Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slowly, I breathed out a loud sigh.
Kakak has already turned the air conditioning off 20 minutes ago,and still here I am.In bed.
Wiping sleep from my eyes and just staring at the empty bunk bed on top of me.
I wonder why I'm not profusely sweating underneath the thick comforters. Then I remember I'm wearing just a thin black tank and black underwear. I reach for my thick-rimmed black glasses and I feel this all-black thing I have going on is probably quite reflective of how I feel now.


Just kind of empathetic.

I want to curl up in my bed and just do nothing.
But when I have the time I know I will never do that,because as lazy as I am,I am extremely unable to sit and do nothing for hours end.
I wish I was that lazy though.

Because that's what I really need right now.
To retire into the cold air and sleep.

I can't bring myself to do anything right now.

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