Saturday, January 31, 2009

D. It is written

I forget that everything in life is written and no matter how much you want to change it,it was already written.

why don't you ever believe me?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

good times,not in THAT sense.

But it kinda takes away the risque factor,even in a mall.
Although we did kinda run away from prying eyes,we didn't really care.
No adreneline,no rush.
NO redening of cheeks.
Almost seems like all our innocence has been drained,like we know so much more.

Because we did it so young.

see my preeeeetttyyyyy AKIKO


OMG there was a super cute picture of my AKIKO but it got deleted grr.
so seperate post,yeah Akiko?

In tuition which was supposed to end at 11.30 my eyes kept darting back and fourth towards to clock and Ulin's eyes.
WHEN I FINALLY GOT RELEASED I ran upstairs so fast and Akiko said that Kamal was coming in 10 minutes and I wasn't even close to ready.
I woke up at 8 but slept at 2.30 thanks to SOPH.
So my hair was frantic and Ulin kept screaming at me to wear some accessories.
I didn't in the end must to her annoyance (:O

Downstairs looking for a proper pair of flats for Soph to lend cos she breaks all her shoes!,my maid asked who was picking me up.
So I said Kamal and my brother from the table shot upright and said "WHAT!" much to everyones amusement.

Uh yeah my brother is kinda protective eventhough he's only 12+
We were in KLCC yesterday and he shot an angry,going-to-bite-your-head off look at some guys passing by.
Yeah but I 've seen that face.
What was supposed to appear somewhat threathening appeared like he had a bad migraine and slightly constipated.

"Because I don't like boys looking at my che che,"

aww baby.

So after shooting me an angry glare I blew him a kiss and ran to Kamals car.
Kamal's siter is so pretty and his momma likes Taylor Swift and something funny happened,heh!
I didn't know what to wear so I threw on Kak Trinas army navy blue jacket.

But heres the catch.
It was for 7-8 year olds so I turned that once oversived GAP jacket into a bolero.
For once,I ACTUALLY felt fashion forward!

Lunch at Marches and movie at Cineleisure.
First thing I did in Marches was run to Akiko like I haven't seen her in 10 years which is the total opposite since I only saw her 6 days ago,but we've,well ME AT LEAST,have missed out on each others lives for about 7 months,it was good to be okay again.

Wasn't hungry so had a salad with Akiko and ate a bite of her pasta.
Was really good to see Gau Wei again.
He is truly such a strong person,I will admit I don't think I could ever be as strong.

gauwei note that I love you

Shaz this is priceless!

so we took group snaps cos Soph had to go and it was supposed to stop at there.
But who doesn't like new photographs so everyone got a lil' rowdy with the cam.

Akiko and Gau Wei

I would like to clear out I did not somehow shrink nor did Nick grow abnomally taller.
I had to bend.

Sof it's been ages.
We must have the BATAI ANGELS reunion

Sofs photo-phobia boyfriend refused all photo takes so I slyly got one out back.

Gau Wei,who promised to come back after his O-LEVELS.

Jo,who is complete opposite of bossy,being cute

I am not sure what we were doing but after taking off his braces Derrick likes to smile W-I-D-E.
I think we're the next spokespeople for Colgate or ORAL B or that CREST white!

"Gunakanlah COLGATE,"

Girls are lucky at Foosball no shit.
The boys kept winning everytime we joined them playing.

Watched InkHeart.
agree or die andddddddd Jo likes whatshisface.

Inkheart is kinda like Bedtime Stories plus adventure turned up a notch we wanted to watch a scary movie,REC but were 15 minutes late and the lines were crazy.
Derrick kept complaining,these people don't need to work ah!

take leave la derrick.

Whilst waiting for the movie to start,Ariff,Marcus and I linked hands and walked around like the jews that we are.They were both wearing IDENTICAL SHIRTS and I was sandwiched in the middle of them.They told me that there were actually people taking photos of them.
woah instant celebrity status,me likey.

I couldn't find Akiko,but she said I ffk-ed her whatever that means hehe,so I sat in the middle of the two boys.
Ariff who kept throwing pop corn into my shirt!! and Marcus saying that Maggie was pretty.

Sexy Lexy Liew

because I took his knife,big baby.

hahah ONGY

yeah lets pretend we don't know whats actaully happening

what is up with all the boob photos


Jo Bros and the manager heheheh!

LOOK,Angsana-ians sans Kamal.
ya la go home early.

FOR THE FIRST TIME,the photos are on the same day.
I should start charging.