Thursday, June 17, 2010

Been on the laptop since 10am.
Showered and had lunch (cos I don't think it'll be brunch any longer since it was 1pm).
Drowning myself in as much trance as possible. I always feel so 'lost' in trance. Perhaps that is why they call it trance.

I've been/am going in constant circles.

I want to go back to the AKLTG camp and stay there a lil' longer. I want to mojo back.


Staring at an empty document page. How long more will this take?
My thighs are hot from the ventilation of the laptop. Scarred from the indents of the laptop vent.
Red,hot and scarred.
But I still find myself backspacing every letter I type.
Everything is wrong. Everything is not right.

My room (I am) is a mess.
I need to fix this shit up pronto.


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