Friday, May 21, 2010

Reality Television

Before I surrender my resting rights to the BiologyGod,
I would like to just say a few things.


I know we've all been (are still ) a sucker for these babies
(I watch Kardashians on repeat, seriously even it annoys ME!)

They've got loads on the telly now and the one thing I can't STAND IS!

Having reality television shows like 'The Bachelor'

For those who have been living under a rock for about ever, 'The Bachelor' is basically about said titlesake who gets to choose the love of his life out of a house full of,I don't know,10,15 girls?
Yeah,you're suppose to WIN to marry him.

I remember the first time watching my first episode of reality tv.
It was in fact 'The Bachelor' actually! I was in my final year of primary school, on a school trip to Langkawi. So after dinner and stuff me and a bunch of girls got really bored and decided to check out what was on tv.


Jo and Jyen Yiee started watching it first,but then halfway into the conversation I noticed that only Trina and I were talking.
The two were stuck,with similar stuck expressions...watching...watching..watching.
I thought that it was such a dumb show to watch,LIKE HONESTLY SO STUPID.

But 10 minutes later,

I was suddenly watching the damn show too,along with Trina.
THE BEST PART: I think it was some marathon so Jyen Yiee and I didn't make it past the door and ended up bunking with Jo and Trina (I was sharing a room with Jyen Yiee)

Truth is,reality tv sucks you in!
It's quite literally the satan of tv genres.

Even after watching it I still thought it was so freaking stupid.
WHO THE HELL wants to forgo their dignity just for a chance to possibly:

a) Attention whore
(Honestly speaking. About 73% of the girls in the show were probably in it for that)

b) To get the money
(The other part about 'The Bachelor' is that he suddenly chooses you,you get a choice of marrying him or keeping the money)

c) REALLY really bored
(The girl must like live in a nunnery or something)

d)She lost her job
(WELL this is sort of a valid reason right? But then again it will be a+b)

e)Looking for true love
(Because you'd definitely find her in a villa full of bitchy girls coveting for you-or just the $$$)

I think you'd make more valid fame and cash through being a PLAYBOY BUNNY.
At least these girls are not lying about "finding true love" when they're showing off their boobies.
If you really want to show them,JUST SHOW THEM.
Just please do not find some lame excuse to meet your one true love. Seriously.

Plus if you choose the money over the guy,man you are a slut and the guy. Ouch dude.

SECOND thing I quite dislike about reality tv is...

Making reality tv shows about people who don't even need one.

Guliana and Bill.

I have not (will not) watch this because....


I know Guliana is an E! NEWS caster but they aren't even celebrities.
I think 'Newlyweds' made more sense than THIS!

And Bill?
I really don't know who he is to be honest.

My dad said he was on some show he won.
"OH OH! I think he won Amazing Race couple years back!
I googled him and he was NOT in Amazing Race.
He was in 'The Apprentice'

And was "fired".

I am not trying to be all cool and shit but if you want REAL drama?
TV execs should consider giving my paternal family a show.

Oh you'd watch that.

But alls well, ends well.
You know why I can't hate them
(Aside the fact that I am TOO morally inclined (:0 )

Saved by the wedding photo.


Anonymous said...

well actually he was the winner of the first season..never being fired..:)

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