good Evening 007" and Abang Nabil was like What the Hell? but Abang Ned was in awe.Not a common sight tfor the mafia of the family.but we had our own party for my baby Kris.My brother is officially ten!!!Baby,che che loves you so much you don't ewven know.and I don't know why I'm even typing this cause you never read my blog and I don't think I want you to but you mean so much to che che. I think even though we fight all the time when I don't get to see my adik I wanna cry.So thats why sometyimes che che is o mumsy to you ohkay.Oh chec he loves you!!!!

Ohkay...anyway.You know its almost about Christmas when people start watching Love Actually,which is my must watch Christmas movie which I watch without fail every year, and Home Alone and stuff like that.You start cravinbg for turkey and roast beef with gravy,the malls become cheerier,you absolutely NEED to buy stuff and you get that tingly feeling often :] well thats to me anyway.Last year me,Nikki,Jo,Jyen,Mel,Justin,Vin and some other SKTMerS PLUS THE KkLCHILDRENS CHOIR collaborated with the MPO!!Oh yeah and that Alice Smiths International Shit...oooppss...I meant school,for a Chrssy show.Which was so much fun.Who could forget the fun LRT rides where me,jyen and jo played a game on the LRT and Jo nearly fell on a baby =.=" I know.But Ryui Bynn grabbed my hand when I fell once.I was like"Oh my God.If its a dream don't wake me up"and Jo and Jyen were giggling cos they saw SOMEONE jeleous (: and he even gave me his ticket.Which I stilluse as a bookmark.But I have no feelings besides friendship towards him now.And I sware if he reads this I will die.And those awesome trips won't guess Petrosains.HAHAHAH.Cause practice was at the hall which was in KLCC so while practice our moms would shop and after that Ryui Bynn took us to PETROSAINS and we were doing stupid things and having so much fun.and after that we ate.Practicing alone in the hall was breath traking.Its big and even without any deco at all its beautiful.It just has that peaceful vibe.And our conductor which I know my choir mates are gonna slap me but I forgot his name was so friendly and nice and hes an amzing conductor.The MPO which stands for Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in case you don't know were quite friendly.And during break they had cookies and juice (: and DUNKIN DONUTS.which after along time I was so sick of em.Inside the box was a carton of juice,a crossiont sandwich and a donut.And Nikki had a thing for sniffing bread.She was like"Eurgh the bread stinks!"
Then Jo was like"You go smell for what?"Five seconds later"OMG!nIKKI IT DOES STINK LA!!!"smart la you Jo.And Jo could never open her carton of juice and always wanted to switch with Jyen cos Jyen always got the yummy ones and she got the ones like guava and stuff she didnt want.And as it got nearer to the show we got our clothes ready which was a black skirt and white office shirt and a little tinsel to be worn around the neck tie part.WSo it was ohkaybut the Alice Smiths didn't tie up their hair when thewy were suppose to,wore stuff they weren't suppose to,made tons of noise(ok the KLcc's are a boisterous lot but we control),and worse to worse were a bunch of snobbish know it alls who refused to smile let alone communicate at all.Most of them.If we looked and said hi or smile teyd either turn away or wave half heartedly.Just because they come from an International school.Hello no offence but they arent the best singers (niether are the Klcc's but were pretty darn good too :)But they are supposedly suppose to have better diction than us.Go to Hell.OOOppsss...But not like we really cared.They're loss.Me,Nikki and Mels were super close and we were the Justin's Angels (: We had so much fun just talking crap and deep stuff and whatever that came to mind.And Jo and Jyen were so funny.We'd all be like "Right.ok uhuh.yeah"Then Jyen would go"Huh?hah?what?woi!!!!tell me la!wei wat!tell!!!"Orang pengacau saje.Love you anyway hun.And Jo will think of random weird stuff like"Hey letsa go hit the drums" "Eh lets go can can in the middle" "Lets go say hi to the hot trumpeter" "Eh lewts skip practice and go shop"haha...And we even exchanged Christmas presents among ourselves.Ones that I will cherish forever!!!!Nikki I keep all my earrings in the doll girl case you bought me,Melsa I wear those earrings alot kay,the cute golden pup,Jo I sleep with Nicky every night kay,Jyen The nail polish you bought me is on my toes right now (: and so on...It was one of the most Meaningful events thats ever to me.I wouldn't trade it for the world.During the whole thing we laughed till we cried,we cried and made each other laugh,we fought but were cool and I pray our friendship will remain eternally.

Ohkay you can pass the sick bucket now.whatever.but I love em to muchy wuchy kan?
Oh shit I haven't even started Christmas shopping and I'm never late when it comes to Chrsitmas and its sale time.Well anyway plan for Chrissy.Spose to become a santarina at SOULed OUT and aunty michelle approved but mammy didn't when she found out it was all night since we might get 'disturbed' by the older man if you know what I mean.Last year some guy danced with me on stage and it was kinda a teensy itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit of dirty dancing.So yeah.But Sammikins is so despo for cash shes like"I don't mind working all night.Just as long as I getta dance at the end of the despo for the $$$$"and why you ask?to buy her 'husbands's' cd's and albums.Dong!Sam your sucha spaz babe.I got my Chrsitmas dress already!!!!*squee*ahmm its kinda late.will updato tommorow.Ry just sent me the vid of me her,nick and derr with our shoelaces tied on the last day of schol walking around the compund.hahahaloves all.

Quote of the moment:"Anything sexy Derrick?"
"Duhh me la!"