Tuesday, March 18, 2008

broken social scene.

A little shortie for yaaa.
MY NEW FAVE BAND-Broken Social Scene.

Drama was FUN!
At first I had doubts about crew but I enjoy it so much now!Especially the company (:
My friends are AH-MAY-ZING ACTORS.no shit.

As well as super cartoon characters.
"There goes my house," hahahhahahaha! FINN
Mhhhm,I'll dance with you tomorrow Alex.

Phie couldn't make it.Debate.
Busy girl.But no worries,I'm so proud of her anyway,yes?
Congrats for the team!

I think Zhen Quan can do really good documentaries and monolouges. Yes?
And if you're actually reading this,I love you sosososososo much too!!!!
Ohkay,another time soon!!!

random but,
I love callie,fie and nene!
sistahood of the travelling KASUT.

ESF cheer up ILU

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My blog is as dry as a parched throat after downing shots of tequilla.
Because alcohol dehydrates you even more,genius.
Not that I've tried the following method above but you know what I mean.
Anyway I've been feeling a little guilty for the lack of updates so I'm trying to squeeze as many as I can.
Which I think are not many.
But yeah,who cares.

Let's get it on.
Holidays are almost over and I haven't been around much.
Let me list down the things:
a) Jade che ches wedding
b) My Tetanus Jab
c) Jumper with cousins
d) Gym
e) Chiropractor appointments
f) Gym
g) Gym
h) Scouts Camp (COMING SOON!)
i) tennis

Oh and I've been reading and studying,yeah I know,it's been THAT boring.
Ohkay and some bonding time with me and the idiot box,been a while old friend.
That stupid third DVD of season three of the OC doesn't freaking work.Grr.

You know it's really hard to concentrate on watching tv and blogging so I hae to turn to DVD player off.Cos my concentration span is that of a two year olds.
Ohkay better.

I went for tennis the other day and there was this guy on the bike who kept cycling around the court.
At first I thought it was annoying but then he smiled and waved and it was kinda cute!
He kept cycling and cycling making sure Coach wasn't looking!
And when I was going home his friends were whistling and "FUIYOH-ing" but it was funny and he meant well (I think!)

My legs nearly DIED the other day.
I haven't been for an RPM class in two years so I step in to one by Leo just after Body Combat ALSO by Leo.
And lo and behole (hah!) it's Darren.
Leo kept making him turn up the resistance,even if you try Darren I know you wanted to faint!
I on the other hand,if it had not been for the yoghurt I had eaten before the class would have fainted there and then.
I kept stumbling and everyone was like are you okay?
I felt so weak and fragile ):
I was practically pleading nononononono but yeah pretty happy with the ache

Well then it mighty well works then,especially friggin ABT.
Aunty Dorothy was like but why don't they work on Hands?
Mummy coolly replied "Then it will be HABT,ABT is ABS BUTTS AND THIGHS FOR A REASON"

Can't freaking stand it.
I know I could get into a lot of trouble talking about politics(hey is it even meant for my age)
But I just can't take it.
Being born in to a mixed family definitely changes your views on things.
From birth(or when I could actually comprende things) I was thought to look at things at both sides of the picture.
To step into someone else shoes and feel how it is.
It isn't a surprise that Barisan did not win because they try to woo us with free text books,even for those who are well quite capable of getting their own.
They want to show us that they care and that they have given to us.
It is not that they haven't of course they have!
But we've been having SPBT for such a long time and no ones been complaining.
But in the rural areas where kids don't have sufficient clothes or shoes or medication or enough food.
Where they're palms are red,peeling and dry.
They tummies growl in hunger.
Where they get up in the wee hours just to help earn a dollar or two to support their familys' ever weaning income.
If they want to do something they should think about the infrastructure,the homes which have been compared to chicken barns.
Malaysia could progress alot more!
And whatever you may say,the Opposition and The Government no one is bad.
We are all MALAYSIANS and that should help us in the upbringing of our country and ourselves as well.
Our minds,our hearts,our morals.
And as Malaysians we should stand as one.Being in a multi racial country we must get along together!

Just remember to always look at the other angle of the picture.
To step into their shoes.
Be it Bata or Manolo Blahnik.